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Lasagna. What a great analogy -thank you. May I borrow it? Also, here is a good link in the same vein:

Sep 27, 2007
paulius in Spirits


yum. I love fried baloney. Grilled would be great too. I was channel surfing when I saw Emiril roast a huge baloney with a glaze of sorts. Gotta try that too!

Sep 05, 2007
paulius in Features

Carmen Amaya

Beg to differ. American rye whiskey is made in Kentucky, along with bourbon. Overholt and Rirrenhouse come to mind. They must be at least 51% rye and are not as sweet as the Canadian wiskeys that are generically refered to as "rye". Recently experienceing a resurgence in popularity, previously teetered on extinction.

Sep 05, 2007
paulius in Recipes