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Best Korean food in Boston?

any suggestions would be great.

Brunch with unlimited drinks

the essex, on essex and stanton (maybe rivington?). good food and unlimited mimosas/marys but there's usually a long wait- plan accordingly.

Nov 13, 2007
eggplantempress in Manhattan


Cafe Fresh, Near Columbia.

The food is ok.
The service is pitiful.

lemon, strawberry, chocolate banana, blueberry- each is the best I've ever had in it's category. yes, i said strawberry. strawberry muffin???? yes.

i'm a rather articulate person who's challenged NOT to make the rest of this post a string of overused superlatives, but i'll try: the muffin I had this morning was this luscious purse of moist dough that tasted impeccibly of funnel cake. excavated with tunnels formed by the strawberry nectar and fresh strawberry halves, this muffin had pockets of must-be organic strawberries THROUGHOUT. unbelievable.

the lemon muffin is displayed upside down. forget muffin-top pageantry, here they've turned the unchallenged convention of right-side-up muffin display on it's head. here, the historically dispensible stem part of the muffin instead presents a nugget of gastronomic gold: a lemon wheel, zest and all, that has caramelized in the bottom of the baking pan during the precious 22 minutes of baking, infusing the entire bun with an authentic lemon taste the deapths of which i wouldn't have imagine could be reached in baking.

just go. again, expect nothing more than a great muffin (and great counter seat with a sidewalk view of tired social work students getting through yet another day).

Sep 12, 2007
eggplantempress in Manhattan

BEST CUPCAKES I'VE HAD... and I've tried them ALL

TONNIE'S MINIES, west village.
Tonnie's is almost impossible to notice unless you walk West 3rd just east of 6th Ave as regularly as I do. This unpretentious place shares its space with a small Cheestake place (don't know the name, but its logo is the profile of a cow with a circular brand on its ass) thus affording Tonnie's little more than a two foot counter. In this counter, cupcakes large and small of probably a dozen different cakes, frosted without uniformity or ornament, just your typical piping bag with star nozzle. The red velvet is incredible- cream cheese frosting like none other I've had. THEY ARE ALL GREAT. Carrot cake and double chocolate especially. If you like your frosting generous, Tonnie (pronounced Tony) himself or any of his staffers who yes, dare to smile, will happily pipe more on top.

So you're thinking I must be Tonnie. I'm not. Tonnie's biggest fan? Yes, perhaps. I've had nothing but incredible cupcakes there- never dry, never unsatisfying. The key: they're simple, he makes no attempt to innovate, they're just damn good old fashioned cupcakes. And cheap.

I hope this does something to quell the seemingly endless posts about cupcakes. Take my word and go.

Apr 10, 2007
eggplantempress in Manhattan