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Cuban Toronto

Mambo lounge looks better than it is. I have had good meals at Julie's

mother's day brunch in Toronto (with a baby)

Going out to brunch with my parents and am planning to bring my six month old. anyone know somewhere having a nice brunch that will be ok with an infant present?
Thanks! Preferably in the east end or central

Best romantic restaurant toronto?

Looking for a special place to go for an anniversary dinner. any great suggestions?

Toronto's Best Mac and Cheese?

where isHarlem? The one at Caren's wine and cheese is pretty good.


Haven't ben to pangea in the past year but in recent years, I have had some of the best desserts ever there

San Fran special occasion restaurant?

Thanks! I salivated reading the dim sum menu!

Monterey and San Luis Obispo restaurant recs?

Will be in the area for 3 days and looking for great restaurants. Maybe with a view? Thanks.

Jun 15, 2008
Hungry30 in California

Santa Monica/LA restaurant recs?

Hi - my husband and I are travelling to CAlifornia this summer and spending two nights in Santa Monica. Lookingg for interesting/unusual/fabulous restaurant recs.

We are also spending time in San Fran, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo on this trip. If you have any recs for those places, please let me know! Thanks.

Jun 15, 2008
Hungry30 in Los Angeles Area

San Fran special occasion restaurant?

Hi - my husband and I (from Toronto) are taking a trip to California this summer and spending 3 nights in San Fran. Looking for recs for an interesting special occasion restaurant, and other restaurants not to be missed while in SF.

We are also going to Monterey, Santa Monica, and San Luis Obispo on this trip in case people have recommendations for great restaurants there. Thanks!

open tonight?

thanks. apparently these places are open in case others are looking:
- Sakawaya Japanese
- Baldini
The Auld Spot

open tonight?

Does anyone know of any restaurants that are open tonight (easter sunday)?