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Bistro 699 - Danforth is exploding

So anyone got any reviews to post yet?

help finding Hengstenberg pickles

Thanks for the replies I'll check out Brandt, Ive wanted to for a while anyways. Denningers is also on my visit list as is Reithers now that i know about it, but its bugging my as to where i got them originally as ive never been to any of these places yet...........Did i maybe get them at Domino in the basement of the SLM? Worth a look a guess. THANKS AGAIN!!

help finding Hengstenberg pickles

I bought a jar of these last year sometime but i've since forgotten from where. Everytime I'm at a grocery store i check to see if they carry them but no one seems to ever have them either on the store shelves or the deli fridge. Anyone here knows who carries them or maybe its about when. Thanks chowhounders!!!

Where to buy Goat Shanks in the downtown core?

Toronto Chowhounds to the rescue again!! I love this board!!

Special Birthday and cake at Papillon on the Park The one Foodiesmith is talking about is the 1001 Eastern Ave location.

Microwaved Prosciutto


Feb 02, 2010
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Toronto Visitors

It is good but I don't know that The Hoof fits your request for "not to expensive". But if your a meat lover might be worth it.

Oh how this would have helped for my SD visit.

Hi all,
The day this San Diego Board went up I was on a plane coming back to Toronto from a week in your lovely city. I tried doing some eats research here before we left for SD but I found it too confusing sorting through all the other Ca. stuff as I've read some SDins have had as well, so I did it all on Yelp. Which I think was very helpful but I'm a chowhound through and through and would have loved to do it all here.

I think eats-wise my weeks 3 highlights were Cucina Urbana, La Fachada and Las Cuatro Milpas. I hope to be posting a more in depth review of all the eats I had when I have more time (will be a long post I think)

Thanks SD for a great week.

Jan 29, 2010
Tor.hound in San Diego

Nasr Foods: Excellent

You're very welcome, glad to help.
The only reason I knew was because I was there the week they were about to move. I don't think I would have thought to look elsewhere in the mall either.

Nasr Foods: Excellent

Samarra roasted nuts is still there in the same strip mall, they just moved to the west end of the plaza closer to Shawarma Empire.


Its funny that you say that about the less tanginess of Skotidakis because in an earlier post in this thread someone mentioned that is not as good as fage because it was too tangy and too smooth and that tangy was an aquired taste. But it seems your view on fage couldn't possibly be more opposite.

These are situations where I believe nothing will ever compare to the product on the pedestal, even if it is Total or Fage disguised in an astro container. I'd be willing to put a good amount of money on it.

Is there a Toronto (or surrounding area) specialty?

Wahooty, I think sweetpea was refering to the variety of corn called "Peaches and Cream". Not peaches (the fruit) and corn (the veg).

Stick blender broke........Bamix? (moved from Ontario board)

My parents have the bamix blender and I like it but anyone know where I can get it at a resonable price. I think my mom got it from the shopping channel but they don't have it anymore. Is there a different one that has imressed you.
thanks all

Aug 03, 2009
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best ice cream & milkshakes in the gta...

Good one. Lookin forward to reading some replies on this one.

Arz Bakery

I'm sorta sad that someone would take one persons opinion as gospel and deny yourself the opportunity to make up your own mind about any store/restaurant...etc.etc.
How many movies, tv shows, books or products have you liked that someone else hated.
If you listened to them you would have never had the opportunity to enjoy them for yourself and you would have been the one that was worse off.

Can I suggest that you visit them for yourself and make your own decision about them. You might end up aggreeing with the OP but at least it wll be because you decided that for yourself and not letting someone else decide for you.

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

Hey fellow hounds, many thanks for the on-going replies, The more diversity I have for lunch options the better. KEEP EM COMING, I truly appreciate it.

Restaurant Supply Stores

I know there are plenty more that I've visited, but can't remember names, it's soooo late. I'm goin to bed.
Anyone else.....................we should sticky a big list.

Tap Phong
360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Nella Cutlery
433 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Reliable Restaurant Supplies
3477 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, ON M1V, CA

Cayne's Super Housewares
112 Doncaster Ave, Markham, ON L3T, CA

Where can I buy a ThermaPen?

Which shipping method you pick will greatly affect the end price. If you picked UPS they WILL ding you with their totally crazy crazy brokerage fee. I hope you picked USPS 6 - 10 day, this is your best chance to get it with no duty and no brokerage fees.

mercatto downtown

Toronto Street location?
Only once out of all the times I've been there was it that empty.

mercatto downtown

I've only had coffee and hung out on the patio of the Bay street location but I have been to the Toronto St location for Dinner quite a few times and totally agree with you.
Big +1 to Mercatto.

Buffalo Mozzarella

Was on Dufferin today to grab some stuff from Lady York (dufferin south of Lawrence) they had the ontario Buff-Mozz as well as Grande Cheese on Orfus.

BEST Pizza in T.O

I've tried a couple of pies @ Mercatto over the past month and they are really darn good.
If you're in the mood for a pizza with big bold flavours try the "Funghi Misti", I loved it.

Speciality Sea Salts

+1 on DanieDines' suggestion. I've never been to this booth when the people there were not very nice and eager to educate me on different salts. They educate by giving you small samples to go along with their teachings. I buy all my specialty salts from there.

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

I grew up around there and Johnny's used to be a twice a week visit, but I have to admit that I feel they have gone downhill since their haydays in the 90's. I hadn't been in years since I moved Downtown but did give them a visit about 3-4 months ago but it just wasn't the same as I remember.
When I was in Highschool a good buddy and his younger brother worked there. (has no bearing on anything but just wanted to throw that in there)

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

Hey berbere,
I like St Andrews fish and chips. Everything Wahooty said is bang on. This last batch wasn't nearly as greasy as my last 2 visits which made it more enjoyable.
Fish and chips is one of those things I find very very very subjective. Even my self find myself in differing F&C style moods. I live in the St Lawrence market so busters is what I crave when close to home, but sometimes I want the thick crunchy batter of Harbord fish and chips then other times I want the thin crisp batter of Reliable, etc etc etc. Chippy's has never really done it for me BTW. Never been to Olde Yorke.
Hope my rantings don't confuse too much.
So in the end if your in the area try SA but if you have to travel far just to try it, there are comarable places in each part of the city.

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

Hey Helen0505,
Thanks for the list, I do go to Francesca at least once a week and I agree with your review. Have not tried the wontons but it is on the list for new places to try. Done tandoori pearl and again I agree with your review. Merino's pizza didn't do it for me so you're probably correct about the new owners. I've been to other asian legends and have enjoyed it so it too is on the list, I've been waiting for it to open and now that it is, here I come.

The Real McCoy is exactly what I was hoping to hear about from my fellow chowhounds, it seems like a good burger is the only thing I couldn't find in the area.

Had fish and chips today from St Andrews and once again it hit the spot.

Thanks chowhounds for all the suggestions, especially for the burger choices.

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

I'll check their burger out, thanks berbere.

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

Thanks Doc, Already done, Roti hut, Jesse, Babu, and many others. If these are the closest decent burger places close to my work I might be out of luck. Don't know if I've got the time to get there, eat it then get back to workwithout rushing the whole process. Someone needs to open a burger joint near my work. ;-)
Thanks again Doc!!

Lunch help - Working on Sheppard between Brimley and McCowan

Hey all, I know requests like these are like weeds and because of this I have done my due diligence and searched the board for ideas and I've bookmarked quite a few but I still need some help. Got lots and lots of asian food ideas but does anyone know of a good burger joint in the area, greasy spoon, or just favourites of anyone here that I can get to and back within a lunch run. I love asian food of all kinds but a change everyonce in a while would be great.
Thanks a lot chowhouds!!

Lobster tail (La Sfogliatella) pastries in the GTA?

Wanted to bump this thread. Anyone know where I could get these now. Figure I'd ask again since it's been a few years since this thread has been active.
thanks a lot