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New Flavor @ CéFiore: Açaiberry

They are having a new flavor: Chocolate on Valentine's day! I just saw the flyer today at hollywood Location. I am looking forward to getting some next week!

Hopefully this is better than PB's coffee flavor!

Recomendations for Lunch in Koreatown

Romantic Place in LA?

thank everyone! we ended up going to Hotel Bel Air! it's on everyone's must go list, so we went.

my gf loves it! thanks again!

Romantic Place in LA?

wow.. the sunset restaurant looks amazing! thanks man!

Romantic Place in LA?

I had been to a lot of places... Little door, Inn of the Seventh Ray, Yamashiro Restaurant...and many others!

Can someone give me something speical for my gf's bday in two weeks?



Choux Factory v. Beard Papa

yup! Choux Factory is slightly better than Beard Papa!

Jul 20, 2007
kevinucla2000 in Manhattan

Making Room at The Counter for some Hounds!

the burger was good, but the apple pie shake.... it was amazing!!! ^^ thanks man!

Making Room at The Counter for some Hounds!

Going for the 1st time... any suggestions?

Hollywood & Vine - Just Not the Same

it just not going to be the same around here! we should just enjoy while we can!

oh by the way, are there any yogurt shop going to LA live? Maybe i can go there after Lakers game, so i don't have to drive to little tokyo or K town!

Counter Burger

going to counter burger tonight... any suggestions?

Jul 18, 2007
kevinucla2000 in Features

Suggestions for romantic LA restaurant?

my rank is

1. Inn of seventh Ray
2. Little Door
3. Yamashino (sushi is so-so!)

Imitation Pinkberry

sorry man.. even tho pinkberry is not my 1st choice, but it's much better than cthe froyo at Cosco!

Any thoughts on The Little Door, Il Cielo, Musso ,Frank or Dan Tana's?

agree on the price part... can't go there for regular dinner!

Red Mango open in Westwood

went to red mango after lunch today.... pretty nice place. very similar to starbucks (have extra chairs and tables for ppl to chill!)

it's much more creamy than pinkberry... i like it a lot

Jul 17, 2007
kevinucla2000 in Chains

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt on Westwood Blvd.

How many red mango are there? I went to the one at westwood today after lunch, it was pretty good! very creamy compare to pinkberry!

Choux Factory v. Beard Papa

i like beard papa.. when there over the weekend with gf... very good.. where is the choux factory?

Jul 17, 2007
kevinucla2000 in Manhattan

Any thoughts on The Little Door, Il Cielo, Musso ,Frank or Dan Tana's?

little door hands down! love the food and everything there!~