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Report - Two nights in Vegas

Given the chance to repeat, I'd likely do a wine pairing instead. I believe the price for both is the same - $39. I did get four, rather large glasses for that price, but the selection wasn't the greatest. The salad was matched with Duvel. Course two was Ouvila - a dubbel that is a joint project between Sierra Nevada and a Belgian producer, I think. There was another Brown ale served with the pork, but I do not recall its name. With dessert, they served Young's Chocolate stout. All four beers were good, just rather "standard" and not as special as I would have liked.


Jul 07, 2012
tryemdad in Las Vegas

Report - Two nights in Vegas

Single diner, first-ever trip to Vegas. Really not my kind of scene, overall - not a gambler. However, I was greatly looking forward to the dining opportunities, and was not disappointed.

Was looking for high-end places without breaking the bank - which I like to reserve for the times that my wife is with me! Thanks in part to rec's from this board, here were my choices:

Night 1 - Bouchon at the Venetian

Sat at bar, quiet (it was 6:30 pm) but relatively welcoming. Once I saw that they had St. Bernardus Abt 12 on tap, I knew it was going to be a good night. This was supposed to be the more casual of the two dinners I planned, so I kept it simple (and relatively cheap) by simply ordering an entree. I went with their roast chicken (Poulet Roti). It was served with a roast corn and bacon confit, and was superb. Perfectly executed and fantastic with the beer! Simple as it was, I don't recall a better roast chicken anywhere. Looking forward to a more expanded dining experience their in the future.

Night 2 - Sage at the Aria

Again at the bar. Went with the four course tasting menu with beer pairing. Course one was a salad of burrata and shaved fennel/squash. Very nice with exceedingly high-quality ingredients. Things even improved with course two - a wonderful "surf-and-turf" riff with two beautiful scallops surrounded by braised oxtail and mushrooms. Absolutely wonderful! Next was an Iberico pork tenderloin dish that also included some braised pork shoulder, I think. Very good, but not a stand-out. Although I didn't think anything could top the scallops, dessert was a show-stopper. Olive oil ice cream over a hazelnut crunch with drizzle of really, really fine EVO and micro-basil. An unforgettable dish!

I highly recommend both places.


Jul 04, 2012
tryemdad in Las Vegas

First NOLA experience for single diner - rec's?

Hello all,

Traveling to NOLA next week for first time. I've been looking forward to this dining opportunity for a long, long time. I only have 2 nights. Could you please provide your highest-quality dining option for a single diner. I'd prefer bar seating.

Where can I get the best overall dining experience with an authentic New Orleans-spin? From other recommendations, I'm leaning towards Emeril's (of course!), Couchon, Galatoire's, and/or Gautreau's. Which should I pick? Any other suggestions?

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


Jul 04, 2012
tryemdad in New Orleans

Watch Hill, RI

Thank you. We are going to try the Ocean House for one dinner. I'll report what we find here.

I'm looking for another option for our second evening. Would you recommend a specific place in Stonington?

Ocean House Restaurant
425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

Jul 20, 2011
tryemdad in Southern New England

Watch Hill, RI

Spending a couple of nights at the Ocean House next week. First time in Watch Hill - where should we eat? Looking for the highest-end cuisine/quality....

Thanks for any rec's.......

Jul 19, 2011
tryemdad in Southern New England

SD26 or Scalini Fedeli?

What say ye?

Scalini Fedeli
165 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013

19 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010

Oct 12, 2010
tryemdad in Manhattan

One night/dinner in Charleston.....

.....SNOB or Cru. Have done many of the other top kitchens...these two have been on my list for some time.

Which one is at the top of it's game these days?


Aug 16, 2010
tryemdad in Southeast

Help - Moving to Avon,CT and I'm gonna be lost without Fairway!

Thanks all for the suggestions! I'll be sure to check them ALL out.....

Help - Moving to Avon,CT and I'm gonna be lost without Fairway!

Moving to Avon from Long Island in a couple of months. So, so excited for so, so many reasons...

BUT - I don't know what I'm going to do without Fairway.

Tell me please....where are the best places to shop? Great meats, cheeses......decent produce.....items imported from Europe....etc?

I know there's a couple of Whole Foods in West Hartford, but what else?

After an early dinner at Cafe Boulud this Fri. evening....

Thanks guys. I think we'll take your advice!!

The other place I was thinking about trying - although it would take a bit of travel - is World Bar near the UN.

Anyone been there???

Dec 06, 2007
tryemdad in Manhattan

After an early dinner at Cafe Boulud this Fri. evening....

...where should my wife and I go next? We'll be shopping a bit, both before and after dinner in the general UES/Midtown area - would like to stay in the vicinity.

We'll be looking for an upscale, romantic bar/nightclub. Needs to have a decent wine and beer selection. Live music o.k, but not a deal-breaker. Intimate romance is the key....


Dec 05, 2007
tryemdad in Manhattan

Kwong Ming in Wantagh

It still exists.

Problem is, nothing's changed since the 1960's....and I mean NOTHING. Food's still good, if you can overlook the, let's just say, "uncleanliness." To say it needs a makeover is a huge understatement.

These days we'll only do take-out, and only when we're desperate for the nostalgia you speak of.

Review: Akbar - Garden City, LI

My first review here.......

Been going to Akbar routinely now for almost two years as part of an ongoing search for good Indian on Long Island. For all of the chatter re: the Hicksville corridor, we've found most of it quite inadequate. So much so that we tend to rely on Tamarind and Dawat in the city for our fix.

Although at times inconsistent, Akbar is leading the competition. First off, it's clean. No specks of dried rice and curry stains on the table cloths, bathrooms decent, etc. Wait staff is excellent.

The food has been lacking on only an occasion or two - but it is mostly above average. We go with our two small children, who unbelievably like Indian food while it's almost impossible to get them to eat anything else. We tend to gravitate towards milder dishes because of them.

Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Malai Curry, Vegetable Korma, Vegetable Jalfrezie (sp?), all have been at least good on most nights, amazing on others. Typical lentil and chick pea dishes are also good. Their peas and fenugreek leaves in a cream sauce is one of my favorites.

Breads are a standout, the best we've had by far anywhere on LI.

Typical beer selection and a limited wine list with at least a couple of half-way decent bottles.

Overall it may not be "culinary magic" but it's close, not only in distance but in taste and atmosphere as well.

Visiting Alanta...where should I......

Thanks all.....

I'll definitely look into several of these suggestions!!

Visiting Alanta...where should I......


Will be staying at the Georgian Terrace.

Could someone please recommend a few choices, please? Our interests include upscale Italian, high-quality sushi, and casual brew-pubs, to name a few.

But we're open to anything different and exciting!