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Turducken from Butcher?

Thanks kpzoo!

Turducken from Butcher?

Does anyone know if i can order/buy a Turducken for Christmas in Montreal? What is the price?

I know Costco has online buy im looking for something fresh!

Wagyu Beef

I buy mine at Viande McCormick in Verdun. The beef is not from Japan but from Canada. I can't remember the difference...but great tasting and extremely tender

I not sure he always has it as he is a restaurant supplier as well.

Bar Keeper's Friend

They carry it at deco decouvert in the pots and pan sections and at linen chest as well.

Authentic Pigs Knuckels

OHHH i just came back from Prague and Berlin. I had amazing pork knuckles in both cities....Is the skin crispy? I can't tell in the picture!

Cooking classes in Montreal- For general home ccoking

Thanks Deborah for the info. :)

Cooking classes in Montreal- For general home ccoking

Wondering if you any of you know of any good cooking classes? Wanted to add to my cooking recipes and kitchen skill set.

Did a google search and come up with a few of the being academie culinaire and apetite for books...but i'm not too sure it worth the $.

I'm pretty open to where in the surrounding of Mtl , Eng or French, but more importantly i just want a good experience :)

Thanks for all ur feedback.

Good places in Verdun?

One of my favorite restaurant in Verdun these days is Tire Bouchon...its on Wellington corner Desmarais. Great french Bistro but service can be a little slow when they are packed. Menu changes every month.

Pepsi made with sugar cane

I saw this at IGA in Verdun on Bannantyne...on friday...but its was called the Pepsi Retro...not sure it was the same but the can design was identical

Staub cookware

I just bought a 6-7 quart le creuset (Round in Cherry red) at costco 2 days ago for $199 and its not a second quality! You can also find the kirkland brand at $49.99...Large sizes only at Costco!

Some cooks say its better then Staub :) Happy shopping

is odaki closed on St-Catherines?

Thanks everyone. Someone told me it was closed and I have dinner there tomorrow :)

is odaki closed on St-Catherines?

I called today and it seems to be a wrong number...Are they closed?

Restaurants near Residence Inn Tudor Wharf

Hey Everyone,

I'll be coming to Boston for 3 days. Are there any good restaurant snear the Marriott Resindence Inn Tudor Wharf? I don't want something crazy expensive.

Are there any things that we shouldnt miss while were are in Boston. We don't travelling a little further out.

Thanks for all you help

May 29, 2009
Cerise828 in Greater Boston Area

Montreal Wedding Caterer

HI MontrealKid,

I was wondering with which caterer u choose? I just called to see if this hall availiable but the lady was not there. The person over the phone told me the chairs and table were included. I presuming the tableware is not? I have to visit the hall next week. Is it nice?

I'm trying to establish if this option is too expensive for us. I was looking for around $100/person. I haven't started to research in detail the exact prices of the caterer.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Nespresso coffee machines!

I'm also in the market for a Nespresso, At home outfitter there is a promotion going on a 2 models of Nespresso. The Cube with includes the aeroccino and the Concept C190 (no aerocinno) the different in price is $50 (for the C190). Which model should i get? Does the Aeroccinno work better than the steam wand on the concept models?

Dec 21, 2008
Cerise828 in Cookware

Silpat doesn't fit regular cookie sheet

Hi everyone,

I've just recieved a Silpat for Christmas, however I'm sort of disappointed that is doesn't fit my cookie sheet? Does the Silpat exist in a smaller version to fit my cookie sheets? The size I've recieved is 11 5/8 x 16 1/2.

What should I do? Return it for smaller size or buy a new cookie sheet? Where can I find a commercial grade cookie sheet? At home outfitters, Winners or Kitchen Specialities stores? I'm located in Montreal, Canada

Thanks for all your feedbacks

Happy New Year Chowhounders!

Jan 01, 2008
Cerise828 in Cookware

Good Eats in Sherbrooke?

Well I used to go to Le Cartier or Pub St-Malo right in next to the Parc on Jacques Cartier. I believe its the same owner but different menu on each side. Le Cartier has sandwiches, pastas, european pizza, and salades. Everything I've tasted is good but not gastronomic...not too heavy which is a good thing because when ur living at a hotel is hard to eat healthy! The other side is more various meat burgers, goat cheese poutine, mussels, nachos... Prices are reasonable. I especially love their signature cake served on both sides.

There is a good belguim restaurant called Choux Bruxelles. I think its a BYOW.. Pricey but good food.

Favorite en vrac/ bluk store

There is also Aubut beside the atwater market where restaurants goes for their essential. No membership needed. They have fruits and veggies, frozen meats, cheese ( i don't think there are really a good bargain), bread, milk, eggs, can foods...its like a Costco cross-over with a grocery store. You dont really have to buy in bulk.

What is a normal amount to spend on groceries? [moved from Quebec]

We are two and we spend $300-350 a month. However, I tend to buy in bulk and freeze my meats and fish from Costco. I buy lots of fresh veggies, and lots of good quality cuts of meat.

This includes the lunches we bring to work. Is this a normal amount?..I presume not. I'm guessing a family of 4 can eat with this budget

Aug 25, 2007
Cerise828 in Not About Food

Mooncakes in Montreal?

There are actually some at Costco on the south Shore

Itsi-bitsi or Cocoa Locale.....

I've finally gave both Itsi-Bitsi and Cocoa Locale a try...For Itsi-Bitsi..its the classic cupcakes with a one varing flavor everyday. It was alright. Tried all the classics Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla-Coconut, and chocolate caramel one. Cake was not as fluffy as excepted...and frosting was ok. Nothing really special that I can't make at home. One thing is for sure they have cute packaging!

At Cocoa Locale they had 3 flavors i'd tired Lemon-Coconut, Vanilla and Choco chai. Tried all 3... After everybody rave review I had to go see for myself. I sincerly was disappointed. Cupcakes looked very good. Frosting is way too oily and sweet (I mean really sweet as a home baker I should know) And the cake part...was too oily as well....everytime I bit into the cake it was as if the mixture was not mix properly! I could almost taste small chunks of the cake (certainly not the coconut). Cake was not as fluffy The flavors of the cupcakes were a great idea...The only cupcake I really appreciated was the Choco-Chai....even then the chai doesn't stand out! Decoration wise on the cupcakes were really elegant and simplitic. On a high note the owner was really friendly!

Maybe next time it will be better!

Tzanet versus Dante: Kitchen Tools in Mtl.

Just got my mircoplane grater for $12 at Tzanet (Classic one without the black handle). They didn't charge me any taxes :) What a great buy

Where can I find good Vanilla Extract

I'm looking for some good vanilla and maybe some almond extract. The ones at the supermarket arent too tasty.

I've been to the Jean Talon market and but nobodies seems to have it in extract form... only in sticks. Do you know where I can get good quality staples for baking?


Tzanet versus Dante: Kitchen Tools in Mtl.

How much are the mircoplane graters at Dantes?