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Fancy Restaurants

What are some restaurants in/around Anne Arundel County that would be prom dress appropriate?

View and all of that doesn't REALLY matter, but it would be a lovely bonus. My boyfriend and I are pretty much polar opposites with our food likes, so variety is a must! Seafood is preferable for him, as long as there's other food for me.

If you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!!

Ruth's Chris

Could anybody guesstimate for me what I should expect to pay at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse [in Annapolis, if it matters at all...] for two people?

I'd really appreciate it.

Apr 16, 2007
CountryChicadee6 in Chains

Before-Prom dinner in Annapolis/Baltimore

My boyfriend and I want to go out to a fancy dinner [we'll be dressed in our prom clothes] in Annapolis or Baltimore, preferably by the water. We want someplace that serves both Seafood and American food, since we like different things.

Do you have any suggestions for us to look at?