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Favorite Beer in America?

Red Hook ESB
Harp Lager

Apr 17, 2007
NinasEnnui in Beer

Party Food

A Norwegian tradition, platters of little open faced sandwiches. Always a big hit with all generations in my crowd. You can either buy the little loaves of rye and pumpernickel or cut your favorite bread to size. We usually do a variety of toppings. some examples:
Sliced of hard boiled egg, topped with caviar
Tuna Salad
Ham Salad
Roast Beef
These are just a few ideas. But, smear a dab of mayo, mustard, cream cheese, etc on the bread first, then either put a small slice of sweet gherkin,slice of onion , sliced olives, you get the idea, but, open faced.

Apr 15, 2007
NinasEnnui in Home Cooking