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Need Palm Beach advice

I too ordered the "cheeks" big was so deep fried that the only thing I tasted was the grease.

Que in Palm Beach County

try abbey road in P B Gdns tasty meaty, falling off the bone nice sauce worth the try the only ribs with flavor!!!!!

Abele's and Heyman gourmet kosher products ????

thank you for your input I will wait till Monday and order the product(s)

Abele's and Heyman gourmet kosher products ????

where oh where can I get their hot dogs,salamis and other tasty items ? My local Costco stopped carrying the items in the Palm Beach Area but I understand they are available in Miami Costco's and Glick's but I am in Jupiter FL...anyone know another place near me??? Everyone tells me how great they taste and they were of varied ethnic backgrounds

where have all the jewish delis gone?

WOW I had a very pleasant surprise when I was passing a place on Lake Worth Road named "Essex Deli" and recalled a good review of the place. I went in and with full trust, ordered what else? a Pastrami and Corned Beef on rye, etc. and when I got it, it reminded me of the old style sanwich with a good amout of both meats sliced thin and steamed....some good fat was present...that what adds flavor and nostalgia to the item, Though also National (the same as in Toojay's, it was just the best...$11. Be sure Pat or Patty makes the sanwich !!! she works day shift

2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Pizza/Grimaldi's ?

just awaiting your input for this 'Brooklyn' style Pizza house in PB me it is in a class by itself.

Finally,Authentic Thai food in the area (maybe in all of Florida or the USA)

sorry the restaurant is in West Palm Beach

Finally,Authentic Thai food in the area (maybe in all of Florida or the USA)

Having backpacked throughout Thailand, Laos,Cambodia , Vietnam and others fourteen times and experienced the true flavors of those nations and of course so disappointed tasting the American version of Thai food. I was surprised to discover that an old Thai restaurant on the corner of Congress and Forest Hills had a new owner offering a ten dollar lunch buffet that had a great assortment of true thai foods.
Although their green and red curry dishes were quite watery, the other choices were original Thai and delicious,,,,breaded fish in a herb sauce, original yam won soon and so many others.
All serves with so many sauces and choices of rice, fruit, soup (did I mention an assortment of Japanese rolls?)
If you did experience real Thai food in that country (and not at the Oriental Hotel and similar others) and enjoyed the small street food places, you will be happy at this place. If you just like the American version of Thai food, then you will not appreciate the restaurant. I think the name was Orchids of Siam

Palm Beach County - New or Coming Soon

HI I posted about a new good place for deli: corned beef, pastrami, etc in West Palm Beach that I "discovered" called Empire State Deli on Okeechobee Blvd west Of Military Trail better than Toojay's better than Ben's.

2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431

pastrami disovery wpb

I was on my way for a garlic/snails fest at the french bistro on okeechobee west of military trail , emporium shoppes and true to their word, they closed the lunch door at 2 pm..I then noticed a few tables just north of them and looked in and saw it was a new deli..
I went in thinking that it was some make believe deli when I noticed all the pastrami and corned beef pieces......National Deli brand...same as Toojay's use and now I am sure Ben's does too, even though they swear they "make' their own (maybe heating it up means that they make it) With the reported demise of Pastrami Queen (is it really true?) a new replacement is needed.
Anyway got their combo pastrami/corned beef and it was a DELIGHT. Of course I then ordered the french fries and was most happy and satisfied with my meal. I am sure every one else will go and criticize the small place but well, just enjoy (as they say).
btw place is called Empire State Deli

Pastrami Queen
7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, FL 33433

2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Thai in and around PBG

If you really want the full flavorful taste of Thai food, then go to Thai Grand Palace on Donald Ross Rd. (betw Publix and Starbucks). Sorry to say, Talay just doesn't do it for me......seems that it is not full flavored and delicious as TGP. But if this is not a priority (flavor) then Talay is just for you.

Delicious Food around Deerfield/Boca/Delray

WILL TRY IT thank you oh any decent seafood places?????

Delicious Food around Deerfield/Boca/Delray

thank you for your help BUT any recommendations for delicious American style or French foods??

Delicious Food around Deerfield/Boca/Delray

hi thank you is C&M better than the new indian places in WPB? (one in Forum Place, the other west of the turnpike on okeechobee blvd)

Delicious Food around Deerfield/Boca/Delray

Need to find a place for Sunday (lunch or Dinner) in the above area).unsuccessful reviewing the boards for this topic. Just want to have delicious, tasty, non-gimmicky food preferably nr US 1 or wherever I will be most satisfied. Just want a real good meal.

P B Gardens...good bagels soon

Yes with their bagels going for about a buck a piece, no coupon offerings and no dozen bagels for half price Wednesday like at BRUEGGER'S I guess that's the very least that they can do.
But we are all very rich up this way so.......
I will recheck Manhattan Bagels at the Promenade Plaza and compare.
If not, there is always Bruegger's on my way home from work in Boca

new: BBQ ribs at market/PBG

Just went to see the new market (sweet greens) at the "Midtown" on PGA and bought some of their freshly made ribs...first time I was able to actually taste the succulent pork meat on the bone rather than the tasteless cooked -out meats served at the other noted rib places we reported on...await your of the place just so so....Bakery doesn't rival Toojays, Prices more than C&D a little less than Joseph's

2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431

P B Gardens...good bagels soon

I see that Brooklyn Water Bagels is soon to open near the new Joseph's Gourmet (corner Northlake and Military Trail). Though not as good as Bruegger's in Boca, I hope it will be a good source...if not, back to Manhattan Bagels and Starz on Okeechobee Blvd ( good bialy's and traditional cakes, pastries.)

orlando "unique" different but great Breakfeast????

just checking here for suggestions for different breakfeast ideas and restaurants in Orlando...not eggs, pancakes,bagels....maybe ethnic, Mediterranean, Asian, etc that are open for breakfast. sounds intriguing, right??

Oct 02, 2010
surgeon in Florida

Good Pastrami/ Corned Beef in Broward/Dade

I was really surprised ! the pastrami and corned beef were no better, no worse than the local TOOJAY"S maybe a bad day for the guys that were processing he meats. Of course the stuffed derma was any restaurants, there are good days and bad days

Turkish?Arabic Restaurants....the best??? (so. Florida)

with a few to choose from, I need your opinion of which one serves the best tasting food for the price

To scoop or not?

I have scooped for years...don't need all the dough-y calories!
Luckily I found a Bruegger's Bagles in Boca Raton...
Crisp delicious crust, even the soft foamy inside is soo delicious and easy to scoop....even better than the old New York bagels from long ago

Jul 31, 2010
surgeon in General Topics

"authentic" falafels,Thai and oysters

mm any more info re : "Llnage" ?? address, phone? any more help....quality of the oysters? sorry to bother you but relly looking

Jun 07, 2010
surgeon in Greater Boston Area

"authentic" falafels,Thai and oysters

Visiting the Longwood area and need to find a falafel place that serves them up in a gyro with the different salads(eggplant,veggie) and more all smothered in a tahini sauce and hot sauces,pickles etc. Also need to find a real Thai place ....thick curry sauces, very spicy and not watered down to the western palate. Will travel
Also safe, reasonablepriced place to order a few dozen oysters

Jun 07, 2010
surgeon in Greater Boston Area

pastrami/corned beef > Palm Beach County

well for me,the only two places to really enjoy great pastrami and corned beef and other deli meats are pastrami queen and Ben's. Really one is not better than the other and both pride themselves in producing their own meats. Most if not all of the other Deli's have changed over to National Deli Meats, few stayed with Hebrew National. P Queen is so much like the old time yummy food and Ben's of course is top notch ( their stuffed derma is more than 'devine'). So we are very lucky to have these two places to satisfy our deer desire. The Bagel award of course, goes to Bruegger's

Best Thai in Palm Beach County (Central)?

If you like diluted tasteless thai food then Talay is your place ! Wattana and Grand Palace are ok. In truth I am use to the real cuisine having been to S E Asia 12 times and love their food, but I really have to make my own Thai food at home (I grow all the herbal ingredients in my garden). All of the Thai places just add hot pepper seeds to adjust your level of "heat" instead of using the excellent fresh thai chili that have their own delicious aroma. If you want only the best make it yourself and get the recipes from a google search

Looking for someone with experience in Indian home cooking

WOW thank you for this wonderful cooking link I will treasure it

Nov 06, 2009
surgeon in Florida

My Bagel Review

I went to most all of the suggested best bagel places you all mentioned in the Bagel topics (Jupiter to Boca) and can now report : Yes the Brooklyn Water Bagel place was ok..somewhat tasty and far better than "Bagels &" that serves a fat tasteless thing that was not even palatable,,,just spat it out (plus 80 cents, no credit card accepted, under par staff), nothing special at Whole Foods or Panero's, Much the same with the rest of the bagel/delis.
So it was a great discovery when I entered Bruegger's ! Professional, helpful and patient staff and a bagel that is even better than the once esteemed New York bagel (If you revisited some of the NY places, you will know what I mean). Their recipe is genuine and in Florida. truly unique and each bagel is a work of art: glazed, fully baked, fresh add-ons,pre-boiled, etc. I think they should add the label "artesian" to their products. My 40 year quest is happily over...I just enjoy a delicious bagel in the morning, much like the average paresian and his rich buttered croissant and dark flavorful coffee.

Boca's Restaurant
2901 W Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33311

need a must eat list for bangkok please

Samboon on suriwong for their crab curry (I get the pieces rather than the big lobster with the shell let me know

Best street food area in Bangkok?

google Austn Bush for his complete rundown of the best street food

also "import food" has good maps to take with you

go to bottom of the page and click any and all locations
hope you have lots of time to enjoy Bangkok