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Traveling with Lobsters

I'm interested in buying a few lobsters to travel to the midwest next week.

Firstly, since lobsters are food and will be packaged with ice - can we travel with them now with all the restrictions?

Can anyone recommend a Boston-area location (prefer North/West of town) that will package them for traveling?

And, if we purchase the lobsters the evening before we travel - do we need to eat them that day that we arrive?

Thanks for your help!

Something like Oleana...

What about Sabur in Somerville? Great atmosphere too.

Best Italian Restaurants in MetroWest & Southern Suburbs?

Also went to Biagio this weekend... food was solid, and service was great, but I give two thumbs down for the hostess who made our group of 5 feel unwelcome and "lucky" to have have gotten a table at 6:30 (was empty at the time, but filled up 3/4's full by the time we left.)

mr crepe in davis -- meh

I had a simliar experience a few months ago. Long wait in the line and then for the actual crepe to be delivered.

Also, I ordered a goat cheese crepe, and when the waitress came to deliver it, she said "Feta?" and I said "No, I ordered goat cheese?" thinking it was the wrong order, and she put it down on the table, said "same thing!" and walked away.