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fish & chips in the mid Maine area

Good tips all. We have decided to make this a 'family project' for the rest of the summer. Downeast is not too far for us. Let it be known that last nights destination, Dana's Dockside in Hampden, is most definately not the best place to go for fish and chips. However, they do benefit from a nice view, good kid burgers, and space for said (overtired and in no shape to sit inside) kids to run around. We were also able to subtly drink our Viognier at their picnic table which certainly counts as a plus as well.

As we were driving there we noticed that an Anglers has opened up right there on Rte 202 in Hampden. I am assuming it is the same as the ones previously mentioned. Likely to be our next stop!


Jul 13, 2009
trob in All New England Archive

fish & chips in the mid Maine area

Our little family is having a craving! We usually make our own but would like to go out.
Anyone have thoughts on good fish and chips either just north (Bangor area) or just east (Belfast area) of us. Have heard good things about Just Barb's (is it open Sunday?) McLaughlins and the place at the boat landing in Hampden. Thanks!

Jul 12, 2009
trob in All New England Archive

Portland, ME best bartender?

I am wondering about the Portland cocktail scene. Anyone have thoughts about Portland's best bartender(s) and the drinks they do well? Where would you stop on a cocktail tour of the area (and what might your drink there)? Thanks!

Jul 09, 2009
trob in Northern New England

tamales/food gifts from Flagstaff

I am in Flagstaff from Maine and was thinking about taking local/regional food gifts back to friends for the holidays. Any creative suggestions and/or places to shop? My first idea was to find great tamales to freeze and take home. Any suggestions for a tamale source? I do have a good lobster source if there are any interesting barters to be had...:)

Dec 05, 2008
trob in Southwest

Seattle food gifts

Hi everyone-

We arrive next week (from New England) for our annual visit to the family and the Seattle food scene. Can't wait! For the past couple years we have brought back interesting food/cooking gifts from the area for our foodie friends.

I am seeking your inside advice on new and creative Seattle/Northwest food gifts. We don't mind intersting new versions of old gifts either. So far we have done wine, dungeness crab cakes, signed local cookbooks, and chocolate from the place in the old Red Hook in Fremont. Strangely enough, we haven't done coffee, so that may be in line this year. But I also thought it would be fun to tap you all for great ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Jun 20, 2008
trob in Pacific Northwest

Dim Sum in Bangor?

I hear tell that Chopsticks in Bangor does Dim Sum 12-4 on Sunday. I love Dim Sum but never thought of having it (succesfully, anyway) in Bangor Has anyone tried it and if so, whaddya know?


Apr 30, 2008
trob in All New England Archive

seattle with kids- wild ginger and pub rec's

Gosh, what place did I pass final judgement on? I'm not sure I said anything all that bad about any of them. I was just being honest about our food and service at Wild Ginger--and I think I said I got more out of the visit than just a good beer--but I am certainly not claiming to be an expert on the place. But I go to Seattle once a year, so unless someplace is super spectacular, I am unlikley to go back as there is so much to try. (except mom's of course :) We are already looking forward to the next rip!

Aug 10, 2007
trob in Pacific Northwest

seattle with kids- wild ginger and pub rec's

This report is very after the fact but I thought I'd check back in as we took many of your fine suggestions and enjoyed our trip and the chowing very much. Thanks again for all the fine help.

First, Wild Ginger. My 5 year old and I had "adult day" on a very rainy Tuesday. We went to the museum associated with the Symphony and the Seattle Art Museum and loved them both. We hit WG just before the lunch rush and were seated at the satay bar which my son loved. He also loved his Blenheim's ginger ale and I my Boundary Bay IPA (which as I side note I did try at Old Town Tavern as suggested but unfortunately it came in the wrong glass and the glass was hot. Also had it at the actual brewery in Bellingham which is where it tasted best IMO). The service was on the slow side but it was okay because we were having a wonderful time together and my son was feeling very cool discussing art and music and food with me. Truthfully, it was I who felt cool to be seeing it all through his wonderful five year old eyes.

Anyway, back to the food. We shared chicken satay with a peanut sauce. I got 2 bites before he scarfed it down, all the while talking about how great the cucumber pickle salad was. As we were finishing we found hair in the chicken which grossed us both out. The waitress offered us a new plate which was after the fact. I asked for it to be taken off the bill which didn't happen. For his meal, my son had the kids noodles. He picked the veggies out and then decided it was too bland. He dug into my bowl of soup with dungeness crab dumplings. The soup itself wasnt spectacular but the dumplings were great.

In short, WG wasn't great but wasn't bad either. I'm glad I went but likely wouldn't go back. It totally fit the bill for our day together and now my interest has been satisfied. And it was perfectly kid friendly. A few nights later we hit 7 Stars Pepper which was as good as it remember it being. The cumin lamb and scallion pancakes are still great.

Each kid had a special day with dad too. When the first one got an organic hot dog at Pike Place brwery the other had to have it too. We were simply impressed that it was an option. Good thinking on their part.

As for beer and snacks, we did well. The Barking Dog was a big hit. Well, except fo one visit with friends were we split a pitcher on Hale's Cream Ale. That stuff is nasty :)-- I should have stuck with the Tri City ESB. The nachos were okay and the kids fish and chips were actually really good. Slow service but it didn't matter. The Elysian worked well for us too, and was home to 1 of the 2 best beers of the trip. I can't recall the exact name--something like Dragontooth stout. The other was the double hopped IPA at Maritime Pacific (why does it seem that they put jalapenos in everything there?)

For me, the highlight was my temporary morning ritual of a morning swim at Ballard pool then a double americano and pan de chocolat at Cafe Besalu. That was hard to leave behind. I hated the mornings they were closed and I had to substitute. The coffee at Kamiker (sp?) was wonderful but the donuts, despite being Top Pot, didn't have the same impact.

Going out was great, but the food highlights were home cooked. My mom still does salmon and crab cakes better than any restaurant. Raspberries and blueberries (even thought they can't top Maine blueberries) picked by my kids and added to cream they whipped can't be beat. Fresh fava beans from the Ballard farmers market, cooked by good friends and served with salad nicoise with fresh ingredients from the same market is as good as it gets. And the venues were the most kid friendly of all :)

That's about what I can remember. It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to come back. Thanks again for all the help.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Larsens Bakery still smells delicious and is still a treat that takes me back to childhood.

Aug 09, 2007
trob in Pacific Northwest

please check my work

Thank you everyone for the great help and for taking the time to give very thoughtful replies. I am so excited about this trip. It is really helpful to get some directions, to hear what is further/closer to the hotel than I thought, and what might break us if we hit rush hour or a long wait (i.e we may wait on Baraka, although I have to say it was way high on my looks delicious list). We have been to Helmand once and while it was amazingly good, we happned to hit a VERY incompetant waitress (something very odd was going on-more than just bad service) and had the kids been with us it would have been a nightmare.

I may not be able to make the vanilla latte a daily thing but I'll have to try it. And Puerto Rican sounds wonderful. That is a cuisine of my childhood that is nowhere to be found up here in Maine. The Blue Room grill lunch sounds great too. The kids really like the Parish cafe and Frog Pond suggestion and I am more and more liking JP and Cuban. We just might hit the North End more than once, both due to great suggestions and the fact that my kids, like most I guess, are never pizza'd out:)

Again, so much to do, so little time. Anyway, thanks again and I will report back if anyone is interested.

Aug 07, 2007
trob in Greater Boston Area

please check my work

My 2 boys, 5 and 2.5, and I are coming to Boston with dad while he attends a conference. We are staying at the Kendall Hotel. The kids are adventurous eaters and do know how to be public people, eat out, etc. Nonetheless, they are 5 and 2.5 and I'll be on my own for all but 2 dinners.

Breakfast will be at the hotel. Lunch on Aquarium day I am thinking Sel de la Terre. Other lunches will likely be slices, deli/sandwich takeout (Flour?), tacos (Grampy's gulf), food truck (good falafel maybe), etc. as dictated by hunger, mood, location. (Other possbilities are the Childrens Museum, the Red trolley, Paul Revere's house, Swan boat ride, MFA for a short stint after 4 on Wed. The Harvard Natural History museum looks interesting but then so do the Harbor Islands if it is hot or, as I saw posted somewhere here, a trip out to JP for Cuban food and a row on the pond. Alas, so much to do in just 4 days).

We are from Maine and just returned from Seattle and so have no need of the typical seafood fix. We'll skip Chinatown this time only because we just did that out West.

In scanning the boards, I compiled this short list of dinner possibilites. We want one dinner in the North End- am thinking Antico Forno after MFA on Wed. Also am considering O Cantinho (looks like Atasca is on vacation), Cafe Baraka, La Verdad, or Mulan. Maybe travel to Brookline Family Rest.

Of course this is the list if the kids hold it together. Black Sheep is in our hotel if we are not fit to go out. Emmas and Armando's look like casual pizza. Is Miracle of Science a real bar i.e no kids or can we grab a burger there?

Finally, this mama is serious about her coffee. Any great suggestions for the morning cup(s)? Starbucks is my last resort...

I'm sorry this is a long post. I tried to do my homework so as not to waste anyone's time and to help my family have a fun, well-fed trip. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Aug 06, 2007
trob in Greater Boston Area

any opinions about the wine bar on 24th NW?

Anyone been in this place near Cafe Besalu?

Jul 19, 2007
trob in Pacific Northwest

seattle with kids- wild ginger and pub rec's

Thanks for all the great pub ideas. I had forgotten about the Montlake Alehouse. We have actually been there once. As I recall the 74th street folks also had a place we liked up on Queen Anne. Anyone know what I might be talking about and whether it's still there?

As for Wild Ginger, perhaps I have the name wrong as the place I am thinking of isn't a chain (I don't think). As I recall it's on 3rd Ave. or thereabouts.
The reason we'd go is that as I mentioned, we have long been interested in it. By then we will no doubt have had several cheaper and very delicious meals in the International District, just as suggested here on the board, and just as we always do. For me, it's fun to try a variety of places and for our kids to learn to be public people in a variety of venues.

On that note, there are a couple things we will do while there just because they are part of my childhood memories. There may be better, hipper, or cheaper places, but unless we hear of serious health concerns, we'll still go for the sentimental value. A couple examples are fish and chips at the Totem, a burger at Dick's, and walking over for treats at Larsen's bakery in Ballard (still there I hope). I can smell that place as I write...

Nonetheless, despite lutefisk being a childhood memory of sorts, we'll probably skip it :)

Thanks again everyone!

Jul 11, 2007
trob in Pacific Northwest

seattle with kids- wild ginger and pub rec's

Hi- I did read the other threads related to this topic but have 2 additional questions. We are visiting for two weeks starting this Thursday with a 5 and 2 year old. We have always been interested in Wild Ginger but really have no idea if it is a kid friendly place. (my kids will love the food itself). They do know how to behave ya da da da da.....

Also, we love to go to fun pubs/breweries for a beer and snacks at the end of the day and of course want to in Seattle so we can drink a few great local brews. We have done Hale's in the past and it was fine. In the past we loved 74th Street alehouse but alas, no kids. Any new ideas?


Jul 10, 2007
trob in Pacific Northwest

Help with West Palm Beach

Thank you for the great ideas. I did happen across Blue Martini as I searched and it looked interesting so I am glad to get your rec. Cabana has appeared in the archives as a good spot so we may well try that.

In terms of Asian, as I look through it looks like good choices may be Echo, Sushi Jo, or Yoko for Sushi and Red Cyclo or Saigon City for Vietnamese. Does anyone know if they are all still open?

It sounds as if Publix will cover what we need. I did see that there is an Asian market so that should cover any specialty needs we may have.

Thanks again!

May 10, 2007
trob in Florida

Help with West Palm Beach

Hi all-
We are spending a week on a boat next week in WPB. We will mostly be cooking , but will go out at least once for drinks and once or twice for dinner. I have searched the archives but some rec's may be outdated so I am looking for updated help for the following:

any good food shopping spots
a fun place for drinks
a great Cuban or other Latin influence restaurant
a great Asian place (be it Thai, Vietnamese, sushi, etc.)

thanks for any and all help!

May 09, 2007
trob in Florida

Portland before Merrill Hall

okay Chowhounds...does this describe any of you...please fill in the blank:
So your babysitter is coming at 5 (meaning you can be sitting somewhere by 5:30) and you want to walk to Merrill by 7:30 to see Norah Jones and you want a drink or two and a little dinner before and you really eat everything from Gritty's pub menu on up but you prefer better and you have been to Yosaku too many times lately, ate at Siam last time you were around, and 555 is too expensive for this date you go to:

Apr 10, 2007
trob in All New England Archive