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Kirkland Tap etc

The same parking lot is legit for customers of The Kebab Factory, too.

Biryani Park Malden....OMG!

I recently had a try of various things -- string hoppers with chicken, goat biryani, mushroom 65, pumpkin curry, some chickpea curry with coconut milk, I think -- all extremely tasty. I don't have a sensitivity of any kind to MSG, but thought there was plenty of deep spice flavour. Some of the tastiest food I've had in Boston.

Globe reports Whole Foods looking to buy chunk of Johnnie's Foodmaster stores

I can only agree -- and even affluent people don't necessarily want house prices to rise (they may not be on the housing ladder) or to shop at a wantonly expensive supermarket like Whole Foods.

Kebab Factory Somerville - Just Plain Gloppy

Haha. Well, that makes more sense to me because they do have that weird breaded chicken sometimes (for kids?) but overall, I think KF's lunch buffet is better than K&T's based on zillions of visits to the former and two to the latter.

Kebab Factory Somerville - Just Plain Gloppy

Deleted my comments on buffet at Kebab and Tandoor since they make no sense now the title of this post has been corrected.

Amsterdam Falafel: The Good, The Bad, The Sad

My experience doesn't match the generally positive initial reviews. The falafel were tough and crusty, with the crust laden with grease. They were busy at the time, but I assume they plan to be, so I wasn't that impressed. The bread was anonymous. The salad bar is OK; good hot sauce. I had a Boston Kebab Company falafel sandwich yesterday -- difference between them was night and day.

Shwarma- Best Of, and Jerusalem, Garlic 'n Lemons, Falafel King, etc., plus Lamb Kabobs

Also thanks to this thread I've been getting the Boston Kebab Company's felafel sandwiches pretty regularly over the last six months. The combination of the fresh felafel (freshly done for every order so far as I can tell) and fresh bread is great and though I don't feel the sandwich tastes of much else, it doesn't really need to.

For comparison, I've had a couple more Azama roll-ups in recent weeks and specifically went for the felafel. While I think the Azama felafel roll-up has more complex flavour and is usually spicier than BKC's, the underlying felafel just isn't as tasty or fresh. They seem a bit on the hard, dry side.

Anyway, thanks to those who bigged up BKC as I would never have even noticed it otherwise.

Help, Need to find a Julia Child throwback!

Should Le Lyonnais in Acton get a mention in this context? It's over 40 years old and run by the same Frenchman who opened it. I'm not sure it's very popular on this board, but that isn't to say it's not suitable for your particular needs. I have no opinion on the food, having had just an adequate crepe there, once.

5/16/12 Chez Henri: A Talented Chef is Still Talented

Correct -- used Groupons more than once in the bar. Especially since drinks are excluded by MA, I don't think it's necessarily true that they would make more money on people in the dining room than the bar. It just depends what and how much people are drinking.

First Impressions: Lone Star Taco Bar

I went finally and enjoyed it. Dallas beef, barbacoa, veggie one with tofu. Decently thick single tortillas. Fish taco was OK though I have had better around town and SG above was right to say that the sauce is too sweet. I liked the poblano and sweet potato relish a lot. Green sauce not particularly tasty. Also tried their beef chili which I enjoyed though I expect wouldn't be winning any prizes with heads. As you say, a different entity to an ordinary taqueria but the world can accommodate both.

Best Indian Takeout or Delivery near Harvard / Porter

I normally go on weekdays, and only rarely at weekends, so: probably.

Best Indian Takeout or Delivery near Harvard / Porter

OTOH, I've had the chicken kofta many times in their lunch buffet and it has been completely fine.

Best Indian Takeout or Delivery near Harvard / Porter

I agree -- that they even serve that pizza is bonkers. It's just terrible. I think my favourite meal there was a saag aloo with a keema naan. Fresh and good value.

Best Indian Takeout or Delivery near Harvard / Porter

I more or less agree about Guru, but it is still one of the better places in the immedate area mentioned and can be a bit different in terms of what is served. It isn't much of an option for me in the evenings because I don't typically eat that early.

Best Indian Takeout or Delivery near Harvard / Porter

Note that Guru closes at 7:30 p.m. I don't think it delivers except in a catering context, though.

Best Indian Takeout or Delivery near Harvard / Porter

Masala in Teele Square and Kebab Factory (Kirkland St. / Washington St./Beacon) are both decent. Both are on Foodler if you use that.

Diva Indian Bistro

Takeout from there has been very good. I agree. Their menu has a bit of diversity too. I just picked them out from Foodler on the strength of the menu, only to notice later that they are right in Teele Square. Do you rate it above Guru, though? I haven't eaten at either place enough to form a strong opinion.

Speeds to become Super Dog

I'm sure you're right, though I hadn't noticed it. The enthusiasm for the hot dog seems high enough still, perhaps to drown it out a bit. I agree with you about the possibility of the restriction.

Speeds to become Super Dog

One reason to avoid a name change is to make it less easy for people to hang a quality judgement off it, e.g. "it was better when it was Speed's". I know that the guy running it now is not the original guy, but the fact that no-one seems to say it used to be better before may just be because the name didn't change.

Done with Chez Henri

Not to discount your experience, but I've been pleased to get the opposite response on the two occasions I've been there with a Groupon. They have been very pleasant about it. I have a tendency to be almost apologetic about wielding Groupons, and of all the places I've been to with one, Chez Henri has been one of the most relaxed about it.

I've only ever eaten in the bar, which may affect things; I don't know.

They must feel that the coupons are working for them because I see that today there is yet another Groupon for Chez Henri.

Pappy Van Winkles

Yeah, this was about 18 months ago. I looked again since this thread and didn't see any.

Potato Freak, Somerville?

They host kids' parties and the chocolate fountains must be partly explained by that.

Had a couple of their rostis and agree it is an enjoyable experience. The people there were very welcoming. Ultimately, though, it is a massive hash brown with meat, cheese, and limited vegetables so it's pretty rich though light on the grease for what it is.

Pret a Manger coming to Back Bay

I would agree that with the many high-quality sandwich options in Boston, Pret is going to be nothing remotely special. Buying pre-prepared sandwiches for lunch is very common in Britain and Pret have simply finessed the product -- and made it more expensive of course.

Ultimately the quality is still secondary to the main goal, to be able to pick up something pre-prepared and get away quickly. Hence these places are ideal in train stations, airports and around busy workplaces, but are not exactly exponents of the highest sandwich art.

Need a dive bar with really good food in Downtown Boston

I'm glad to have this explained and confirmed by a native, as I've never understood how bars which merely don't have a lot of windows or have some kind of history are "dives".


I tried for "normal" by ordering the burrito (which is $6 BEFORE you select the distinguishing filling at extra cost -- wow) with chicken. Not very much of it and it was tasteless and cold -- chopped up "grilled chicken" from a salad is what it reminded me of. The no-choice-but black beans were a bit too firm, and the rice yellowed and overpowered by spice mix. The "wicked hot" sauce barely spicy.

Overall it was pretty bland but then not totally bad. From memory a bit like eating at Boloco or Qdoba, but nowhere near the flavour of Anna's.

Conversely I paid my first visit to Taqueria el Amigo in Waltham this weekend and it was so packed I opted for a burrito to take out rather than the tacos I went there for. Chorizo and potato -- very tasty.

Ma Po Tofu (Dofu) adventures

Nice posting (here and on Tumblr) and your Hackintosh recipe looks good too!

At home we use Fuchsia Dunlop's recipe and also like the results. I haven't had anything tastier in a restaurant, though I haven't been to some of the places people talk about on this thread either.

Pappy Van Winkles

I've found the 10 year old 90 proof and the 12 year old special reserve in Colonial in Acton in the past.

Best lobster roll thats not 30 bucks

The Lobsta Love food truck is worth a mention as they have lots of "small bite" style options for sub-$10 lobster+bread combinations. For example I think they do a brioche bun with a dollop of their lobster mixture for around $5 that satisfies for a few bites.

Non-gourmet Food Trucks

I still see a Chinese truck on Oxford Street, and considered posting about it but wasn't sure if it was a food truck or just for catering. Sounds like we mean the same one.

First Impressions: Lone Star Taco Bar

Looks great and the price out of this world, especially when some places would slap on extra charges for the avocado.