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Entrees with Cranberries

I'm interested in playing a bit with cranberries, and am not finding many recipes online using cranberries as a main ingredient. My grandmother used to make cranberry chicken, which is kind of the style I'm looking for. It seems most recipes are desserts, cranberry sauces/relishes/chutneys, etc. I feel like it could be added to stews to up the flavor, might be a good glaze for duck, or fit in with a risotto or grits. Anybody have any tried-and-true favorites?

Dec 30, 2009
crystalginger in Home Cooking

at which store can i find frozen crawfish tails? nova

Not quite crawfish, but Trader Joe's has frozen langoustine tails. They're about the same size. Sorry it's not exactly what you're looking for but it might work in a pinch!

Looking for FRESH pita

I've had great pita/naan at Ravi Kebab on Glebe Road N. in Arlington. I believe they make it fresh there and throw it on the fire again before giving it to you.

Rocklands BBQ - Ballston

I've been twice since it opened now and although it's definitely not the best BBQ ever, I like it and I'm happy to have it back in the neighborhood. They have a big pot of sauce off to the side by the soda machine so you can pack some up to bring home with your takeout or have extra on the side if you're so inclined. The atmosphere of the place is homey and inviting, and I love the cute little bar area off to the side. I do wonder if it's the kind of place you'd actually go to just to get a drink, but hopefully they'll do well! When I went, there was a line of about 15 people just to get takeout, so I guess they're off to a good start.

Ethnic to stay away from V-Day crowds?

My parents are coming into town next Thursday (Valentine's Day), and I need a few recommendations on where to take them for dinner that wouldn't require reservations and wouldn't be crowded with couples.

Arlington, Falls Church, DC are all options, and I was thinking maybe Ethiopian, Indian (Rasika is obviously out because of the holiday), Korean, or Turkish/Lebanese? We haven't been to an Ethiopian place at all so I would love recommendations, and we're not well versed on good Indian in the area. I assume for Korean, somewhere in 7 corners would be the answer?

I would appreciate suggestions!

Rocklands BBQ - Ballston

Well I clearly asked without doing research. As it turns out it opened yesterday, as their website mentions.

I'll head on over there asap and report back!

Rocklands BBQ - Ballston

After it appeared that Rocklands did not intend to re-open on Washington Street in Ballston by Fall 2006, I had basically given up on being able to walk to get BBQ. However, this weekend when I was at the Giant across the street, I noticed that someone had finally begun to work on the interior of the new location and it had barstools and a small window seating area in place. Does anyone know anything about their progress and when they may open?

Steakhouse in Tysons Corner?

Definitely agree...Fleming's is the least manly/stuffy between Morton's, Shula's, the Palm, etc. The wine is definitely great too!

Restaurant gift certificate

Thanks guys! I forgot that Mike's was in Springfield. That should work perfectly, and I can swing by Sweetwater on my way home from work. Great American to the rescue.

Restaurant gift certificate

I'd like to buy a restaurant gift certificate for a married couple that I am friends with. They live in Woodbridge, but I'm fairly certain there isn't much of anything exciting down there that isn't a chain. Any suggestions for a place I could buy them a certificate for about $75 where they could enjoy a nice evening out? Maybe Alexandria?


Moderate priced ($$-$$$) dinner for 2 females near Penn Station

Thanks, any specific suggestions? I'm not very familiar with that area and since my friend just moved up there and tends to eat mostly American/Italian food, I'm sure she isn't familiar with Koreatown either.

Oct 03, 2007
crystalginger in Manhattan

Moderate priced ($$-$$$) dinner for 2 females near Penn Station

Does anyone have any suggestions for dinner for 2 20-something friends catching up near Penn Station? I'm taking the train up from D.C. and my friend is meeting me at the station. We'll head out from there but I don't know if there's any decent food down that way or if it's just all steakhouses and places for business dinners.

We can also take a cab anywhere close too if there are no suggestions near the train station.


Oct 03, 2007
crystalginger in Manhattan

Tampa Airport/Brandon food

I'm actually really surprised this restaurant keeps being recommended. I looked at their online menu and it looks to me like it's a lot of fatty, fried food and bbq. Is it really very good?

Jun 15, 2007
crystalginger in Florida

Tampa Airport/Brandon food

Thanks for the suggestions!

Jun 14, 2007
crystalginger in Florida

Tampa Airport/Brandon food

I'm traveling to Brandon, FL next week for business and will be staying west of Tampa, near the airport.

I'm looking for fun lunch places in Brandon, near Providence Road, and dinner recommendations either in Tampa, West Tampa, or Brandon.

I'm traveling with my boss who probably won't want to spend more than $30-$35 on each of us for dinner (and who doesn't drink at all). Any suggestions? She tends to be happy with chains, while I like to try new things. We'll be in town for 3 days, and two nights. All recommendations are welcome!

I have a feeling we'll end up at Bonefish one night, since it's right on our way to the office we're working at, but I'd love to try some local places for lunch and possibly the other night we have for dinner. Thanks!

Jun 13, 2007
crystalginger in Florida

Blue Crabs

I like Jimmy Cantler's in Annapolis on the Severn River. Everything is put down in front of you on a picnic bench with a brown paper "tablecloth" and your kids can get as messy as they want. I would have to agree with Vespa1 and say that you should come late in the season. There's plenty of great sightseeing to do in Annapolis. Also, it's true that you will not find the crabs cheap anywhere. At Cantler's, we like to order a few different things and then maybe add a dozen or so crabs to our order.

Dinner ideas after graduation in Annapolis or Baltimore

Black Olive IS excellent. It is my all-time favorite Baltimore restaurant. It's not cheap ($22-35 entrees), but for a graduation, it might be perfect. Check out the menu online, and know that it does not do the food the justice it deserves. I've been twice with my family, and it's the only restaurant between D.C. and PA that we are happy to splurge on. Also, they don't advertise it, but you can BYOB and pay a corking fee ($10 or $15). If you pick up a bottle or two from Trader Joe's, you're still saving yourself $15 a bottle over their wine menu. I know I probably just sound way too over-excited about this place, but it really is great. The waitstaff are very knowledgeable and gracious too, but just know that they generally do their own bar service so they are not as speedy as at other restaurants. Don't forget to check out the dessert menu too!

Crabs in Washington

Slightly off topic, but if you have a little time to drive, I highly recommend heading out to Annapolis (45 mins from the west side of the beltway, less if you're already east) to go to Jimmy Cantler's. It's a great, low-key restaurant with picnic tables covered in brown paper, and crabs served by the dozen. Much better than any you can find in D.C. There's also Tim's Rivershore restaurant in Dumfries, VA. Not the best, but also not bad.