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1-40 between Knoxville and Nashville - Friday Dinner

Here's a shot in the dark. We're driving from Asheville to Nashville Friday and will be pretty much halfway around dinnertime. Any recommendations for something easily accessible from 40? BBQ, diner, etc? Thanks!

Mar 19, 2013
sarahyla in Kentucky & Tennessee

The Admiral (A'ville, NC) : I didn't understand

definitely make reservations, even on a weeknight. They also now have a late-night menu featuring homemade specialty hot dogs made by a friend of the owner (can't remember the name, but he was a vendor at LAAFF)...

Also, every now and then (one Sunday a month-ish) they do a cookout/bbq-type meal at the Admiral, in lieu of brunch... they don't advertise, you just have to know... ask about it next time you're there. don't know if it will last through winter since it's been outside the last 2 times...

The Admiral
400 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

Sep 29, 2009
sarahyla in Southeast

Anyone tried Posana in Asheville yet?

We want to try somewhere new downtown tonight, and are interested in Posana, but have heard negative things about the service and atmosphere from one friend who has been there; though, that was when they first opened so I would love to give them a chance...

The concept is great, and the menu looks good with decent prices. I'm curious if anyone else has been there and if the service is decent, if the plates are small/tapas style, and any other insights.


Sep 11, 2009
sarahyla in Southeast

BBQ between Asheville and Spindale - Sunday lunch

We are going to Spindale this Sunday afternoon for a concert, and we are hoping to find some bbq on the way from Asheville for lunch. We are flexible for traveling any of the three routes as they are all approximately the same driving time (26/74 via Hendersonville/Columbus, 74 via Lake Lure or 40/221 via old fort). Any good bbq suggestions between here and there would be appreciated, i know it's last minute! We're open to going out of the way a little bit too...

Asheville FYI

that's dangerously close to where i work! But fantastic!

Rosetta's Kitchen - where did I go wrong?

I am not a vegetarian, but i love Rosetta's mac n cheese and their smashed potatoes with vegan gravy... both are VERY rich, but delicious!

Scratch Asheville

We ate there for dinner last night. We arrived fairly early, by 7 p.m. and there were two larger tables and one other couple. By the time we left, the small-ish space was nearly full, so i'd recommend reservations if you're going on a busier night or later than 7:30.

The menu had a few salads, lots of 'small plates', five entrees, and a dessert menu. We opted for four small plates (ranging in price from $8 to $10-ish, but some - Duck - were as high as $12), a dessert and a ($30) bottle of wine, totaling up just under $74 before tip. IMO, $44 for 4 plates and a dessert wasn't bad at all for the quality of food, and we left satisfied - not quite in a food coma, but certainly not hungry. It was actually quite perfect for what we were in the mood for, and the service was great.

Overall the food was very good, no complaints. The pork tenderloin was the favorite dish for both of us, on top of sweet potato puree and a savory brown sauce garnished with caramelized apricots or something similar (definitely apricots, i can't remember if they were actually caramelized, but they were yummy!)...

I can't really remember the prices of the entrees since we decided pretty quickly that we wanted to go for small plates, but we'll likely return after the new year..

Scratch (Downtown Asheville's 28806) to open next weekend

From today's Mountain Xpress small bites:

Scratch: Nearly everything at Scratch, the latest venture from chef Eric Backer, will be made from, well, scratch - with one notable exception. The restaurant will open with an existing reputation for serving terrifically good, fresh food, a reputation established by Backer’s 28806. The popular West Asheville restaurant has closed in preparation for Scratch opening its doors later this month in the Meadows Building, adjacent to Rosetta’s Kitchen.

“What you know as a great sandwich will still be the same,” Backer says reassuringly. But, he adds, the ingredients should be even better. Scratch will continue 28806’s tradition of making bread in-house, as well as roasting its own meats and making some of its own cheeses. Reubens will be dressed with homemade sauerkraut.

“Everything’s going to be from scratch, within reason,” Backer says. “The attitude and environment are all centered around creativity.”

Backer is putting the restaurant’s kitchen in the basement of the three-story building, its dining room on the main floor and an event space upstairs. He’s retiring the counter-service model used at 28806, so all meals will be served sit-down style.

In addition to lunch, Scratch will offer Sunday brunch, small-plate dinners and a late-night menu after 10 p.m. “It’s doggone good food,” Backer says.

Scratch will be open Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. midnight, and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s slated to open next weekend.

Attention, Asheville Hounds: The Admiral is King!

Yes, 11 to 3. Get there before 12:30!!!! They sometimes run out of the best dishes of the day.

Attention, Asheville Hounds: The Admiral is King!

It changes weekly, but it's always seasonal and local, with brunch twists on many of their dinner menu items. There's always one fruity/granola type healthy dish (which i try my best to avoid) :), Staples are local eggs, sausage and bacon, usually there's biscuits and gravy on the menu and the gravy varies from buffalo sausage gravy to chorizo gravy to hickory nut gap gravy. If you're not sure what to get, go for that. The omelets are always interesting and delicious, (one that stands out in my mind was a pulled pork omelet with caramelized onions, cheese, and peach bourbon bbq sauce). Lately they've had a different kind of quiche and frittata every week. for those who want more lunch than breakfast, there's always at least one sandwich and/or salad on the menu. And for those that arent' quite so adventurous, lately they've offered 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits, potatoes or grits. The potatoes and grits are the two sides that you typically get to choose from. Sometimes the taters are a mix of sweet potatoes and red potatoes, sometimes all red. The grits are goat cheese grits, and last week they switched it up with hominy. Steak and eggs with either venison steak or flat iron steak.

One thing you can always bet on is that their ingredients will be in season, and while there's always something new and different to look forward to, they know which dishes they make that people come back for, and they don't take those away.

Attention, Asheville Hounds: The Admiral is King!

Glad you finally got to try the Admiral... i feel spoiled living within walking distance... The bangers n mash are always yummy and are a regular item on the often changing menu. Next on your list should be sunday brunch! You may have to forgive slightly slower service on weekends though as the servers also make the drinks (mimosas, poinsettas, bloody marys, white russians, etc. etc.) but it's the same friendly staff, and i'd take it over sunny point any day!

BYOB in Charleston?

I read somewhere that municipalities/cities have the right to enforce their own BYOB laws, but there are no specific national/federal laws prohibiting restaurants from allowing byob.

I've lived in the south (VA, SC, NC) all my life and have never experienced a BYOB restaurant anywhere, but i know they're common in the UK and can be found in other regions of the US.

I lived in Charleston for 5 years and don't know of any places that allow it, but it can't hurt to check with the individual restaurants.

ASHVILLE- Anniversary dinner. PLEASE Help.

i think those of us who live in Asheville will mostly think we're much more fortunate to have a place such as the French Broad lounge that has an emphasis on local and organic ingredients, certified fair trade chocolate, and a really comfy atmosphere too...

ASHVILLE- Anniversary dinner. PLEASE Help.

I third the rec for FB Chocolate Lounge over the chocolate fetish!!!!!


I personally have not found a cole slaw that i like, and i was born and raised in the south (I know, blasphemy), but everyone i know loves the slaw at the Lucky Otter in West Asheville. It's a burrito joint, so not really southern, but they do use local ingredients, and everyone raves over their slaw. It's quite unique and very different than the traditional white, mayonnaise-y stuff. Even though i never eat mine, someone always does.

no choice but 82 Queen

I knew a few folks who worked there when i was at CofC (5 + years ago) and even they wouldn't recommend the place...

Nice time in Asheville

The last couple of times i've been to Tupelo, it's been without a wait - 11:30 lunch on a Friday was the last time i went, and we got right in. Just don't go at peak times (i.e. weekends)

Chinese Asheville

East Buffet ... 125 Tunnel Rd

Reasonably priced dinners in Asheville?

I definitely was not expecting typical greasy americanized mexican fare, i've had some great experiences at cali-mex restaurants, and unfortunately Limones just wasn't our favorite.

Lack of heat in the food wasn't the problem, I actually had too much spice in my dish (though I am admittedly a wimp in the heat department) but my boyfriend had the pork chop with the mole sauce, and while it looked great, it just wasn't as good pork or mole as we've had elsewhere (or at home).

That's just the opinion of two people who love good food, and i know there are people out there just like us who love Limones. We still had a great time, very good service and atmosphere, but I'm not in a hurry to get back there.

Chinese Asheville

Oriental Pavilion in the Earth Fare shopping center (west side) is my favorite

Reasonably priced dinners in Asheville?

Just went to Limones last night for the first time... The service was fine, but the food was a bit underwhelming for the price. Nothing spectacular about it. There were plenty of interesting things on the menu, and the presentation was nice, but neither of us were thrilled with the food itself. It wasn't bad, just not spectacular. And we're not that picky... We went for a bottle of wine instead of one of the pricey margarita/specialty drinks. Their wine list is well organized and decent with lots of options and plenty of reasonably priced bottles.

Anybody tried Sugo in Asheville yet?

I was there a few months ago and really enjoyed it, moreso than Cucina 24 which i'd been to the week prior. Sugo also does a late night menu on weekends now.

Anything New and Exciting in Asheville, NC

Mo Daddy's is the chicken and waffles place... I've heard great things about the bar itself and the music, mixed reviews about the food. haven't been yet but might check it out this weekend.

Need help finding real vegetarian dining in Charleston, SC

I second the vote for Daily Dose and Five Loaves, also the Mustard Seed (same owners as 5 loaves, more diverse menu)

"Half-price" Asheville dining

I did this for a $50 certificate to Thai Basil. The only thing that wasn't as it seemed was that they sent two $25 certificates instead of one $50, and there was a stipulation that you could only use one cert at a time. (On the website it said you could use more than one, but on the cert it said one only). Not a big problem at all, just not entirely as advertised. The good thing was you could use it for alcohol, so a $25 cert for 2 people with 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and a bottle of wine went pretty far at TB. And we have another one to use. It doesn't expire until June 2009. Leepa, as far as I know the entire cert does have to be redeemed in one visit, though different restaurants may have different stipulations.

Overall I do think these certs are a better deal (with less restrictions) than most you can find on

Trip to Shenandoah Valley

If you make it to Harrisonburg, you must try the Little Grill! I've only been for breakfast/brunch when visiting a friend who lives in town, but I've heard dinner is great too. Try the ginger lemonade!

Lynn-lato! Sweet Tea Vodka Article

I haven't yet tried the stuff, but I've heard people raving about it the last few months...

Aug 18, 2008
sarahyla in Food Media & News

Dog friendly in Asheville?

The Admiral in West Asheville also allows dogs on their patio.

Asheville Pizza and Brewing

I've never had a problem with service or the food, whether it's dining in (usually at a movie on merrimon, or with a few beers on Coxe) or delivery (in W. Asheville, so it comes from Coxe). Not that the food is the greatest out there, but i've never had problems with getting the wrong order, waiting too long, or having anything undercooked. Everyone's always been friendly too.

Asheville, NC Casual and Higher End Suggestions

I second that!