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Holy Land Restaurant & Ici, Berkeley report w/ pics

I have to admit I'm not sure. It's the place that temporarily moved to College Ave and served Levi's bagels about 7 years ago at the site of what is now part of Cactus Taqueria. They then moved back to the Lakeshore/Grand area. Holyland started out over off Lakeshore and at one time were open both their and in Elmwood. Is the off Lakeshore restaurant closed?

Holy Land Restaurant & Ici, Berkeley report w/ pics

I've been out of the country for awhile, so I can't speak with great authority, but I don't think the Holyland's pita is homemade. I believe they get it from a pita bakery in LA, who ships it up north.

I do know that this pita can be bought, at times--but not always, from the Pyramid Market on Telegraph and the Kosher Deli on Lakeshore. The pita that I've had there is a nice change from the thin and dry pita that is so prevalent. A bit thicker and a bit moister. My wife, who has lived 9 of her years in Israel, claims this is how it is supposed to be. I can't attest directly to that, but I definitely prefer this style of pita myself. It freezes well and is, I think, often sold frozen.

So what is "alambre" with regard to Mexican cuisine?

I live in Mexico city where alambre dishes can be found on most menus. Here, there is definitely no requirement that the food come off the skewer. Typically, an alambre here has a diced mild green chile, onions, meat and sometimes bacon. Alambre can be served as a filling for tacos, a topping for huaraches (a thick flat tortilla topped with spread beans, meat, onions, cilantro and cheese), a topping for a grilled nopal cactus or on its own. A common meat included is "al pastor" which is a marinated pork cooked on a vertical rotisserie (here's a picture: Al pastor means "shepherd style". It wouldn't surprise me if there was an original requirement for skewered meat as the name seems to apply, but now, here in Mexico City, the emphasis is on stir-frying the above, relatively finely chopped, ingredients together.

Apr 10, 2007
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