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Pizza Palace Knoxville

If you are looking for a "great chain" restaurant, then Pueblo's may be reasonable...

not my thing, I prefer local cuisine, but if chain is your preference, then Puelblo's might be reasonable...

Good times

McDonald's is tough competition with Pueblo's though...

Support the locals if indifferent...


New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

"Do not go to Phillipine Connection," yet you recommend Krystals on another post below?

Everybody has their preference, so cheers. Did you try Pizza Palace across the street? Did you try Mary's Hot Tamales? Are you into dives?

There is beauty in Magnolia Avenue, specifically regarding the locally owned Pizza Palace, Mary's Tamales, Scruggs Barbecue,and Phillipine Connection. All are locally owned and offer a wonderful eating and cultural experience in the context of being in Knoxville, TN. I lived in Knoxville for 25 years and many of my closest friends love these places. It ain't for every body, but you can definitely taste the love at these places .


Best Indian in Atlanta

Besides the relatively new Dosa, who also serves meat in dosas, what are your favorite south Indian restauarants in SF proper? I've had a killer time trying to find any vegetarian southern Indian restaurants in SF.

Thanks a ton for the help.

No question NYC has some serious South Indian eats.

Chaat Patti is my current fave in ATL.


Best Indian in Atlanta



It is quite likely that I did not get around Berkeley and definitely the peninsula as much as you. I had a hard time not eating every meal in SF.

While working in Berkeley on Telegraph Ave. for only 2 years, I just didn't dig my South Indian experiences much. Udupi may have been my fave though. My Yahoo computer friends were always draggin' me down to Sunnyvale 'cause I would say crap like, "ATL is better when it comes to Indian food."

No question NY has great southern Indian. I really fell for south Indian food while working briefly in London years ago and through my south Indian friend in school... who now lives down the street... talk about good south Indian grub.

ATL also has some really nice chaat places IMO (Chat Patti, etc.).

I will say MSB seems to be a little inferior as compared to the "grand opening" days. Global Mall (Sri Krishna Vilas) may have "slid" a bit too, and it also gets real dirty- real quick. The dishes also seem "heavier" now... maybe I am just older and slower. I still like 'em though.

SF, in paricular, was very starved for southern Indian cuisine IMO. Dosa seemed to be starting a fire when I was leaving, but they also served meat dosas? I saw meat dosas in Berkeley too. Interesting.

Admittedly, I think saying any particular food is better in ATL relative to SF/Berkeley is a stretch. Anyhoo, I think ATL can at least "compete" when it comes to south Indian. In my stupid head, I do prefer my ATL experiences when it comes to southern Indian.

BTW, I refuse to eat at buffets too. Good point.

Although a little far, I have been wanting to try India Garden, and Vatica (Gujerati food- no onion/garlic for religious reasons and served Thali style reportedly). My South Indian friend wants to check it out. She heard good things from the South Indian community. Anybody got the word on these places?


Best Indian in Atlanta

I previously lived in SF and worked in Berkeley for 2 years. Dosa in SF (Mission district) arrived on the scene just as I was leaving. South Indian food is one of the few types of food I feel is better in ATL than SF/Berkeley IMO.

In ATL, my personal faves:
South Indian/Vegetarian- Madras Saravan Bhavan and Udipi (agree with Therese et al). Many great chaat places here too. Huge South Indian community.

Non-vegetarain- Zyka (love it except for styrofoam plates) and Bhojanic
Many people love Panahar, but I tend to much prefer these.

Note, none of these are "fancy."

Cheers and welcome to Atlanta


Rendezvous is spot on. Dry rubbed ribs rule. I agree, the "cheese/sausage app plate" is spectacular..


ATL - variety playhouse and more ?'s

Thanks for the report back. I hope the show was good. I haven't seen Son Volt in a while. Uncle Tupelo was most my style. I am glad you chose El Myr. It is one of my faves in Little 5 P, but it is hard to recommend blindly. I am glad you had a good time in ATL.



FAB Atlanta report

Paris is always a hopeful destination. You know it has been a while for me... maybe I will start working on that...
I would say, don't fear cooking at home. I ain't a "cook," but I started cooking a bunch of French food at home. I have cooked nearly every recipe in Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook... not to mention many Pepin and Child dishes. My appreciation and knowledge of French food has improved tremendously. I hear 'ya though... good dining and wine... Have fun for all of us in Paris. Cheers.

Pierogies in Atlanta?

My thoughts exactly


ATL - variety playhouse and more ?'s

If Son Volt doesn't sell out, you should be ok arriving between sets.You can always pull the "I'm pregnant" card for a seat.

El Myr is a hole in the wall. If you are wearing a t-shirt, want loud music, desire tequila, and need ultimate proximity to Variety, this is your place. Many local ATL guys/gals in bands hang out here. May be scary for some... probably not great if pregnant.

If you and the wife want nice tapas and great mojitos, Pura Vida is really great... but get reservations. Place is festively elegant but casual even considering it is fairly expensive. Note: relatively small plates and somewhat small portions... but chef is quite talented.

Sotto Sotto is fancy and arguably one of the very best restaurants in ATL, IMO. Most upscale of those listed in your last post but still not the super fancy elegant Bacchanelia, etc.

Fritti is the pizza place next door to Sotto Sotto. It can be trendy casual. I don't like the pizzas but some people do. Pizza is "gourmet" mostly. Good place but low on my list.

Wisteria is southern fare, pretty fancy version too. If you are not from the south you may want to check it out. I don't love it, but I am from the south. Food is still very good at Wisteria.

Arpes Diem is located in a true strip mall beside a theater, unfortunately not uncommon for ATL. This is low on my list and not located very close to Variety. Eclipse di Sol, next to Pura Vida, would be a better bet as it is closer to Variety and similar in some ways o Eclipse di Sol.

Little 5 Points is the area or neighborhood where Variety is located. It feels a little like a very small Berkeley, CA. Pura Vida and Eclipse di Sol are in Poncey Highlands. Wisteria, Sotto Sotto, and Fritti are in Inman Park. Apres Diem is in midtown. All are fairly close though.

Best Taxi Service in ATL:
1. Checker 404-351-1111
2. Lenox 404-872-2600
Put ‘em in memory dial now

1. Get reservations for dinner wherever you go (unless El Myr)
2. Drinks at L5P bars after dinner/before gig, if time,... or after show
3. Pura Vida for tapas and mojitos is guaranteed good yet not too fancy. If you are a "big" eater, maybe not the best. Otherwise this may be your best bet
4. Sotto Sotto if you want great (mostly Northern) Italian and a romantic night. Keep in mind some of tables along the far wall are too close together. Fantastic restaurant.
5. Wisteria if you want some fancy southern fare.
6. El Myr is you were ever in a punk band
7. Floataway Cafe is great too
8. Star Provisions is a nice high-end expensive gourmet store. It is attached to 2 superstar nice and expensive restaurants. At Star, you can buy a sandwich at the counter and a bottle of wine... and sit out front. It is viewed more as a gourmet take-away counter located within a gourmet shop. Great, great place but doesn't seem ideal prior to Son Volt at Variety.

It is just different tastes for different taste buds.


Ladyfingers in Atlanta

I actually got some at Whole Foods on Ponce this weekend in the cracker section. I am doing a Bourdain recipe.


ATL - variety playhouse and more ?'s

All good suggestions but Ted nailed it IMO. Obviously a local who is familiar with Son Volt's music and hits the best bars/venues/restaurants in the area. My (complete obnoxious) post would be almost exactly like Ted's, but longer. All Ted's places are close and reasonable.

BTW, it can be difficult to get a cab in L5P (little 5 points) on occasion in terms of the ride home.

Also, if you are into burgers and fairly rock-n-roll, I would also consider the coronary bypass burger at Vortex, also located in L5P. El Myr and Yacht Club are also "rock-n-rolll" so do it up... Son Volt. You could walk to all 3 of these from Variety (venue) so check 'em out and pick your favorite. Cheers

I am a FAB fan like Laurendlewis. Sit at the bar. Some complain of service occasionally, b/c they are new and are learning to deal with the numbers. I love it though. A Saturday lunch for 10 bucks near the hotel is a knock-out if you are into it... very elegant classic room here

Specific pre-"game" drinks:
Mojitos- Pura Vida (great tapas for dinner too if interested- get reservations)
Tequila/Margaritas - El Myr (a "tattoo" place with good fish tacos)
Beer- Yacht Club or Vortex probably: (disclaimer: I am more liquor/wine than beer)

Also, if it is sold out, you may want to go early enough to get a seat at the Variety if you are a "sitter."


D&D Barbecue -- Southside Atlanta

I have been to D&D several times. One of my faves in general but probably my very fave in ATL for BBQ. In fact I have eaten everything on the menu... chitterlings included. D is a great guy. This place is in the "hood" so be careful, seriously.

The barbecue dark chicken is fantastic. Stay away from the wings. The ribs crush Fat Matt's. My favorite meal is the barbecue dark chicken or barbecue ribs with collards and yams. I am a dry-rub Memphis rib fan but these soul ribs are just fine. You get a ton of meat with an order. Riblets are good too. Sauce is a touch sweet for some I imagine but otherwise one of the very best in ATL.

Exactly Alonzo, I sit in my car and chow down. It has the feel of 400 degrees in Nashville but unfortunately no hot chicken... but the barbecue is very good... factor in everything and I love this place. A total hole. Owners are fantastic. Check out the picture of the husband and wife duo (D&D) on the sign out front on your next visit.

BTW, this place is listed on my blog as my fave BBQ in ATL.

I tried to place 2 pics below from my blog. I took these pics a while back at night.

A colleague at work told me about D&D after confirming I wanted the best the hood had to offer. Funny, first time there, guy at the counter asked my white arse, "you new around here?" D later said to me, you know there is one other guy "like you" who comes around ever so often... you guys related? D is truly one of the nicest and funniest guys in town. He also told me that Oprah Winfrey goes there. Talk it up with him. Beautiful place.


May 04, 2007
Rowdy Food in Atlanta

FAB Atlanta report

In the context of "intimate," it is quite reasonable. Note "intimate" excludes FAB and Trois. I will say Atmosphere is probably my favorite of the "intimate" French restaurants, but I am heavily biased because of my proximity to Atmosphere. Before I say "it's worth a go," it would help to know more about your style. Chances are you will like it for a romantic evening with your husband. I prefer to eat when no band is present unless eating at the bar. Check it out and let me know what you think. Ultimately, I definitely think it is worth a go. The little house alone is worth the trip. Reservations are a must.


FAB Atlanta report

I am optimistic FAB can pull it off. Downtown ATL needs them IMO, and I need their food. Frites and lemon caper aioli specificly is whatl I need. Nice people here.

However, some trustworthy locals on had bad experiences during lunch rush hour and dinner. Personally, I have been there 7 times or more and always seem to have a great experience, but I also eat at 2PM or later for lunch and 9PM for dinner.

Tanktop and kirgirl, IMO, here are some reasonable and relatively more "intimate" French Restaurants in the ATL area to also consider:

-Atmosphere (my fave -but also walkable for me)
-Les Fleur De Lis Cafe (fave of many and definitely intimate)
-Cafe Alsace
-Petite Auberge (good rep but not as close
-South of France

BTW, nice blog danna.


FAB Atlanta report

Great valid point kirgirl

Think more of a redneck saying " it is truly like a Paris restaurant in Atlanta with a sh*! can of tables " versus a more respectable French person saying "it is truly like a Parisian restaurant in Paris... with 20 couverts or less."

If you are indeed French, you may be better off getting some good southern food while in the south. May I suggest Restaurant Eugene if a fancy small restaurant is your preference. Either way, good luck and welcome to ATL.


Pizza Palace Knoxville

Tonight on Guy Fieri's Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins will be a feature on Pizza Palace in Knoxville, TN. Great story here. One of my faves in K-town. He is a friend, but I like his restauarant more than him (just kidding, sort of).


New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

I assume shallots and I are talking about the same type of tamales. They are "Knoxville soul tamales" to me. They are different than Arizona and Texas. Mary's is a shack. Pick 'em up to go or better yet, eat 'em on the fly. Get one of her little pies too. If you find other place, please post 'em. Mary's Tamales does have interesting hours. They also have 'em by the dozen. I used to go there all the time. It has been a while. This thread makes me want to make a trip back up to go to Mary's (and my parents ofcourse).

Shallot, 'tis a great idea to further investigate the origins and evolution of tamales and banana pudding.


FAB Atlanta report

It truly is great. It has several connections to Le Bernadine. I go about 3 times a week.
I think it will last no question. It is huge. It is truly a Manhattan or Paris restautrant in ATL.


Nashville Bound!

Sorry about the pics.

Amazing taco truck quality here especially considering location of Nashville, TN.

Nolensville Road in Nashville is a slice of heaven. I just drive around and pick one or two ethnic restaurants that look most tempting (and most crowded with respective ethnic background).

Here are 2 to investigate just to get you started.

La Taqueria El Tio Pepe Mobile Unit
4153 Nolensville Road

Tacos y Mariscos Lopez #6
3901 Nolensville Road

Yongeman, I am glad to hear of your interest. I may go to Nashville this weekend for the Hot Chicken and Taco trucks.


French American Brasserie (FAB) Downtown Atlanta

This place is spectacular. Formerly Brasserie Le Coze and now FAB in downtown ATL. What a beautiful place!

I have written about FAB (a little too much possibly) on

I just feel you out of towners need to know about FAB when you visit, especially if staying downtown.

My silly blog has more details if needed. I have been waiting for this opening for quite some time. I have absolutely no affiliation with the place... I just dig it!

The only things that would be just as exciting to me would be the return of Chef Peter Chang and Chef Soto, preferably within walking distance.

Reportedly, we do have Chef Blais back though.



New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Shallots, I grew up in Knoxville eating banna pudding all the time. It was my fave... and still is when Mamaw is around. It always had vanilla wafers in it. It tastes better the next day too.

Cookie Eater, Big Ed passed away but continues to be a legend. Everyone in Oak Ridge and Knoxville would meet at Big Ed's after soccer games, etc. Everyone I knew owned a Big Ed t-shirt at some point. I still have one (with the toothpick in his mouth).

Shallots, Mary's Tamales on Magnolia is the best IMO.

Mac and Cheese is the best. Wright's Cafeteria does it right.

Cheers to Knoxville and Oak Ridge!

Farmers Markets in or near Atlanta

Piedmont Park Farmer's "Green Market" begins May 5

Morningside Farmer's Market is great if you are in the area. Yes it is expensive but not compared to the Ferry Market in SF. Great vibe. Support local if possible. I love it, but it is down the street from me.

The Local Farmstand located beside Star Provisions is nice if in the area but very small. You do get the ultra-major bonus of Star Provisions being next door.

Check out very informative article by Jennifer Zyman aka "Blissful Glutton" in Atlanta Intown Paper. Here you will find info about the real Farmer's Markets in ATL:

While living in SF, I found many unbelievably great small stores supplying a very comprehensive selection of a particular focused product, thus filling a very specific niche. It was difficult to find reasonable "one stop" shopping that was somewhat along the lines of a "farmer's market."The Ferry Building was great indeed but was not always economical or logistically reasonable for my shopping needs.

Your Dekalb Farmer's Market (YDFM), on the other hand, does come close to fulfilling that "one stop" farmer's market need. No, it is not SF, but it is amazing. My friends from SF are more impressed with ATL than with any other aspect of our city. Great variety it has. It is truly the greatest IMO. No, not a true "farmer's market" but the palpable international energy, beautiful produce, cheap prices, excellent quality and superb selection make YDFM a huge hit with me and my friends. It has veal brain, veal tongue, lamb liver, mountain oysters, quail, rabbit, fat back, belly, buffalo, chicken feet, lamb hearts, veal stock bones,etc., and a produce selection that is even better.

Buford Highway Farmer's Market is great too and tends to be more Asian. YDFM is better IMO but also located much closer to me.

Biskuit is right on it as usual.

Jmax, from NY, I say go to Your Dekalb Farmer's Market. If you can make it to Piedmont Park, do it. I would say go to Super H but it doesn't fit... and it is far. If you are a Korean food fan, Super H is definitely worth it.


New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Sounds perfect. Thanks a ton. London is pretty close to Knoxville right? Fried Chicken gets me every time. Andy salty ham! Handcut ribeyes. 24/7/365! Nice call.

You have to check out Pizza Palace. Tell Charlie, Rowdy from ATL sent you. Sit inside. He chops his own meat and makes his own meatballs. He cuts his own ribeyes for some great sandwiches on the grill. He makes fresh onion rings. Greek salad with anchovies. It has been around over 40 years as well.

I can't wait to check out Burger Boy. I go to Knoxville several times a year. All the family (and many friends) are there. Sometimes "you can't shake Knoxville" - Scott Miller

New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Unfortunately I am not familiar with that area. Louisville has some winners reportedly,

You let me know if you find some places. I will check with my pal from KY.

Check my Nashville post itoday if you are go through that area.


Nashville Bound!

I posted this on a different Nashville thread:
These are my hardcore faves. If you got other hardcore recs, please inform
Hardcore recommendations:
The best chicken in the world is in Nashville. Hot chicken shacks!
400 degrees or Prince's are good spots. Call ahead and carry out. Very unsafe area and a total hole in the wall. I actually create trips to Nashville just to get this chicken.

Margot Cafe & Bar is good if you want something nice. Donut Den is good late night.

There are also some very nice Taco Trucks/Stands in Nashville (now illegal in ATL but reminds me of the Mission in SF)

Here are a couple of pics:


Going South ! [moved from Los Angeles Area board]

BTW, Moon gets credit for turning me onto the chicken.

Going South ! [moved from Los Angeles Area board]

Hardcore recommendations:
The best chicken in the world is in Nashville. Hot chicken shacks!
400 degrees or Prince's are good spots. Call ahead and carry out. Very unsafe area and a total hole in the wall. I actually create trips to Nashville just to get this chicken.

Margot Cafe & Bar is good if you want something nice. Donut Den is good late night.

There are also some very nice Taco Trucks/Stands in Nashville (now illegal in ATL but reminds me of the Mission in SF)

Here are a couple of pics:

anything good near Atlanta Aquarium

I had the mussels Saturday night. Super tasty. I recommend getting some garlic frites with the mussels. They do uses a little cream with the broth. You literally get like a gallon of mussels.

On Saturday, I went with a friend who was a huge Le Coze fan. We were both blown away.

Yes, mussels are amazing.

New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Phillippine Connection is a total hole in the wall. All the Magnolia restaurants mentioned above by me are withing 1/2 a mile of each other. All are ultra dives. Take the Magnolia tour and get a sample of each. If you are hardcore, you will love the experience.

BTW, my best friend growing up in Knoxville was from the Phillipines. His mom cooked killer food for us every weekend. Lumpia, oh lumpia.

I almost forgot, Soccer Taco on Bearden Hill is fairly good. I really liked the Menudo (soup with intestines). Food is not unbelievable but very good and definitely the best Mexican in Knoxville IMO. If you find better let me know.