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Bar Recommendations

Thanks guys. Heading down next week - will definitely check things out and report. Other threads seem to have good things to say about The Map Room... what do you think?

Mar 02, 2010
robopope in Chicago Area

Bar Recommendations

I'll be making a trip out to chicago in a few weeks and am in desperate need of some local bar recommendations. Past few trips we've just wandered around north of the loop or wicker park, and we've always found places to drink, but I always get the feeling those 'great bars' are just around the corner.

My idea of a great place? It's the type of place where you can sit at the bar and get a decently made cocktail, a solid pour of whiskey, or at least couple local tap beers. The type of place with a bit of..character.

It'd be ideal if a couple bars were within walking distance of each other. I'd love to be able to make a night of it. But that might be wishful thinking.

I'll be staying in River North - so any neighborhood within a $10-15 taxi is on the table.


Feb 28, 2010
robopope in Chicago Area

Where to buy bitters downtown

I am trying to beef up my bar and am looking for some cocktail bitters outside of the standard Angostura bitters. Any suggestions on where I can find them? Looking for within Toronto (not GTA).

Anyone know anything about Liberty Noodle?

I was also there this past friday and had a similar experience. About 40 minutes into waiting we were asked by our waitress whether we 'had been told about the hour plus wait'? The answer was definitely we would have never been cool with a hour long wait for soup.

In the end our curiosity kept us there and we waited for the ramen (an hour and twenty minutes all in all). I had the Spicy Beef Ramen, which was a braised beef in a curry based sauce with a huge helping of fried noodles on top. Ignoring all claims to authenticity, i liked the flavor of the broth. The ramen noodles themselves were not nearly as chewy as i would have hoped. They were actually closer to mushy.

Service, though, was just abysmal. Our waters ran empty about 40 minutes into waiting and never got refilled. I hope this is just a matter of getting the kinks out.

With most of the menu being priced around or over $10--higher than most places in the neighborhood--it'll be awhile before I try round two.

What would you do...

...with a full, fresh, basil plant; a dozen ripe (and i mean beautiful) plum tomatoes; a head of garlic; two onions and four chicken breasts?

The stuff all is so fresh I am inspired to do something great with it.


Jul 26, 2009
robopope in Home Cooking

Caplansky's Smoked Meat - The REAL deal - AMAZING!!!

Tried this place today. Sandwich was good: noticeable smoke, decent marbling and very tasty spice.

Only complaint I could have is that the texture of the brisket itself is just a bit too tough for my taste. I always remember the montreal places being like butter! I literally had to fight with this sandwich on a few occasions...

Still, it will be nice to have a smoked meat deli in the area. Until I can get a sandwich at 2:00 AM I won't bother comparing it to Schwartz's.

krak on roncesvalles

I've tried it once... the schnitzel was delicious, perogies worth trying and one of the best cabbage rolls i've had. Don't expect upscale dining, but I find the food and pricing more than made up for it.