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Tucson Mexican?

Are there new recommendations for a Mexican dinner in or around Tucson? We are New Yorkers so nothing resembling an international "dining experience". Just something you wouldn't find in NY and which we would be likely to remember.

Jan 15, 2014
charlies in Southwest

Saint Bart's dining

Thanks. Will try as you suggest.

Saint Bart's dining

I would like to hear an update on the dining options in Saint Bart's. Particular recommendations appreciated for fun, casual dining and of course places with a touch of romance. I can live without the formal dining experience - if its even on offer there. As a yardstick I'd put Blanchards in Anguilla as my "ideal" Caribbean restaurant...

Six hours to kill near Atlanta airport

Thanks for the sugestion. BBQ sounds perfect.

Six hours to kill near Atlanta airport

I have a six hour stopover this weekend with the whole family before an overnight trip to Europe. I can certainly drive for half an hour to get a good meal - kids are 17, 14 and 12. Looking to eat from 4 pm to 7 pmk. Any suggestions?