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Traveling to Paris with a child egg/dairy allergy - any tips?

I would love to hear of experiences others might have had handling this. We have traveled to Spain and Morocco and only ran into one problem but in the land of butter (Paris), I am more fearful for her.

Feb 28, 2012
baconspit in France

Montrea Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

I posted this over 3 years ago - LOVE that it
- must be all of the wonderful Montrea (sic) restaurants!

Sonoma in April! Good lunch suggestions?

Cafe Saint Rose which is moving from Santa Rosa to the old Two Crows retaurant on Bodega Hwy outside Sebastopol. i am not sure if Mark does lunch but that he is a special local chef.

The last birthday of my thirties and will be celebrating with a 3 and 7 year old. Where should I go in SF?

I want good food. I want something special. I want to feel comfortable with the kids but please no chains.
Thanks for your help!

Montrea Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

Any or all of the above, small, grimey and yes, dirt cheap helps, too. We will be near Laurier Metro but it is not necessary to be right there in the hood. Thanks!

Best Terasse dining in montreal - small restaurant preferred


Montrea Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

Looking for restaurant that is maybe still flying under the radar but has a great local following? Thanks!

Need to feed 50 people on the cheap but good - ideas?

I am having a bbq/backyard party that has turned into quite a large one at this point . People are bringing items to share but I will provide a good portion. Any suggestions for something that people would enjoyy but wouldn't break my back or my bank>

Is St Sulpice an ok place for kids?


Best food for the price with funky/cool atmosphere in Montreal?

Would be grateful for your suggestions!!

Rare night out without kids

My husband and I will be visiting Montreal soon and we are looking forward to one night out without the kids. Money IS a bit tight. So we aren't looking for super high end, but we appreciate great tasting food with a place with great atmosphere. Thanks for your suggestions!