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Tampa Recommendations

La Teresita is amazing. You will not be disappointed. I encourage you to also get over to El Taconazo ('the taco bus') located on Hillsborough immediately off of I-275. Pollo Tropical is a chain, but you won't likely find it elsewhere, and it is both affordable and pretty tasty.
I second the votes for Mr. Dunderbaks, McAlister's Deli, and Five Guys.

May 24, 2009
sarahew1 in Florida

Looking for a fabulous restaurant near pass-a-grille beach fl.

I can't believe no one has mentioned Patrick's yet. Fantastic, from the service to the food. My family still talks about it as some of the best food they've ever had. After eating there several times just as a couple, my then-fiance and I were determined to use them for our wedding reception after our small beach ceremony. Everything was perfect for a group of just under 50. Google Patricks Bayside Grill and check out the menu...
I second Sea Critters on Pass A Grille, as well as breakfast at Sea Horse. Mad Fish has an interesting menu, and I've had good--though not great--food from Snappers.

May 17, 2009
sarahew1 in Florida

must-eats for an American in Paris?

I live in the southeast US. If someone were visiting here, I would try to get them good fried chicken, barbecue, grits, fresh seafood, and locally brewed beers. Shopwinedinefine hit the nail on the head--Parisian foods and where I should find them. Or if I were to head to a market to buy a picnic dinner, what should I be sure to include? I'm willing to try anything.
Thanks very much.

Dec 20, 2008
sarahew1 in France

must-eats for an American in Paris?

For months I've been proudly telling my husband I can't wait to eat my way through Paris. But now that our trip is approaching, I'm confronted with a question--what should I eat? I'd be happy for any specific recs, like kinds of cheeses, entrees I can't get elsewhere and shouldn't miss, snacks or candies I should look for in the markets, etc.

Thanks lots.

Dec 15, 2008
sarahew1 in France

Best Cuban in Miami?

Versailles is my top pick.

Jul 10, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Downtown Cleveland Lunch

No car, so we need to stay in the area, but we'll walk pretty far for good grub. Please fire off suggestions for great burgers, sandwiches, or Mexican.


Reliably good food in Downtown St. Pete?

Savannah's Cafe on Central is very good, kind of a twist on Southern cooking. I like Columbia as well, which someone else already mentioned. I also like Bella Brava for dinner; I have not eaten there for lunch.

If you're in a burger mood, lots of people swear by El Cap which is a short drive down 4th St. Try Working Cow (also on 4th) for wonderful ice cream.

Jun 06, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

GOOD Mexican food in Tampa Bay???

i could barely choke my food down at carmelitas. i tried it twice and have now officially written it off.
try el toro negro in kenneth city. pretty legit.
im anxious to find this taco bus, this is news to me! thanks!

May 26, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Greenville SC Father's Day Weekend

i second soby's and lemongrass. i have never had the pleasure of going to devereaux myself, but bought my parents a gift card there and they raved about it.
its a hike, but if you're hanging out at the falls anyway, i have had good meals at brick street cafe down in the west end.

Late night/24 hours in Pinellas county

i dont know anything about good late night food, its been a problem for us as well. but ive had good pastrami sandwiches and reubens at corned beef corner, down at the corner of tyrone/park/bay pines. (same shopping center as outback)

May 22, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Sunday lunch/brunch between Greenville and Atlanta

Hi, I'm meeting my mother-in-law for lunch Sunday...she's coming from north Atlanta, I'll be driving down from Greenville. I was hoping we could meet somewhere in or near Anderson, but I have no idea what's good and/or open. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Largo/Seminole/Pinellas Park Suggestions?

for good 'real 'Mexican, check out El Toro Negro. I think technically its in Kenneth City, but it's really close to you...i believe its on 54th street?
corned beef corner is a good deli at the corner of park and baypines. great reubens and i hear their potato salad is good although im too much of a wuss to try it.

May 15, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

St Petersburg Beach pre-wedding eats

try black palm in pass-a-grille. good tapas, nice cocktails. mangia has good food, esp. if you have some vegetarians in your party, but i dont know about a crowd that size. patricks bayside grill has a terrific bar and i could make a meal off of a few of their apps, but again the crowd size is a question--prob depends on the night of the week. at least look at their menu and think about it...its a really good joint. i know a lot of people like the hurricane (also in pass a grille) and while im not a fan other people seem to be.

May 07, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Savannah Eats - BBQ, Fried Chicken Requests

Mrs Wilkes is great, and could probably double as your fried chicken spot. Excellent stuff. I havent lived in SAV for several years, but last I knew Mrs Wilkes was not open for dinner and only did lunch...they also used to be closed on Mondays so doublecheck.

Indian Shores/St. Pete restaurants?

I second La Cachette and The Frog Pond. I also recommend Salt Rock Grill...some really great stuff and I've always had good service there.
If you don't mind driving just a little bit, head north towards Sand Key and hit Columbia for wonderful Spanish and Cuban food. One of the best truly Florida meals you'll find in the area.
My favorite restaurant without going into town is Patrick's Bayside Grill. It's in St Pete Beach so a little bit of a drive, but so, so worth it. Everything is wonderful, but the steak bruschetta and gorgonzola chicken are especially memorable. Extensive wine list, and you will see very few tourists there bc the place is normally loaded with locals who love good food.

Apr 29, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Best Italian in Greenville, SC

giovanni's is amazing. very few tables, and you should plan for the evening--like real italians they take their time and hope you stay and savor every flavor. good wine list, fantastic food, and like someone else said the service is very personal. i went to rome and returned to SC very sad that i couldnt find anything even close to the real deal...until we ate here. they didnt have veal saltimbocca on the menu one night we were there but when i asked about it they happily agreed to make it for me anyway. always a pleasure.

Uniquely Georgia Cuisine?

brunswick stew, for sure. i can't think of anything else that's specifically georgia, most things are more 'regional.'
for some good and authentic southern cuisine, head up to athens and try weaver d's (specifically their ridiculously good sweet potato souffle)

Take-out and groceries on Treasure Island

takeout--Vito and Michaels is some awesome pizza on Blind Pass between TI and St pete Beach. Fortunatos is also great.
Caddy's sounds like a good option for you all, and you could eat there and have no worries about the kids. (They're probably more civilized than some of the adults, depending on the night.) Sloppy Joes is attached to the bilmar resort, and it's a really casual burger/salad/seafood joint. You could probably go there too and everyone would be satisfied.
I think Sweetbay is the closest grocery store for you. They're part of the Hannaford chain, and although I like Publix's meat and deli/bakery better, for basic staples Sweetbay is fine and the stores are newly renovated.

Apr 24, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

S.Carolina Hounds: Cross State Trip

Greenville--Soby's for good Southern food with a touch of class. Their crab cakes are especially tasty. Smoke on the Water is good for bbq and veggies, but you might be getting that's a good experience but certainly not the best ive ever had. If you want a good diner that stays open late or serves good breakfast, check out Stax (the best are the original up near Furman U and the one on Orchard Park.) Blue Ridge Brewing Company offers some good stuff; be sure you try their homemade ketchup, it's really something special.

Spartanburg, I second the nominations for both Ike's and Wade's. Very authentic, and delicious. The Beacon is interesting, but I don't think it's worth the intestinal distress.

Columbia, check out Bird on a Wire for great rotisserie chicken and unusual sides. Flying Saucer is part of a chain, but they have one of the greatest beer selections I've ever seen. Try Nonnah's for wonderful dessert.

My favorite restaurant in Charleston is Magnolia's. I've had a wonderful meal every time. You will probably hear lots about Hominy Grill, but I think it's over rated.

Tampa/St. Pete ??????????????

St Pete--downtown
Ceviche (tapas)
Cafe Alma (Mediterranean)
Savannahs Cafe (Southern gourmet)
Moon Under Water (British, nice 'real' beer selection)
The Independent (great beer selection)

St Pete Beach and area--
Patrick's Bayside Grill
Black Palm
Ted Peters Smoked Fish
Beverly's La Croisette--terrific breakfast
O Bistro--good breakfast/lunch

Corned Beef Corner--good 'real' deli

Apr 19, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Recs for one night in St. Pete Beach, another in Tampa.

excellent food, practically walking distance to The Sirata: Patrick's Bayside Grill. Try the steak's ridiculous.

if none of you are from Chicago, there's a Giordano's in Tampa, now, on Dale Mabry. Might be something a little different?

Apr 18, 2008
sarahew1 in Florida

Intimate Wedding Dinner, St Petersburg

We're having a small beach wedding and looking for a nice place to have our dinner--not in a hotel ballroom. We're planning on about 40 people; our rehearsal dinner will be at Columbia so we're open to just about any other kind of cuisine (particularly if you know a great Italian place!). We'd appreciate any ideas for great-tasting food in a pretty room, the closer to the beach the better.

Thanks so much!

Apr 09, 2007
sarahew1 in Florida

12 Meals in Tampa/St. Petersburg

La Teresita is fantastic; there's a location in both Tampa and St Pete.
It's not BBQ per se, but the burgers at El Cap's (4th st, St Pete) are great.
Ceviche is wonderful, although we were there on a Friday night recently and the noise level was almost laughable; don't go if you're looking for a place to talk.
Bella Brava can probably go in your 'fancy' category...nice Italian in St Pete.
Good luck! I"m jealous!

Apr 09, 2007
sarahew1 in Florida