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CT shower location help

Hosting 30 women for a baby shower in March. The mother-to-be is in Monroe, so ideally that area - Bridgeport, Shelton, Newtown, Southbury. Thank you.

Shower locations in CT

Need to host a baby shower in early March and in desperate need of recommendations. There will be around 30 attendees, and the mother to be is in Monroe, so that area - Shelton, Monroe, Newtown, Southbury, even Bridgeport is ideal. Thank you.

David Burke Prime at Foxwoods for brunch

Has anyone tried this brunch? We've attended the Champagne brunch at Mohegan Sun's Pompeii & Caesar's and are trying to determine which is better.

Dinner in Palmyra, NY

We're coming from CT. I don't know what's in the surrounding area at all.

Dinner in Palmyra, NY

I will be attending a wedding in Palmyra at the end of August with another couple. We are driving up early on Friday and need a nice place for dinner for 4. Is there anything fairly nearby that will be relaxing? We will have driven 6 hours that day, so another hour hike for dinner won't really be in the cards - especially as one of the travelers will be 8 months pregnant. Please advise.

New Haven steakhouses

Have a family member coming in who only wants to eat at a steakhouse in New Haven. I have no idea why, but I can't convince him to change his mind.

Any suggestions?

Breakfast in N. CT/S. MA

We're driving up 84 in a few days and need a good place to stop. We don't have hours to linger over breakfast, nor can we go too far from the highway, but would really appreciate recommendations for a local restaurant that will start our day off well. Thank you.


If you go to the Publick House, be sure to stop at the bakery there and get some eclairs - they are completely amazing.

Indian Food in Fairfield or New Haven County

The "fresh off the boat" Indian men with whom I work all say Bombay in Westport is the closest to authentic as you can get around here. A close second is Kolam in Newtown or the Coromandels - all 3 are owned by the same people.

There is also Thali in New Haven, a sister restaurant to the one in New Canaan. It is very good, no question, but pricey for what you get.

Small wedding in Connecticut

Hop Brook closed it's doors years ago abruptly. There were rumors of the staff re-opening.

Good beer stores between Greenwich and Bridgeport?

Have you checked out World of Beverages in Norwalk? I haven't been there in years and years, but from what I remember the options were numerous. Might be worth a try, at least - it's right off the Merritt.

Connecticut Chocolate?

Belgique is fantastic.

Also consider Chocopologie in SoNo - Rumor has it that they are pairing with Thali in New Canaan for a set dinner in the future.

In the greater Danbury area is Bridgewater Chocolates. I've never tried it, but have heard good things overall.

Mohegan Sun vs. Foxwoods, which Sunday brunch buffet is better?

I've read positive reviews about both casino's Champagne brunch buffets. Is one superior to another in anyway? Thank you.

Brunch in Stamford - Fairfield area

We're looking for an upscale Sunday brunch to celebrate a family member's 70ish birthday. Not looking for blue-hair specials, though, he's an amazingly young 70. Is there anyplace you can recommend that is delightful?

DC Fairmont Sunday Brunch

We are going to be in the area shortly and have heard excellent reviews on this brunch. Are they accurate or is it not worth the fairly steep price? Thank you.

What's good in the Hamilton, NY area?

Is Wheatberry's still around? I think it was in Cazenovia.

Mt. Olive, NJ Sunday brunch suggestions

We are attending a Sunday evening wedding this coming weekend, and need recommendations on where to start our day. We are willing to drive 30 minutes, and there will be four of us. Thank you.

Takeout near Shelton, CT

Around Huntington green is the Huntington Street Cafe which has some interesting sandwiches. Also, sometimes the Metro Grill has interesting specials - it's located in the Stop and Shop strip mall on Bpt Ave.

Dressing Room Restaurant

Any reviews on Micheal Nischan's place in Westport. I've been searching for restaurants that support local farmers and are sustainability and just learned of this place. Apparently Paul Newman's got his finger in this pot as well. I'm hoping the food is significantly better than his pasta sauces....

Ahimsa in New Haven

Has anyone had the opportunity to try this restaurant? It was recently reviewed in the NY Times and caught my eye. Their website shows parking in the lot behind their building, so my one deterrent to eating in New Haven has been overcome.

Moving to New Haven - where should I eat?

Ivy Noodle

Best restaurants in Quebec City

Can't go wrong with any of those you listed. My husband and I celebrated our honeymoon and anniversary in QC in March for the past 2 years. We tried Laurie Raphael, the food is fantastic, the atmosphere is lacking. They have the the tables very close together and it really made us feel as if we were at a table of 6-8, not the romantic table for 2 we wanted. Perhaps if you reserve a table by the window, this could be avoided.

We highly recommend Le Saint Amour. You can't be the foie gras and I had a butterfish carpachio that might be the most amazing food I've ever eaten. Additionally, the staff was warm and knowledgeable without being clingy or obtrusive. If you enjoy seafood, I've heard mixed reviews on Marie Clarisse at the foot of the fenicular, but our meals there have always been wonderful. It is a very relaxed atmosphere.

I also recommend a trip to Erico's Chocolate Shop for some hot chocolate and chocolates. We were there in winter, so it was a daily walk for us to try another mix of cocoa.

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

Their chocolate covered caramel popcorn was unreal! We called when it was first discontinued and they brought it back briefly. But, it has been gone for a good 7 years now. Too sad.

May 01, 2007
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need southbury, ct 06488 reccomendation

Cafe Grappa

Great dinner places within reasonable distance of Newtown/Southbury

Months too late to help, but consider trying Southbury's Cafe Grappa in the future.