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Terre Haute - any good news?

There is a bar across from stables that is a lot better and it has one of the best Italian Beef sandwiches I've ever had

Carrabba's and the most blatent lie ever!

So my fiancee and I were enjoying a relatively easy going dinner at Carrabba's in Brookfield, WI last night and she just had a side Caesar salad and minestrone soup. When the minestrone soup came, it had a rather light broth with it instead of the traditional tomato broth or vegetable broth with tomatoes. When I asked the waitress if the soup was indeed minestrone since they do have a spicy chicken soup with vegetables on the menu. She said, "Yeah that's the minestrone soup, we just don't dye our broth". I didn't know most restaurants who use tomatoes in their broth use red dye in their soup, I'm surprised I've never seen it on the recipes for it.

Jun 17, 2007
engineerbowler in Chains

Cafe Esperanza in Waukesha, WI

Having just moved to waukesha, I have wondered about that place as well. But for Mexican, you can't be L'Estascion downtown for price and value I think.

Dinner in Crown Point/Merrillville Area

I would recommend lucrezia cafe in Crown Point, IN Italian pretty casual but the staff is really helpful. Merrillville there is an irish restaurant inside the star plaza that is darn good...if you wanna walk in and sit down I would highly recommend reservations at both.

Teppenyaki/Hibachi in Milwaukee/Waukesha

I'm kinda new to the area here in milwaukee/waukesha and am absolutly CRAVING some good teppenyaki Any recommendations? Thanks a bunch....