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Daytona Beach/Port Orange Tacos?

Are you thinking of Mariachis on Beville? I cannot think of any Mexican places on Dunlawton... (Though things change around there so often, I could have missed it.)


La Fiesta is pretty good - and they have some decent lunch specials! Don't forget 2-4-1 margaritas on Tuesdays!

Now I'm hungry for tacos...

Mar 17, 2010
anikahangel in Florida

New to Wine

Only recently have my roommate and I been trying to wided our knowledge of wine.

I'm wondering if any of you out there know of any books that we could read that might help us out. I do like reading, but of course, the more entertaining the book - the better.

Thanks for the help!

Jul 25, 2007
anikahangel in Wine

Where I've Been Eating in Delray

If you like casual seafood, Boston's on the Beach is a great place. They have a classy restaurant upstairs with a very nice menu, and more casual stuff (whole lobsters, sandwiches, etc.) on the bottom floor. There is also live music and entertainment at night. Not a bad place to spend some time, if you ask me (and you like Boston Clam Chowdah!)

large area restaurant in Delray for a reunion

I was going to suggest Boston's before I read your post. I'm glad you checked it out! I think that it would be a great idea for your reunion, since it has the upstairs for dinner and the downstairs for the after-party music and dancing... (I have a special place in my heart for that restaurant!!!) Anyway, good luck in your search!

Jul 25, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

Underrated in Miami

Personally, I have always loved The Big Pink on Miami Beach. I am not sure if it's over or underrated, but wow.. They had some great wraps.. I haven't been there in a year or two, but I miss it terribly. There is nothing here in Daytona that comes close.

Best sub shop in Miami?

Do you remember the name of the place? I used to go to UM and I vaguely remember a sub shop, but I can't think of the name for the life of me!


Mai Tai in Daytona Beach serves appetizers until 12, I think. If you are there really late, you can order a chocolate chip cookie and milk. =)

Another late night place is the Oyster Pub on Seabreeze which has a midnight+ menu and Napoli Pizza which has some good pizza along with some other stuff. I think they are open until 4 or 5am.

Apr 13, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

When Restaurants Run Out Of Things...

I have been a server off and on for a long time - I love the industry but never got a feel for the ordering system. One of the places in which I worked used a projection system that used numbers from the previous year to guage how much business they were supposed to do. This usually worked out pretty well, but there were occasions in which I would get a phonecall before my shift and have to jet to the grocery store to pick up starfruit or mango. When a staple was needed, or a large order, they would send an employee (usually me) to the closest affiliated restaurant.

Personally, I don't get all that upset when an item that I want to order is missing, though it will take me extra time to decide on a second item. The exception to this is when the server acts flippant about the situation. If a server is genuinely apologetic (as I always was, because I hate the inconvenience of it all), I can understand and do not take it out on them - especially when it comes to the tip. I know that it's not their fault, and try to help them to understand that.

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Not About Food

It's Ice Cream time!

Wow.. i had never realized that Pinecroft was open year round! I love that place.

My question though, is this - Is Newport Creamery still around? I have been in Florida for about 12 years now, and I know that the NC in Worcester closed a few years back to make way for a Boston Market. I love Boston Market, but miss Newport Creamery more...

Chain restaurants that are good

I'm not sure if it is yet considered to be a chain, per se, but Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is a great seafood restaurant! Prices are pretty good for the portion size, but until you eat there, you don't know it. I have only eaten at a couple of them, but the quality hasn't changed, nor has the taste of anything I've had.

I've also been a fan of Friday's for years, Chili's and the Cheesecake Factory.

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Chains

1st time in Key West

I'm not sure what you are posting this for, but Key West has some great food and places to visit!

If you have questions - feel free to ask!

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

Daytona report and wish list (long)

I have been in the P.O since November, coming from Ormond, and Daytona Proper before that. I cannot stand the lack of good places to eat, but I'll throw my hat into the ring and give a few recommendations.

First off, I have only been to Booths Bowry once to eat and a couple of times to drink, and I had a good time. The food was not great, though. However, after reading this thread, I think I'm going to have to try their wings. Houligan's wings ARE really great, though.

As far as casual beachside dining goes, I'm a fan of the Ocean Deck - but it's *very* casual.

SUSHI: I have seen a lot of posts that mentioned Takeyas (sorry for the spelling). I went to the new location a few days ago and it was great - but very 'South Beach.' They had a wine steward and everything! And it's on Williamson. You can actually see it from I95 when you drive up toward Ormond. The house wines aren't all that good, but the bananas tempura were WONDERFUL! I actually like Sapporo's on Seabreeze (and yes, they have a sushi bar where the boats float by), but the main dining room gets hot when two or more tables are in use. The sushi bar side is a better bet.

ITALIAN/PIZZA - I do like Spruce Creek Pizza on Dunlawton, just before I95 (east side) on the left. (next to the Curves). I believe it's run by a greek family, but the food has been wonderful in my opinion. I love calzones and they make a good one! I do intend on trying Alfredo's sometime soon. I have also heard great things about The Garlic in New Smyrna.

CHINEESE: Lehanns was mentioned - on Beville. I haven't eaten there in quite some time (since we are out of that area now, and I'm not too much of a fan of Chineese food), but when I did eat there, it was pretty darned good! The crab rangoons were excellent- light, crisp and not too much cream cheese.

CASUAL SEAFOOD: Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory at the Ocean Walk complex. They are a little pricey, but portions are quite large and their drinks are great (margarita's especially). Personal fave - Bourbon Street Mahi Mahi with the mashed potatoes. YUM! Their fried shrimp is pretty great, too. And they have a lot of choices for kids. It's not far from the beach, either. Though I'm not sure you'd consider it 'beachside.' As far as a raw bar goes, the only place I really know of is the Oyster Pub on Seabreeze. Oysters don't usually agree with me, so I couldn't tell you how they are.

GENERAL: I do want to try North Turn. As far as Billy's Tap Room goes, I love the fish in a bag. The servers have been terriffic, the drinks are pretty well poured, and the atmosphere is comfortable. It's fancy but not stuffy.

STEAK: The best steak I have had so far (coming from one newly initiated into the realm of red meats other than hamburger) has been at a place called the Butcher Shop in Orlando. I *Highly* recommend going there if you are in the area. It's on International in the Mercado complex. Their meats are gorgeous. However, locally, I have been really impressed with the filet mignon at Julian's on A1A in Ormond Beach. Unfortunately, I have been hearing rumors that it's going under - which is a shame. Their menu is phenomenal and their desserts are decadent. It reminds me of being in an old 'Elvis in Hawaii' type movie with the decor and whatnot. Hawaiian without being too flowery and 'Lilo and Stitch.' They also have Early Bird specials between 4 and 6pm. The Port Orange Steakhouse also has a pretty good menu and great seared tuna.

Finally, I'm not sure if anyone has been to Top of Daytona yet, but it's not a bad place to be! They also have early bird specials which aren't too pricey. I'm not sure what times they are available, but the view is great!

MEXICAN: I have yet to try La Fiesta, but I've heard pretty nice things about that, along with Maria Bonita in Daytona. My 'mexican' experience here in the Daytona Area has been limited to Taco Bell, Chili's and Tijuana Flats.

BBQ: I have only been to Dustin's so I can't really be objective on this one. Although I do like their pulled pork.

Well, I think that's about it for my information. I hope it helps!

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

Fine Dining in Key West

If I'm not mistaken, there is also a nice place at Sunset Pier - which would be super romantic in my opnion. I'm not sure just how expensive it is, but the view would be spectacular.

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

Anything newish in St. Aug ?

I don't think that any of these places are really 'new' but they are faves of mine -

OC Whites is great. It's across from the Restaurant on the Pier - not far from the A1A Brewery (which has recently been revamped a bit). Also, I usually recommend Columbia in the heart of the Old City.

Oh, and a place called Sangria's. It's got a Latin flavor with tapas, excellent sangria and live music at night. If I'm not mistaken, that is a relatively new place. I cannot remember where exactly it is (as I always get lost in the Old City), but the local maps have it on there. I do remember its on the second floor of the building, though! =)

Have fun and enjoy!

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

South Beach Miami - on a budget

The Big Pink is *definitely* a great place to go!

Oddly enough, the Wet Willie's right on Ocean Ave. has some pretty decent burgers, and if you hit the Cleavelander at happy hour, you can get some good food and great drink prices! Not to mention the people watching! Fat Tuesday's serves sandwhiches, but I have never eaten there.

The good thing about SoBe (which is a bit irritating for the locals) is the fact that most restaurants have someone standing outside with flyers and whatnot - advertising special deals. They are usually promoting Happy Hours, but there are some 2-4-1s out there or buy one meal and get one meal half price.

Have a great time while you are down there! Enjoy yourself and don't underestimate the need for sunscreen! =)

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

Hot Dogs in central fl

If you are ever in the South Daytona Area, I recommend Long Doggers on Nova Road. It's a nifty little place with a great Ruben Dog - and the prices are pretty good. I pay less for a foot long covered in cheese and chili there than a regular plain dog in a baseball stadium! =)

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Florida

Anybody else like Tijuana Flats?

In response to Covert Ops - yes, I believe that most use plastic and styrofoam (sp?) for their plates cups and utensils however, that may be a personal decision that the franchise owner makes. They are also all counter service facilities.

Personally, I like the Flats better than Moe's for the freshness of the food. I also don't care much for the 'welcome' that *everyone* gets when entering the store. Once or twice, okay - 15 or 20 before I even sit to eat is rather excessive. Also, I think it is worth the extra few bucks for freshly made food.

I'm not a huge salsa fan, but I do like the salsas found at Moe's. Hot sauce is more my style. I do agree with someone who posted earlier, though - I wish they would put out more mid range sauces. Some of the hots are just *too* hot (which I never thought I would say!).

Please take this post with a grain of salt, as my roommate has been a TF manager for about a year now. That could be a reason why I have never had a bad experience when I eat there - with or without him.

Apr 11, 2007
anikahangel in Chains