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Chocolate cake

Thanks, everybody. Looks like I have some sampling to do!

Oct 25, 2010
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chocolate cake

Thanks, Ediblethoughts. I'll make some calls to these places.

Oct 23, 2010
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chocolate cake

I'm craving really excellent chocolate cake - nice and dark, moist, not so much icing that the cake gets overpowered. Maybe with cherry or raspberry, maybe just straight chocolate. Not cupcakes, actual cake. Not lava cake, flourless cake or other variations. Old school chocolate cake done well.

Preference is to have it as dessert in a restaurant.

Alternative is to buy it at a bakery (slices preferably but a whole cake if necessary).

I'd appreciate recommendations. Thanks.

Oct 23, 2010
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Veggies, veggies and more veggies

When you're in the mood for veggies, lots of them, where do you go?

I'm not talking strictly vegetarian, but I'm thinking greens - cooked or raw - as the main event, the reason to go, where you can really treat meat, fish and starches as accents. .

Favorite asian place for steamed or sauteed bok choy, chinese broccoli, green beans, etc?

Favorite place for salads that aren't just a bedding for meat or chicken?

Other places where you know you can make a feast of greens and other fresh veggies?

We often go to chinese places and order multiple steamed veggies with rice but that can get boring. Any great ideas?

Sep 19, 2010
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Light but delicious grub?

At the Japanese places in the food courts, at least the ones I'm talking about, they don't stir fry in oil. They use water on a very hot grill. (Maybe stir fry isn't the right technical term.)

Made In Japan lists their teryaki chicken/rice/veggies/sauce at 523 calories and 2.5g of fat, so skipping the chicken it would definitely ring in lower than that. Good numbers for a really filling and satisfying meal, IMO.

(As a side note, their tofu version comes in at 664 cal. and 13.9g of fat so I wouldn't go that route. Either stick to just the veggies like I do or go to chicken or shrimp.)

Mar 15, 2010
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Light but delicious grub?

Totally agree, Abbey. And the biggest thing I took away from the Wansink book was a firm belief that *I* decide how much is in a portion, not the restaurant. I share OP's discomfort with ordering on entree between two people so I tend to use doggie bags, and none of the downtown restaurants I go to seem to mind. Presumably they're happy we're ordering 2 and taking leftovers instead of just splitting one.

A few suggestions for OP... If you're stuck with food courts go to the japanese stir fry places. Just rice and veggies with sauce makes a huge but light meal, and they don't add fat to the meat so you can do that too if you like.

If you have a burger and fries craving, go to Beerbistro with friends. Have an awesome burger and treat yourself to a few of their amazing frites - while your friends snarf most of those down for you.

Also, don't be afraid to experiment with vegetarian. Fresh (I go to the one on Spadina) makes some amazing dishes that I forget are veggie. Most of them are low calorie, high nutrient, but I eat them because they're good. My favorite there is the simple rice bowl (rice, tamari, tahini, lemon parsley, grated carrots) with a side of sauteed spinach that I mix in. It probably doesn't sound nearly as yummy as it tastes, but trust me. It's creamy, satisfying comfort food.

Mar 12, 2010
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bonjour Brioche - open boxing day?

Thanks a lot. Sorry to hear that.

Dec 25, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bonjour Brioche - open boxing day?

I tried calling to find out if Bonjour Brioche is open tomorrow (boxing day) but their answering machine message is garbled and all I can make out is the restaurant name. Do any of you happen to know if they're open tomorrow or closed for the holiday?


Dec 25, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What is the best restaurant in Yorkville?

I tried Opus for the first time last night and it was really excellent. I had the tuna appetizer (tartare and carpaccio) and the caribou entree. Both were fantastic, and everyone else seemed impressed by theirs. I gather the wine cellar is a big draw for Opus as well, but I don't have a sophisticated palate where wine is concerned so can't comment. The service was excellent though. Definitelly a good place for a romantic special dinner.

Carpaccio Restaurant
6840 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2G1V6, CA

Wine Cellar
39111 B Rd Combermere, Barrys Bay, ON K0J, CA

Oct 30, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone remember the danish family bakery?

I don't know that place, but if you're looking for nice danish stuff you could try the Danish Pastry Shop on Pape north of Danforth. The folks there also might know what became of the place you remember. (Long shot, but with only a few Danish bakeries in town you never know.)

Danish Pastry Shop
1017 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

Oct 18, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2009 closings

Brandon's Roti Hut at Huntley and Bloor is closed with a non-payment of rent sign. Sad times for the neighborhood and the hoardes of Rogers employees who lined up every day for great lunch specials.

Sep 19, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What's your favourite sandwich?

I had "The Harlem" today and honestly it's the first thing I've ever had at Harlem that I didn't like. It was really salty without much other flavour. Very bland.

Everything else I've had there for dinner or brunch has been amazing, so I highly recommend the restaurant, just not that sandwich. Go for the "Nice Lady" instead. Very tasty.

Today was also the first time I'd ordered the fried plantains. I was skeptical about ketchup with plantains but since it was their guava ketchup I gave it a try. It was *really* good. Not sure what the spice was in the sauce but it really went nicely with the plantains. Great alternative when you're not quite up to the candied yams (which are over-the-top amazing but can overwhelm the rest of your meal).

Jul 25, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Petite Thuet - King & Yonge

I've been in a couple times and am very happy to have them in the neighborhood. Especially on Sundays when SLM is closed because there's not much besides chains open then.

I hadn't had Thuet's pastries at the other locations so can't judge vs. those but what I've sampled so far was very nice. I had an almond croissant the first time and a jam croissant the second. Both times they were crispy on the outside and flaky/buttery on the inside. The filling in the almond was truly decandent and the chopped roasted almonds on top had a lot of flavor. They're giving coffee free with pastries as an opening special so I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I'm notoriously picky about brewed coffee and this was a nice dark roast with good flavor. Not perfect, but I'd order it on its own, which I can't say about most brewed coffees even in good coffee houses.

I also picked up a turkey and stilton sandwich one day and it was nice. Definitely fresh, with a chewy multigrain baguette, real turkey (not deli meat), and a nice stinky stilton.

So thumbs up from me for a better alternative than Starbucks & Tim's in a neighborhood that really needed one.

Jul 12, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Don't forget, it's Ribfest this weekend!!

We went pulled pork this year, so can't comment on the ribs. We did Gator and Kentucky Smokehouse. As a note, although Kentucky doesn't post a 1 pound of pulled pork offer, they were happy to do it for me when I requested. The Gator pork came with beans and roasted potatoes. Kentucky had beans and scalloped potatoes.

I definitely preferred the Gator pork but mainly because I like my pulled pork sauced lightly so you can really taste the meat. Both porks were tender, smoky and not fatty,and I did like the Kentucky sauce, too. My friend liked both equally.

As for sides, neither of the beans did much for us. Kentucky's had a mixture of beans, including kidneys, along with green and red peppers while Gator's was plainer, but I didn't care for either one. The potatoes from Gator were pretty run of the mill, not worth wasting stomach real estate on with pulled pork to be had. The scalloped potatoes from Kentucky really hit the spot for me though. A bit mushy and definitely not low-cal, I wouldn't call them a foodie delicacy, but I liked them.

We skipped all the other food and drink offerings although I did enjoy a nice cold carton of milk courtesy of Natrel.

Jun 27, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Adventures in New Brunswick

Sophie - Have a great trip, and be sure to report back on what you find!

Jun 20, 2009
idnas in Atlantic Canada

Lou Dawgs - King & Portland

I went back this weekend and had the pulled pork again. This time it wasn't over-sauced. I could really taste the meat and it was good. Maybe a fluke or maybe they've reduced the pre-saucing on the theory that those who want more can add it but those who want less have no options. Either way, I enjoyed the sandwich much more this time. I tried the sweet potato fries which were nothing special. I'd go back to the weird coleslaw next time, or try the potato salad.

Jun 14, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Recommendations for Younge/King Street

Since you'll be in the neighborhood, I'll also offer my 2 cents on 73 Stirs, a few steps east of the King Edward hotel on King. It's new and has potential but I can't recommend it, at least not yet.

They're still finding their feet and I'm hoping I can blame bad service on the newness and keep hoping they'll get better. (Service example - last time I was there, on the third time that the waitress interrupted me midsentence, just barging in to ask how everything is without noticing we were having a conversation, we gently pointed out to her that we'd prefer that she approach and then wait for a break in conversation or at least the end of a sentence... Her response was to inform us that she was performing a quality check. Didn't get the message that the quality of the service she was providing was bad because she kept barging in without notice. Oh well.)

Food has been ok but not great the few times I've been in, and they have some interesting items with unique takes on classics. I find a lot of the menu items are trying too hard and would do better with a couple fewer ingredients but that's personal preference.

Jun 07, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Recommendations for Younge/King Street

For Italian in the Yonge/King area, you could also do Mirto at the corner of Toronto St. and Adelaide, half a block from Terroni and a million miles away in attitude, hospitality and ambience. They have a fairly short menu but they do it well and there is sufficient variety with several pastas, pizzas and mains along with appetizers and desserts. You'll feel your business is valued and they will take their cue from you if you'd prefer to be left alone or prefer to chat. As a solo diner you can sit at the bar but also wouldn't feel out of place at a table. And of course, substitutions and dietary accomodations are graciously accomodated. I'd strongly recommend it over the trendier Terroni.

Jun 07, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

WOW Rotisserie Chicken

I walked by today and they were open but I didn't go in. I did pick up the menu flyer they had outside though and it's an interesting mix. In addition to the chicken, they have all-day breakfast options, meal salads (e.g. steak on salad), a few asian options and so on. That sets off alarm bell, since I often find that too much variety means nothing is done well. But I'm keeping an open mind, especially since they deliver. :)

May 24, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lou Dawgs - King & Portland

I tried Lou Dawg's today and my review is mixed. Some very good and some areas for improvement. Overall, it's good and we'll be back.

We had a pulled pork sandwich and a beef brisket. In both cases, the meat was very tender and good. But opposite to what a lot of previous posters experienced, I found the sandwiches WAY over sauced, to the point where the sauce totally overpowered the meat. I found a couple of unsauced chunks inside and fished them out to confirm my suspicions that the meat was smoky and flavourful, so it seemed a real shame that I could barely taste the pork or beef most of the time due to all the sauce. Also, the sauce on the beef sandwich was quite tasty but the "original bbq" on the pork was mostly tomatoey, almost like ketchup to my taste.

I asked if it's possible to order an unsauced sandwich and put just the right amount on for yourself, but she said they presauce the whole batch. She did say that if I called a day ahead, they could set some aside for me, which I appreciated. The service was excellent, by the way. We were the only people in the place (Saturday lunch). We didn't know that you normally order at the counter and we didn't find out till she brought the bill and mentioned that they don't normally do table service but that she was delighted to take care of us since they weren't busy. She delivered the message in a way that didn't make us feel awkward or anything. She seemed very sincere when she said she was only letting us know so we wouldn't be confused next time if they were busy.

Aside from the sandwiches, we tried the coleslaw (described accurately above) which I liked, the meaty chili which was very meaty and quite good but not really interesting (needs more spicing or something), and the corn muffin. The muffin is definitely a sweet one but offset with the melted cheddar inside. I saw a couple flecks of jalapeno in the bottom of the muffin but overall didn't taste it.

All in all, this place has good potential. They've got the meat right so the rest can be adjusted as they find their groove.

May 24, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


I had Krispy Roll's lamb stew pho yesterday and it was amazing. The broth was rich and complex with just enough heat to keep it interesting and the chunks of lamb were falling apart tender. The only doctoring I did was to toss in bean sprouts. Otherwise I liked it too much as is to risk adding anything.

Mar 22, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

73 Stirs (Yonge and King)

Disappointing. Thanks for the report.

Mar 07, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

73 Stirs (Yonge and King)

I don't know but I'd think so. I'm guessing the point of the specials is to get people in who will keep drinking but I don't recall the sign saying dine-in only.

Feb 17, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

73 Stirs (Yonge and King)

I walked past 73 Stirs today and noticed a sign in their window promoting some weekday 4:30-6:30pm specials, presumably to draw in the after work crowd.

- free coconut shrimp with $5 martini or $3 beer

- rib sampler and a beer or glass of wine $5

- build your own pasta, includes glass of bar spirits or suds or house wine

- all you can eat chicken wings, witha beer, or glass of house wine or bar rail
liquor $6.99

- manager's surprise appetizer selections and one beer or glass of house wine
or bar rail liquor or martini $5.00

I'll probably pop in one day this week to try them out but am wondering if anyone has tried these?

Feb 16, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Diner surprise

We stopped in to try the very down-market K&S Family Restaurant in Leslieville today, on the theory that it's hard to go wrong with eggs and toast. It's an old, somewhat rundown diner populated with neighborhood characters who all seem to know one another. Not somewhere the average chow hound would go for atmosphere unless maybe making some sort of documentary.

So we were intrigued by a note on the menu that the eggs benedict ($7.99) comes with home made hollandaise "(not when busy)". When the food arrived, it was clear that the hollandaise had literally been made for us. It came on the side in a metal bowl, ready to put on the eggs to our taste. It wasn't the best hollandaise ever but a darned sight better than the mass-produced stuff that so many restaurants serve.

Here's a picture.

Just goes to show, you never know what you'll find when you go out exploring. Makes me consider going back tonight for today's special - salmon steak, fried or poached - $6.00. Who knows, could be great...

K & S Family Restaurant
893 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1J4, CA

Feb 15, 2009
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find Liqueur (Baileys/Kahlua)filled Chocolates? (GTA)

David Roberts Food in Mississauga carries them and might have them on deep discounts post-Christmas.

David Roberts Food
426 Watline Ave, Mississauga, ON L4Z, CA

Dec 29, 2008
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Kawartha Dairy egg nog

I'm drinking Harmony right now and ditto the endorsements. Very creamy and tastes like food, not chemicals. Not overly sweet but very rich.

Dec 21, 2008
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Barbque restaurant at Kipling and North Queen

It's been almost a year since my last visit but we went again today. The food seems to have gone downhill a bit. I had the 1/2 pound chevaps again but there was less meat in it than last time and I had no problem finishing it. The biggest change, though, was the chef's salad. It was just a bowl of chopped lettuce with a smidgen of red cabbage here and there. Maybe they're trying to cut corners to save money, but when I pay $28 for 2 sandwiches, 2 small salads and 2 bottles of juice, I expect better quality. Hopefully today was just an off day.

Has anyone been recently and had the great kind of experience I had last year?

Dec 06, 2008
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Any place in Toronto serve X-Mas dinner on Dec 24 and/or Dec 25th?

Also the King Edward. They have Christmas eve buffet @$59, Christmas day brunch @$59 (also a buffet, I believe, but the brochure isn't clear), and Christmas dinner @99 (a traditional 4 course dinner). I've had their buffets at other times of year and the quality & variety are very good. The Christmas dinner is likely the in-restaurant version of the take-home I get from them and it's very good as well. The turkey is always moist and flavourful. Stuffing is different each time but I've liked it each time. Nice soups, veggies, gravy, desserts etc. Potatoes are usually roasted or fingerling, not mashed. (a warning for purists -- I know some people whose holiday is spoiled if it's not exactly what they expect) but again always very good. At thanksgiving it was a fingerling potato hash with onions and bacon. Decadently good. Desserts at thanksgiving were pumpkin pie and apple crumble. The crumble was too sweet for my taste but the pie was very nice, although (another warning for purists) it was a tart crust like what Queen of Tarts does, not a pie crust. All in all, though, as a place to go out for Christmas meals, I don't think you can go wrong with the Kind Eddy.

Nov 23, 2008
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Take Home Christmas dinner

I don't know about Mississauga, but I've bought Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners from the King Edward Hotel several times and they're very good. Really moist turkeys with all the trimmings. They usually offer one version for about 5-6 people and another for 10-12 people. (With fewer people, more leftovers!)

Nov 20, 2008
idnas in Ontario (inc. Toronto)