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Cafe Vert - Quick lunch review

sorry I had to dig up this old post because I recently discovered this restaurant and I'm in love with it.
I had attempted to dine there a few times but it was always closed. It's now open for dinner, but closed monday, tuesday and sunday nights.
For my first visit I also had the pomagranite lemonade and the french toat. This french toast was not what I expected. It was baked and piled high like lasagna, layered with plantane, bacon and chedder cheese (yes this place does serve meat) and I finished off the meal with s uper soft vegan brownie. total with tip $20
I stopped by the other night for take out (which was ready suprisingly fast) I tried the "catch" which was Bassa, wonderfully prepared with purple rice, fresh greens, sweet potato and some sort of other salad.
The server mentioned that everything is made right in the restaurant and nearly everything there is organic. I'm so pleased I finally got to experiance this restaurant. It's great for eat in (calming atmosphere, friendly unique service) and take out.
with all the new restaurants in the area I'm in heaven and Cafe vert is by far my favorite so far.

Soma on Queen East

I was wondering if anyone had ventured into Soma yet. It's on the south west corner of Queen and Broadview. Every time I walk by the place is empty. I'm hoping that it's because they're new.
any experiances?

Foxes Den on Bay St.

I realize that this thread is old but I would like to update you on this restaurant. I have worked in many restaurants in this city, and oddly enough The Foxes Den is the best place I have found. The daily specials are incredible value. A fresh croissant (baked every morning by Chef Lee) topped with the choice of the say, served with home-made soup for 6$. It's light but filling, and everything is fresh. Home made pizzas are $7 and a daily pasta offering goes for $9.
And you were right, the wings are good.
It's not a fancy place, but it scores well for a pub.
and just FYI, I don't work there anymore so I'm not plugging for more customers or tips. I believe that it's a great little spot to grab a beer and a bite after work.
If you're concerned about service, ask for Margo, I have never seen a server or manager so eager to satisfy a customer.

east end breakfast

Gails Snack Bar is adorable! Grimmy, but adorable. The mom-and-pop operation brings a certain charm. It's a great spot for a quick breakfast on a budget.

Bonjour Brioche-snotty service

I went for my first time for a late brunch this past Saturday. We were greeted with smiles. The service was friendly: not over-the-top nor cold. The place was packed so I understood that the servers didn't have time to engage in friendly conversation. For the first time I was able to enjoy 'a side of greens' their dressing was perfect. I had wine with my meal but I should have known better. Breakfast restaurants and bakeries are not known for their wines. It was an uninspired table wine. The food arrived promptly and I left pleased with the experience.

The Burger Shoppe - Review

"I think people like the IDEA of this place so much that they're willing it to be better than it is."
I agree. When it opened I was so excited that I begged my boyfriend all day to go. Oddly I found the service cold and somewhat rude. I had ordered a poutine but was charged for fries. When we pointed out the error they didn't seem to understand. We insisted to pay the extra few dollars (it’s a new business which needed support) but we were dismissed with a sneer.
My boyfriend tried one of their tiny burgers, which was far too expensive for its size. I had an average cheeseburger which doesn’t deserve a 6$ price tag.
I wanted the place to be great but was disappointed. Maybe they'll work out the kinks, reconsider their prices and finally get their milkshakes!

Saturday lunch at Queen E and Broadview

I agree about Kubo. After three disappointing visits I decided to ignore the hype and I will never return. I read this review recently and I hope it inspires the folks at Kubo to improve.
BUT, I'm amazed that Brioche Bakery hasn't been mentioned on this page for a great place to eat. I went for lunch last weekend and tried their cauliflower quiche (amazing) my boyfriend had an omelet, with a half liter of wine the bill was $33.
The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was calming and the food was perfect. I highly recommend Brioche!