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Rhubarb ice cream?

Any suggestions on where I can find rhubarb ice cream in the DC area?

Breakfast near Wynnefield Heights (Philadelphia)

I'm meeting my sister for breakfast tomorrow- she is in Philadelphia for the Penn Relays and is staying at the Crowne Plaza on Presidential Blvd. The map says the neighborhood is Wynnefield Heights.

I'm from DC and totally unfamiliar with the area-- is there a good spot for breakfast (like 10am) tomorrow in that area? I have a car, but probably don't want to drive too far. Thanks!!

Apr 23, 2009
kcrawford55 in Pennsylvania

Cheap and Good - Newport, Rhode Island in January!

Pour judgement and Salvation Cafe on Broadway are really popular with the locals. There is also a burrito place there that has fantastic fish tacos.

Gertrude's by 1st beach is great Portuguese food.

Angkor (Cambodian) in Providence

I'm going to be visiting Providence this weekend and have heard great things about Angkor (I think that is the spelling!) on Wickenden street. Any reviews/recommendations? What should we order? thanks

Recommendations on where to buy Ginger Beer in DC Area

I'm putting together a "Dark and Stormy" gift basket and I'm having difficulty finding ginger beer in this area. Does anyone have recommendations on where I can find ginger beer? I'm looking for a 12-pack.

Where to buy ginger beer?

I'm putting together a "dark and stormy" basket for a gift and I'm having trouble finding ginger beer! I just moved to the area, so I'm not sure where to look. Recommendations?

Help! Steam'n Blues closed- need to move birthday

We are going out for my fiance's birthday tonight- 15 people at Steam'n Blues. I just found out that they are closed (doesn't say anything on their website or on the phone message either!). Can you recommend another place for this evening to take 15 people who were salivating for crabs? Does anyone know what the deal is wtih the Bethesda Crab House and having to preorder crabs? We do have two non-crab eaters in our group. What about Pelican Pete's?

Strathmore movie festival- bring food/drink?

I'm going to the outdoor movie at Strathmore tonight. Is is allowed to bring food and drink? What's the alcohol policy? there is nothing on the Strathmore website... Help! thanks in advance

Sofia mini sparkling wine cans-Where to find?

Thank you!!!

Sofia mini sparkling wine cans-Where to find?

I'm searching for Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs (individual-sized bright pink cans of champagne). They are not distributed in Montgomery County (no surprise there). Can anyone tell me if they've seen them in VA or DC? They look like this:

I know I can order them from CA but the shipping is pretty expensive. Before I cough up the money, can anyone help?

Becky's BBQ in Middletown RI- catering?

It's on East Main Road- on the left side if you are heading north (directly across from the shopping center with Shaws and Christmas Tree Shops). It is in a brown residential house- look carefully!

Thanks for the feedback Bewley--what a cool idea to have it for the wedding!!! I bet it was really fun. Did you have them set it up and serve it? We're thinking of just having the setup and then we'll take care of cleaning it up (since its just the rehearsal/welcome to RI party- not the wedding).

Becky's BBQ in Middletown RI- catering?

Has anyone ever had Becky's BBQ catering? We've had lunch and dinner at their location in MIddletown and we are thinking of having them cater a party for 75 people (rehearsal dinner/party for our wedding). Any feedback on their catering (service, presentation, quality, etc) is appreciated. thanks!

Why hasn't Superfresh opened in Rockville Town Square?

New reports of construction starting October 2008.

Desserts and Drinks in Rockville

Grey Stone Grill in Rockville town square. WHile I might not recommend the food, they do have a fabulous chocolate souffle (takes a bit of time, but worth the wait), and a couple of fireplaces. Good martini list.


Don't know if this is too far away, but Beckys BBQ in Middletown RI is fantastic! They cater- give them a call.

Why hasn't Superfresh opened in Rockville Town Square?

I live in the Americana condos, behind the move theater, and there was a short update in our community newsletter stating that it was going to open in 2009 now instead. The very brief article noted that Rockville Town Square had not received any information on the facade of the Superfresh (potentially to be called "Fresh"- containing more prepared foods and organic produce?) location yet either, so construction could not yet begin.

Why hasn't Superfresh opened in Rockville Town Square?

Has anyone heard what the delay is in opening the Superfresh in Rockville Town Square? I heard their opening is now projected for 2009! What is the holdup??

Birthday in Newport

rhino bar. but you could check out both-- they're very close.

check out Sapo on Broadway for great fish tacos-- and its byob. pour judgement is right next door too. might be a great 'recovery' night after your birthday evening

Katerina's in South Kingstown-Review?

Thanks so much for the recommendations Fruitlady!

Katerina's in South Kingstown-Review?

Has anyone been to Katerina's in South Kingstown? I believe it is inside of the Holiday Inn on Route 1 near Tower Hill. Recommendations, reviews, comments? Someone recommended it to me as a potential rehearsal dinner spot (especially if we have guests staying at Holiday Inn). I've heard they remodeled that Holiday Inn (it used to be gross!) so I'm going to check it out.

Bobby's Crabcakes -- Rockville

We went last Friday and it was fantastic! The crabcakes are entirely crab- no filler, and I agree with MartyL- the fries are delicious. We also tried the mac n' cheese side, which our group determined was made wtih a hint of gorgonzola. I loved it, but it received mixed reviews from the group. I'd like to see a few more wines on the menu, but other than that, easily the best new addition to Rockville dining scene in a long time.

clambakes in ri

i'm thinking of holding a clambake (possibly at the narragansett north beach clubhouse) for my rehearsal dinner next september. can anyone recommend a clambake company to cater it?

Clambake at Atlantic Beach Club

Has anyone ever been to a clambake at the Atlantic Beach Club in Middletown, RI? I've heard they do a clambake for larger parties and I'd love any feedback. Also, any recommendations for clambake companies is also appreciated (especially if it includes a venue).

Rockville Town Square

Hi- I'm going out to dinner/drinks tonight with a group of 7-- including 2 vegetarians and a severe fish allergy. We would like to go in the Rockville area (maybe the new Town Square). We've already been to Gordon Biersch and Austin Grill-- any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks!

West bay gourmet catering?

Has anyone ever had West Bay Gourmet catering in Southern RI before? I may pursue their catering but I haven't found any reviews or other people who have worked with them. Recommendations of other caterers are also appreciated (its for a wedding at the Narragansett Towers). Thanks!

Coffeeshops in Rockville

Carmen's in Rockville (woodley gardens-- just off 6A) has great coffee and espresso. Excellent Kona coffee on Fridays too. its the italian ice place-- but don't be mislead.

Amalfi food in Narragansett RI

Thanks for everyone's comments! We fell in love with the Towers and are now identifying potential caterers (Blue rocks, plantation, morins, and blackstone are on the list). Thanks!

Amalfi food in Narragansett RI

My fiance and I are planning our RI wedding (we live in DC) and have heard of Amalfi in Narragansett as an option for the reception. For anyone who had attended a wedding there-- how was the food? Or, for regular dining- what did you think? Any guidance is appreciated!

Also, any recommendations for other sites is appreciated as well.