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Dinner near Davies Symphony Hall

The Guinness ice cream shake alone is worth going to Sauce!

what do you do with YOUR slowcooker?

Soups, stews, corned beef, stock. My mom got me a cookbook I LOVE called "The Gourmet Slow Cooker: Simple and Sophisticated Meals Around the World," and its sequel. The recipes are not your standard "throw packet of italian dressing, frozen roast and cream of mushroom soup into pot" crockpot recipes. They're actually very tasty, relatively low fat, and there's a lot of recipes inspired from different countries. They require more prep time than the "throw canned soup into cooker" recipes, but they're very much worth it. The Tarragon Chicken is a particular favorite. Also, making your corned beef with Guinness instead of water or broth gives it a wonderful flavor.

May 15, 2007
brangwen in Home Cooking

Recs for a good Balsamic Vinegar?

I like Stonehouse, at the Ferry Building in SF. It has a very dark, almost syrupy taste. Might be a little sweet for some tastes, but you could definitely go and try some. I think it was $12 for a 500 ml bottle.

Breakfast in/near Mountain View

Thanks for all the suggestions -- we'll give them a try week by week!

Breakfast in/near Mountain View

We are longstanding regulars at Hobee's (Rengstorff & Central) but lately the wait time (once inside -- not waiting for a table) and noise levels have just become too much. They seem to be particularly understaffed and raucous on weekends. I hate to break with what's become a weekend routine, but more often than not we end up leaving wishing we'd gone somewhere else.

The dilemma is that there just don't seem to be very many other options in Mountain View. We've made the trek to Stacks in Menlo Park, Pancake House in Los Altos, and St. Michael's Alley in PA a couple of times, but I am hoping that some of you folks can point us to something a little closer to home.

Criteria: sit-down service, omelettes/egg dishes (not just bagels/breakfast sandwiches), good coffee (chi-chi espresso drinks not required), less than 20 minute wait on weekends. Ideally somewhere that doesn't require your dining companion to be able to read lips in order to have a conversation, and where the tab for two doesn't run much over $30.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!