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Upscale lunch suggestion

The back (original) room at Bouli Bar (formerly known as Boulette's Larder) has tablecloths, and though the menu looks casual the prices are not! Bonus is the view, which is nice for visitors, but again lunch only Friday, as on Saturday the farmers' market takes over and Sunday is brunch. For complete reference, lunch is Tues. - Friday.

The chicken salad or the Eastern Mediterranean salads are good non-carb fare. The pizza is quite good and creative - today I had pizza with homemade ricotta, arugula and figs, with a side order of speck.

East End (Alameda)

For a pizza without a blanket of cheese, just order a Margarita, with sausage or whatever toppings you want.

The chicken and the risotto are also good at East End. I wish they did better with desert, but the homemade ice cream is not bad.

Prior restaurants in current Marlowe location (4th & Brannan)

And I think the fried green beans and chocolate vacherin from Bizou endure.

Easy Vanilla Pudding

Aug 04, 2015
foodeye in Recipes

Current Top Five

I think your list is very good. I am looking forward to trying Shaya and Primitivo, too.
A random 5 favs of mine:
Doris Metropolitan
Green Goddess

Aug 01, 2015
foodeye in New Orleans

bento in san francisco

Delica in the Ferry Bldg. - pre-made selections or custom choices. Limited seating or to-go.

Quick trip report from BA visitor

I think the reference was only about the "hipster/third-wave" coffee trend.

District Donuts are SO popular that when I last returned to SFO from NOLA with two muffulettas in my carry-on I saw a young couple juggling a large box of Distict Donuts as an edible souvenir....but I think as a next-day item, the muffs have got to be the better choice.

Jun 23, 2015
foodeye in New Orleans

Duomo or La Madia in Sicily?

That is a tough choice! I went to Il Duomo for dinner and La Madia for lunch last year and enjoyed both very much. I recall the food at LaMadia as lighter (maybe because it was lunch, but probably not) and a bit more playful and inventive/molecular gastronomy. Duomo was a bit more formal with very interesting interpretations of traditional food; some courses were challenging, and some amazingly good. Location wise, Ragusa is much more appealing and recommend staying around a bit there whereas Licata, to me, was not worth much time, but is worth a detour for a fun meal.

For another memorable great meal, Crosofisso in Noto is worth another detour. Arabi Courtyard in Marzameni, too.

Jun 22, 2015
foodeye in Italy

is there a place where I can find some reliable Sonoma wineries itineraries?

Sonoma is not NOLA! I think service style in Sonoma is not especially friendly unless you are a friend/regular customer, but hopefully it's competent.

Sorry to hear that some items were too salty; I have not noticed that there ... maybe because I enjoy their wine list too much!

Pop-Up Dining Down in New Orleans

Any reviews on the recurring pop-ups?

May 30, 2015
foodeye in New Orleans

Thoughts on R'evolution?

My experience eating at the bar was great and not tense or formal; the full menu is available and the bartender provided really good service including great menu suggestions and joking around, too.

May 29, 2015
foodeye in New Orleans

ISO Bay Area restaurants with delicious grilled octopus preparations.

Lilholiho Yacht Club has a good octopus salad, though not grilled, it had some very interesting, unusual flavors going on, including curried raisins and cilantro dressing.

Sicily recommendations! Scopello, Favignana, Montechiaro de Palma, Notto

Crocifisso in Noto is really great. And visit the nearby antique Arabian fishing village Marzameni, and eat at the Courtyard.

May 04, 2015
foodeye in Italy

What would Pythagoras do?

On the issue of profit, Rancho Gordo in California is doing pretty well.

May 04, 2015
foodeye in New Orleans

Bottarga in North Bay

Boulettes Larder usually has it, too.

is there a place where I can find some reliable Sonoma wineries itineraries?

A couple of my picks not yet mentioned are wine tasting at Scribe (make a reservation), and it is next door to Gundlach. Also nearby is Hellocello, if you want to taste more than wine (reserve). And my dinner fav in Glen Elllen is at the counter at Glen Ellen Star.

Best chocolate chip cookie in SF, Oakland or Berkeley?

Try them at Sidekick, next to Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Bldg.

Tasty Travails: In California, A is For...Carciofi

If there were, I would go there now!

Did you see this recipe:

Best HK Milk Tea SF?

I have not had an issue with it being jasmine-forward or too sweet at OTD, but note that you can also order the HK hot milk tea in the Slanted Door restaurant and its bar, where they would happily make it to order in terms of sweetness level. At the hallway shop they also sell their tea blend, and you can make it at home.

Tasty Italian Meatballs for a birthday celebration?

I like Benchmark a lot and it should be in the rotation, but try someplace else for a 40th birthday celebration, as I would categorize it as only barely "a little nicer than a sub/sandwich shop" in atmosphere.

When you note that Pizzaiolo has no MBs on the menu, keep in mind it is a daily changing menu, so you could try checking that again and maybe the restaurant could try to predict when exactly the MBs will be made.

Anyway, Happy Bday to Mr. Non-veg!

Tasty Italian Meatballs for a birthday celebration?

Tosca (very festive, though pricey, too).

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

I will have to try Angeline's muf and also look for Ebbett's. The best one I have had here was at Hard Water - though it doesn't appear on the on-line menu

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

The carnitas torta at Casa Latina is great, though I think you need to specify just what you want on it so that is as you like it (i.e. w/ refried beans and guacamole, etc.).

West Oakland Suggestions

Another spot to try nearby is The Dock.

Chocolate Salon [San Francisco]

I went to the one in NYC a few years ago and thought it was worthwhile, the samples were not so limited and the participants were numerous and impressive, though I think it is, or was, from a different promoter.

That is the only time I have found Bernachon in the US - - if anyone knows of a way to purchase Bernachon without going to Lyon, France, please let me know!

Cremeux Ex Machina - California style gelato at SF Ferry Bldg Farmers Market on Sat - it's Yummy!

Yeah, they moved, and moved-on (don't make gelato anymore).

If you are looking for ice cream around the Ferry Building, the March-special-flavor at Humphry Slocombe is pistachio brittle, and it is great (don't be dismayed by the color, which is khaki and not food coloring green).

Group/family friendly lunch/brunch on a Saturday in March in Napa

Brunch here is good; for a party that large they may want to have set menu.

Your Favorite $5 or under bites in San Francisco

Yes, those are good. And the buns and the sticky rice there are also $5 or less.

anonymous food critics

Here is an interview with her on critics, etc.

Oakland Restaurant Week coming soon: Jan 15-25, 2015

sort of off topic, but note that JBC is appearing now at the Thursday Ferry Building lunchtime farmer's market