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Via in Worcester -- Great Start

I went a week ago late night with my husband and sat at the bar. There were only two other couples and what appeared to be three bartenders doing side work. We were ignored for the first ten minutes- no greeting or acknowledgement of our presence. We stayed because it was late and we were hungry. When one of the bartenders decided to serve us he was nice enough. We ordered a pizza and some beer. The pizza was really good. Roasted onions and portobello mushrooms on a really nice thin crust. This really is the best pizza I have ever had in Worcester. The atmosphere is also really nice if only the people who worked there cared a little bit more it would be ideal.
Overall my experience was neutral-bad service good food. I am trying to decide whether I want to try again and see if things have gotten any better.

Going Camping - Need a good dinner idea

Last time I went camping I made foil wrapped burritos filled with a variety of different things like cheese, black beans, veggies, shrimp, (for the non veggies) and served with salsa and guac. Just peel em open and spoon on top. For the wheat allergy use corn tortillas. You can prep these in advance and just toss them on the fire when its time to eat. At most campgrounds they provide a grill to put over your fire pit. The only thing that you need to be careful about is not leaving the burritos on the grill too long as they can burn easily if the fire is too high. For dessert we split bananas skin on and stuffed them with chunks of chocolate then wrapped them in foil and grilled till the chocolate melted. Ate with a spoon. Messy and so good after a long day of hiking.

May 23, 2007
Claygirl1 in Home Cooking

Any suggestions for boxed lunch for teachers?

First I think it is really nice that you want to recognize your kids teahers. From a teachers perspective it would not be my preferance to have lunch sent in to school because I usually only have 15-20 minutes to eat. Really not enough time to enjoy a nice lunch. Of course this may be different in the case of your kids teachers. Some homeade bread, cookies, granola or nice breakfast treats would be welcome because I could enjoy them when I had more time.
I would love a gift certificate to a nice food store, wine shop or restaurant (5-10 dollars gets a nice chunk of cheese or part of a meal.)

May 06, 2007
Claygirl1 in Home Cooking

sunday brunch in Worc. area for Mother's day

you could try 86 Winter- Now located at 65 Water st. Worcester Nice Bistro Style food
Struck has a nice Brunch menu though I've never tried it out.

What can I do with frozen cheese ravioli?

If you have a lot of energy you could make a heavenly roasted veggie stew to serve over them. Start by caramelizing a large sweet onion-(takes forever but soo worth it) Then add about a cup of white wine to onions after the are really brown and yummy. Roast an eggplant, red pepper and whole chunks of garlic tossed wth olive oil salt and pepper in a hot oven. When roasted veggies are done toss them in with the onion white wine mix and stir. Serve the whole mess over cooked Raviolis with good parm. This combo makes the house smell so good.

May 04, 2007
Claygirl1 in Home Cooking

Miniature party food (quail eggs, etc)

Grapes cut in half and brie.
(Sandwich a small piece of brie in the middle of a grape and slide onto a toothpick.)
Mini crabcakes, mini potato pancakes, olives stuffed with peppers, garlic or cheese.
Mini springrolls, or dumplings.

Apr 23, 2007
Claygirl1 in Home Cooking

In need of a vegan dessert recipe

About 5-6 years ago when I was vegan I made a Tofu Cheesecake (no cheese involved) for my husbands birthday- He loved it and he wasn't a vegan. I topped it with fresh bluberries and a sprinkle of confectioners sugar. I lost the recipe I used but found a similar one here-,1818,...
I used firm silken tofu and high cocoa content chocolate.
You can make your own graham cracker crust using oil instead of butter.
I think I made my crust from vegan chocolate cookies from the local healthfood store.
If thats too wierd you could make vegan brownies-
Good luck!

Apr 15, 2007
Claygirl1 in Home Cooking

Calistoga and Mendocino -

I went to Mendocino a few years ago and had a really nice experience at the Lazy Creek Winery on 128. The winery is a little hard to find due to a very small sign that leads you up a windy dirt road. The tasting area is a corner of the large barn where they store all the wine. It was really interesting for me to try young wine right out of the barrel and then compare it with aged versions.The people who run that winery have a passion for what they do and are willing to share their knowledge happily even with novices like me.

Apr 15, 2007
Claygirl1 in California

Party Food

How about this-
Stuffed Grape Leaves, Hummus and Baba with sliced up fresh pita, a variety of nice olives, some raw veggies and yogurt mint dip. Spanikopita is always good but a bit of work.
or maybe-
get a few different types of baguettes slice them and make a really long sandwich. Fresh mozz, basil, tomato and balsamic then put the top on and slice it into 1" long mini sandwiches. Stick a toothpick through the middle of each mini with a pitted kalamata on top. I have also done a similar thing with smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese and cucumber. I think I stuck a strawberry on the top of that one. You can do the same thing with wraps and toothpicks as long as one of the ingredients is sticky. These snadwiches are pretty and toothpicks are fun especially if you can find the party ones with colored cellophane twisties on top.

Apr 15, 2007
Claygirl1 in Home Cooking

Favorite Beer in America?

Smuttynose IPA- New Hampshire
Anchor Steam Liberty Ale

Apr 13, 2007
Claygirl1 in Beer

What's your "cooking budget?"

My budget for two and a dog is about $80-$100 a week depending on whether I need stuff like olive oil, peanut butter, siracha and other condiment type things that I don't need every week. The dog gets sardines for his coat every week.
We have a mainly vegetarian diet and eat fish maybe 1-2 times per week.
As far as building a stockpile we have a great greek grocery store that sells spices in bulk and has a 50% off sale every Sept. I always take advantage of that. I also try to get at least one or two special things each week. I.e. jar of calamata olives, capers, can of artichokes, curry paste, tahini etc...
I don't use them all every week but over time have been able to build up a nice pantry. I usually avoid any packaged items like flavored rice, or premade sauces as they are pricey and usually need to be doctored up anyways.
For us the large ticket items are coffee and cheese. Trader Joes is great for these.
I don't usually get bored with the meals but occasionally get stuck in a rut. When that happens I try to buy an ingredient that I haven't had around in a while.
This month it was cauliflower and fennel. Sometimes a bunch of cilantro one week, basil the next when the farmers markets get going. Also in the summer I will grow a bed of basil and process it with a bit of olive oil and freeze it in little containers. It holds up nicely and can brighten any winter pasta doldrum.

Apr 13, 2007
Claygirl1 in Not About Food