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Strawberry-Filled Cardamom Cupcakes

I agree with aliboo. The cardamom didn’t come through the first time, so I doubled it the next batch. And my frosting was so runny - I had used very ripe strawberries - I called it a “glaze.”

I also had problems with the filling that no one has mentioned. I made a well in the batter like the instructions said, but it came out as a layer of strawberry on the bottom of the cupcake. I ended up baking the cupcakes plain and then filling them with the strawberry filling - using a piping bag - while still hot and left them to cool as normal. The frosting/glaze covered the hole.

Overall, this is a great cupcake. Now that I’ve worked out the kinks, I definitely plan to make these again.

Jun 21, 2011
littletornado in Recipes

Strawberry-Filled Cardamom Cupcakes

Could you fill the cupcakes with the strawberry (either sauce or frosting) after cooking and cooling the cupcakes?

Jun 09, 2011
littletornado in Recipes