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Visiting from KC - any BBQ worth trying?

Okay, ya'll. From our home here in KC, 5 minutes from OK Joe's, we are taking your recommendation (or, er, lack of) and avoiding your town's BBQ like death. I'll tell DH he was right, no point in eating BBQ in Chicago. We'll stick with Italian beef and hot dogs!

Now, anything good along THOSE lines by the Art Institute? Or anything else we can't get here in KC?

Aug 19, 2008
KCyumyum in Chicago Area

Visiting from KC - any BBQ worth trying?

DH says no way, why would anyone from KC eat BBQ in Chicago? Anyone care to throw down a challenge?

Only thing is, we're staying in the loop. So places 15 miles out ain't gonna happen.
And I'll bet the best ones are off in the hintercorners. They always are, aren't they?

Aug 14, 2008
KCyumyum in Chicago Area

The deli that time forgot...

Thanks all for the recommendations. I do remember great meals in Greek Town, but we'll to stay within walking distance, as there will also be an 87-y.o. great-grandmother who's meeting us there. Thanks for all the links, guys. Love the reader article and 11city looks great. The bagel & fish plate looks yum! Oh and I forgot about Chicago style hotdogs... used to love Portillos.

Aug 07, 2008
KCyumyum in Chicago Area

The deli that time forgot...

Oh dear, I think it WAS Maller's. I looked it up on the map and it's just the right distance from BB&L. Tragic. I remember that place like an incredible movie. WHY do places like that close? Was I the only one who loved it? It was so busy and bustling, no?

Okay, trying to get over disappointment, give me a second...

All righty then. Let's carry on. If I can't visit old haunts, I can at least avoid new disappointments. We'll be staying at the Hilton on Michigan and probably not straying far from. No time or opportunity for fancy eats, as we'll have our 1 y.o. and 4 y.o. with us. So what's fast, easy, close, & cheap and still excellent?

I see Russian Tea Time and Miller's Pub. Any good?
Is this like the equivalent of trying to get a decent family meal in midtown Manhattan?
I remember Ed Debevic's & the like being tourist traps even 20 years ago, so want to avoid them like death.

Thanks so much for your input...

Aug 03, 2008
KCyumyum in Chicago Area

The deli that time forgot...

Help me please, Chicago Chowhounders:

More than 20 years ago I was a summer intern at the law firm of Bell, Boyd & Lloyd (70 W. Madison). 20 years is a long time ago and I've never been back to Chicago since (nor did I become a lawyer!). But I'm going back now, and here's my quest:

Does anyone remember/know of an old timey deli that used to be just a block or two away from BB&L back then (late 80s)? The funny thing about this place was that it wasn't on the ground level. You went upstairs and it was this huge bustling lunchroom. I think I recall a huge central counter, but that could be wrong. Tons of tables, very noisy, bowls of pickles on the table, great matzo ball soup, or at least I thought so at the time (I've since spent 20 years in NYC so my standards may be different today).

It was the most interesting, most atmospheric place, and as these things go, it probably doesn't exist anymore or has since become a Starbucks, right? But maybe it still does??

Anyway, if this rings a bell with anyone, PLEASE let me know!

Aug 02, 2008
KCyumyum in Chicago Area

KC - Is The American Restaurant Closed?

I've been hearing that the dining room is looking kind of "tired"? Any word on that? I'm trying to decide where to have a big birthday celebration and I keep hearing that the American is "stodgy", "old-fashioned" and "tired". Too bad, b/c in the photos the room looks gorgeous and in the photos bluestem looks like a Starbucks.

Wild Oats is closing! Where will I get yogurt now?

Ugh, I gave Hen House another try today. AWFUL. Yes, they had organic milk and local milk. BUT their yogurt selection was practically non-existent. Mostly sugary character ones for kids. Not even Stonyfield. Just regular Brown Cow and lots of Dannon and the like. No good cottage cheese either. Plus horrible offerings in crackers, cheese, baking goods, cereals. I hate that place. It's the epitome of white bread, if you ask me. At least Price Chopper in Roeland Park has more interesting offerings and ethnic brands. I guess it's Cosentino's and Whole Foods for us. Whatever happened to that health food store in Prairie Village?

KC - Is The American Restaurant Closed?

Website is down and the phone number doesn't work.

Room 39 in Leawood

Has anyone been to the new Room 39 and is the room any nicer? Unfortunately I rarely go to the one on 39th Street b/c I find the space pretty yucky. (That grotty brick wall-breaking-through treatment is just horrible. Looks like some cheesy low-budget rock video from the late 1980s).

The decor is barely okay for lunch, but only if we're by the window on a sunny day. Even the children complain. Was hoping the new location would be better? Also, how's the food there?

Wild Oats is closing! Where will I get yogurt now?

Do I have to drive way down to Whole Foods? I live in Fairway. Where else around here can we can good bread, organic yogurt, natural beef and the like? I hate driving all the way down Metcalf just for Organic Valley milk for the kids.

special birthday dinner in KC - 40 Sardines or 1924 Main?

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely like innovative food so if the menu at the American is old-fashioned, I'm not that interested in just a good steak. Tell me more about Bluestem. Is it a pretty room or will I feel I'm just in a good bistro?

special birthday dinner in KC - 40 Sardines or 1924 Main?

No, have heard good things about it but Johnson Drive doesn't exactly seem as festive as I'm looking for! I'm starting to lean toward The American, if anyone can tell me how it's been lately. If only their website worked so I could see the menu... I just love the idea of a gorgeous room AND good food. If I have to choose I'll choose the food, of course, but a strip mall in Overland Park isn't the location of my dreams.

special birthday dinner in KC - 40 Sardines or 1924 Main?

Hi, I'm new to KC from NYC, and facing a big birthday. Where can I go to soften the double whammy of homesickness and impending middle age? I know there are some good eats here in town, but I've been a bit discouraged by recommendations for places like Garozzo's (some of the worst food I've EVER had). So far I've been happy with Blue Nile, the Ethiopian place at City Market, as well as the Middle Eastern place in City Market, think it's called Habashi? Not very fancy but really fresh, super authentic mezzes and fabulous dolma. Nara was fine but just a Saturday night out. JP's ditto.

For the birthday I'm considering 40 Sardines or 1924 Main, unless someone has a great suggestion otherwise. Would love to go to Pierpont's b/c I love Union Station and seems way more romantic to go there than all the way down to 109th Street for 40 Sardines. But is Pierpont's any good? The thing about 1924 Main,unfortunately, is that I find the room less than pretty. Those glass blocks and the terra cotta walls--ugh. I feel like whoever designed it is stuck in some horrible Tuscan=fancy mindset left over from 1994. It's sad b/c it's such a beautiful building and should be true to that era.

I guess you can tell I'm pretty opinionated, so feel free to tell me the truth on any or all of these options. Thanks guys!

Oh and also, is the American any good? Their website doesn't seem to be working. Have they closed?

5 days in Kansas City (visiting from San Francisco)

Hi All,

My family (mother, brother and his fiancee) are visiting from San Francisco, to visit the new baby but also to see KC for the first time. I've only recently moved here myself and have had a newborn baby all that time so haven't exactly been checking out the restaurant scene very thoroughly. Where should we go? I live in Fairway, so nowhere too far away (ruling out, sadly, Stroud's, where I'm dying to go. With 2 kids there is a limited window of time for meals so a long commute is out of the question).

On the list so far is: Jack Stack's on the Plaza and/or Oklahoma Joe's. Foo's Custard in Brookside (any restaurant to recommend nearby?). And possibly Blue Nile at the City Market, since we like Ethiopian and the City Market is a nice place to walk around.

Obviously they get plenty of great Asian and Mexican food in SF.

Other ideas please?