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Angel Food Cake - Confectioners or Superfine?

Trying to find a great recipe for angel food cake, and I notice that some call for only superfine sugar while others call for a mix of confectioners and granulated. Any opinions on which is best?

Feb 26, 2008
corey in Home Cooking

Flying with wine

I'm visiting my boyfriend for the holiday, and have a bottle of homemade wine that I'd like to bring with me. Since it's homemade, it's not in a corked or sealed bottle and I'm wondering if it's safe to pack.

I know you can fly with wine if it's in your checked luggage, but I'm worried about what type of bottle or packaging I should put it in so to avoid it exploding all over my clothes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Dec 24, 2007
corey in Wine

Drinks before Babbo

Have reservations at Babbo this weekend, and wanted to find a place in the neighborhood to have drinks beforehand with boyfriend and visiting parents. Any suggestions? Nothing too trendy, loud, or at all fratty.

Oct 09, 2007
corey in Manhattan