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Bobwhite Lunch vs. The Cardinal ?

Regarding the Cardinal being overpriced- the chicken and sides are totally reasonable, but add on some $25 pitchers and $14 hushpuppies and you end up with a bill that is quite a bit more than expected!

I've got Redhead on my list for our next chicken outing, can't wait!

Apr 24, 2012
voodoocheese in Manhattan

Bobwhite Lunch vs. The Cardinal ?

The fried chicken at the cardinal was juicy and well seasoned, and the batter was light and tasty. The sides were also good, the mac and cheese was definitely the standout; cheddar and black pepper with crusty edges.

That being said, I would choose Bobwhite over the Cardinal again and again. I enjoyed the chicken more, the beer more (they had at least 4 on draught vs. the Cardinal's one- Radeberger), the big, fluffy biscuits were fantastic, the service was 100x better; and it is WAY WAY better priced. I can't wait to go back and do it all again... next time I'll get dessert!

Just go to Bobwhite- the place is awesome.

Apr 23, 2012
voodoocheese in Manhattan

chock full o' nostalgia (the return of date-nut bread)

Er, well, this thread is mega old; but I went in today to the new Chock Full o Nuts on 23rd between 5th and 7th (very close to Eataly). Had some tasty breakfast, and a server that called me a myriad of loving names. I didn't have any whole wheat donuts or nut sandwiches, but I'll be back for sure.

200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Sep 14, 2010
voodoocheese in Manhattan

Cuban Sandwich/Vietnamese Sandwich

Chez Henri is the best Cuban that I've had around here; and one of the best sandwiches period. But if you're looking for a real Cuban- you probably won't find it. For me, it's all about the bread... and I don't know if anyone around here is making real Cuban bread! Then again, I'm Cuban- so perhaps I expect too much? If anyone knows of a place that's making Cuban bread (usually made with lard), please tell me!

Chez Henri
1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Interesting Lemonades

When I ordered the Brazilian Lemonade for the first time, the person at the register didn't really recommend it- I believe she said it was.... interesting... but I really liked it! It was quite filling, and went rather well with my sammich!

Interesting Lemonades

I second that- it is fabulous!

Flat Patties update

FYI-- passed by around 6pm this evening and they were serving!

Toscanini's B3 ice cream

I bought a pint of Lemon Butter yesterday (they didn't have butter chip)... it's pretty good! They also had Butter Heathbar which I didn't try- but, I'm pretty sure butter anything is going to be amazing!

Toscanini's B3 ice cream


Toscanini's B3 ice cream

Agreed, I love this ice cream! My favorite though, is butter chip. Much more simple, but the flavors are wonderful!

Tupelo in Cambridge

If you ever have a hankerin' for those pies and don't want to go to Tupelo (or if you want a full size one), both of those are available in various sizes at Petsi Pies most of the time. I get the mini mud pie all the time, because it is SO good!

Petsi Pies
285 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

4/10 Another Treat for Chacarero Fans in Union Sq., Somerville

Thanks so much for posting about this! I've eaten here so many times, and can never get past the chicken. Looks like I'll be making a return trip soon!

Ball Square Breakfast Brawl with Fisticuffs - Oh sookie! - moved from Greater Boston board

The whole thing really sucks, because backing out of Food Wars means that nobody on that block gets any TV time. Mike at BSB said he would pretty much do anything to get the Travel Channel out to Somerville, but Yassir pulled out of the whole thing. I think that whole block needs to get on his back so he'll change his mind again!
As far as it coming to blows, I really wish it hadn't... I don't like getting stared down by the line at SB while I'm waiting to get in to BSC!

Biscuits and gravy?

You can also get biscuits and gravy at Trina's Starlight (along with chicken and waffles) and Plough and Stars- both in Cambridge. Actually, I think Trina's is technically Somerville, but, whatever!

classic patisserie swap-meet or baking group

This is a great idea! This is happening in the Davis area
but it's not pastry focused...

Flour Bakery and Cafe Coming to Cambridge

Finally, I'll get to try the sticky buns! I would never have made it across the river early enough. Also, I've heard so much about that hazelnut dacquoise that I hope it lives up to the hype!

Just Curious - Turkey Prices Paid

My first time buying a turkey, and I thought I was getting a bargain at $.99lb for a Jennie-o (fresh? from shaws)... didn't realize until I got home that it was pre-basted. There goes the recipe!
Next year, I'll do a little more research!

Trader Joe's In Fresh Pond

Just came back from the grand opening, it's so nice! It seems like it's much larger than the Memorial Drive location; but it may only seem that way because there is no wine department. I'm very excited to make that my new go to place for groceries... does anyone know if the Sav-Mor across the way is true to its name?

Petsi's eggnog custard pie ... has anyone tried it?

The most important thing to get at Petsi's is the vanilla sugar brioche on weekends. If you haven't tried them yet, you should! That's the only thing I get there now...

Speed's Has Added Grilled Pastrami and it's worth a special visit

I know this info has been passed back and forth many times, but I really want to try and get my first dog before the season comes. Do we have any ideas when Speed's will pack it up? I'm aiming for a Tuesday afternoon- probably next week. I've got my hopes up!

Grille 23

Does anyone know if Grill 23 was open for Christmas/ Christmas Eve last year? I have a gift certificate that I would like to save up for one great dinner!

Amelia's Kitchen, Teele Square, Somerville

My partner always gets the raviola bella also, and loves it every time. I usually get the marsala or saltimbocca which has never disappointed. The smell of their focaccia baking is pretty stellar too!

ISO Pumpkin Fudge

Not a culinary wonder by any means... but I'm having a wicked craving for pumpkin fudge! I'm in the Camberville area, but if it requires a bit of a drive or T ride, I think I can handle it.

Boston local food gift ideas?

Formaggio Kitchen is a great idea- I've purchased different kinds of cured meats/salumi as gifts. They travel well, but they can be pretty potent smelling...

Best chocolates?

Also, if you are one-stop shopping, Formaggio Kitchen stocks some Burdick products.

Best Ipswich area restaurant suggestions?

I'll second the steak tips!

ISO: Vietnamese Bakery

Ok, I meant Bao Bao... sorry!

ISO: Vietnamese Bakery

Just thought I'd check in here--
Spent a lot of time in Chinatown yesterday, and bought lots of fun things. I bought hot dog buns at nearly every bakery, but really enjoyed the ones at Boa Boa most. Unfortunately I couldn't try the ones at Eldo because they had sold out by the time I made it there. The mexico bun I got a Ho Yuen was just outstanding, and the cake roll at Eldo was quite tasty. I bought a little red bean paste mooncake at 101 that I'm pretty excited to try too! Oh, and it turns out that I don't like curry beef buns/pastry from any one of the bakeries... but it sounded so good!
Off topic, I tried Rainbow Cafe for lunch and had the lemongrass chicken (yelp's suggestion), and it was really good. DC had the avocado shake, and declared it perfect!

ISO: Nabeyaki Udon and Katsu Curry

I love cafe mami, but for katsu curry I tend to frequent Tampopo in the same food court. I love that they offer chicken breast if you want it, but of course you can get pork or chicken thigh. While you're at it, get a curry croquette; it is so good!

ISO: Vietnamese Bakery

done, and done! I'll be there- thanks!