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Has anyone tried whym? Will we feel like senior citizens there if we are in our early 40's? Or is the average age pretty average for a restuarant?

Apr 13, 2007
milberg in Manhattan

Uptown "up to date" restaurant

Restaurant recommendation for six people -- four Manhattan dwellers, and two suburbanites coming in from Westchester. The Westchesties want to go to "one of those new, trendy up to date restaurants." We are forty-somethings, married with kids, like good service, comfortable surroundings, nothing too elbow-to-elbow or rough around the edges, and preferably uptown UES OR UWS. Recommendations?

Apr 12, 2007
milberg in Manhattan

Dishwasher recommendation - large capacity

What dishwasher do you recommend? We have a family of five, and would love a larger capacity dishwasher, although they all seem roughly the same size. We rented a beach house this past summer, and their GE dishwasher seemed larger than most. Is that possible? Has anyone had a good experience with Miele or ACS? How is their repair track record? Warranty service? Performance?

Apr 09, 2007
milberg in Cookware

Oven Recommendations?

We are redesigning our kitchen. I have picked out a cooktop and want to have a double wall oven. Am not sure whether to go gas or electric -- what are the advantages/disadvantages. More importantly, do you have a great oven to recommend? Thanks.

Apr 09, 2007
milberg in Cookware