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Help! Why is it smoking so much!

Thankyou sooo much!! I am going to think about what to do...I may just buy a smaller grill, if cleaning/baking it does not help! The sad part is the burgers were soooo good!

Thanks again!

Apr 13, 2007
hweber0 in Cookware

Help! Why is it smoking so much!

Hi! Just found this site, because I cannot find this info anywhere! I just bought a cast iron grill for the stove top (u kno the kind, it covers both burners) anyways one side is flat, the other is grooved. Well I made bacon and eggs the first time on the flat side, then hamburgers and corn the second time on the grooved side. Well what a MESS! The eggs were fine, and the bacon (It was irish bacon) smoked so much, more smoke in my small apt. I have ever seen. Also, with the hamburgers, the corn was fine. Both the meats were delicious, but I cannot use the grill again, because the smoke was unbearable...anyway

It was a pretty simple set...came with one care instruction...

Grease it with veg. oil, and bake in over for an hour or something like that.

I thought it was weird yet did it anyway. Well I loooove this grill , but what should I do!?! Is it the quality of the grill or do I need to do something...The smoke is sooooooo bad!

Help !!!!

Thanks :)

Apr 11, 2007
hweber0 in Cookware