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Best Burger in Nashville?

I like to say my favorite burger in town is my second one at Burger Up after I sent the first one back for being overdone. Now I have a little trick where I ask the waiter "what is medium well here." They define it, I say "I would like it like that" and it usually comes out that way. House made pickles, house made ketchup, good drinks and a nice atmosphere finds me paying $9-13 for a burger quite often.

Looking for Chowhound fare in Downtown San Diego

I am going to be in San Diego for two nights and would like to know the best Chowhound fare within an easy walk or bus from Downtown/Petco Park.
I would be especially interested in:
Authentic Chinese (esp good Taiwanese or Shanghainese)
Other SE Asian
(Non standard) Japanese

And anything else SD hounds love.


Edwin, visiting from Nashville, where we have no daodi fan.

Mar 06, 2012
dweendaddy in San Diego

5 days between U Toronto and Downtown Sheraton: looking for authentic Chinese, Indian and Korean

The downtown campus, so yes, I think!

5 days between U Toronto and Downtown Sheraton: looking for authentic Chinese, Indian and Korean

I would love some suggestions for a chowhoundish experience for my 5 days in Toronto. I will be in between U Toronto and the downtown sheraton and would love some good, authentic, reasonably priced flavorful food in this order:
1. Chinese - I have lived in China and like daodi / authentic chinese food and have heard about a few around Spadina/Dundas like Yueh Tung. I am not a Canotnese expert and would like any non-Cantonese rec.s like Chinese Traditional Buns.
2. Indian - I like good, authentic Indian food and would like some tips for Indian in this area.
3. Korean - where might I find good kimchi chigae to warm me up on a cold fall night?

I am an omnivore so any other must-eats? Please let me know, and I will eat!
Thanks in Advance,

Edwin from Nashville

Chinese Traditional Buns
536 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Yueh Tung
126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

Kenwood Restaurant

I ate at Kenwood restaurant with my wife last night and was underwhelmed. We started off with their mussels, which were fine but not outstanding in any way. We then split the burger, which was underwhelming for $13 and average fries, and the sweetbreads, which were good, but not great. This is the first time that I moved to the Bay Area from Durham, NC, that I was missing the Durham chow!! Magnolia grill crushes Kenwood Restaurant, for the same prices!

We did have some good things in the area: We stayed at the Gaige House Inn in Glen Ellen and they had a blow your socks off breakfast for $15 each. (I think you have to stay there to enjoy it).

We then had lunch at the Girl and the Fig which has had many raves on these boards, and it lived up to its reputation: fantastic and half the price of Kenwood.

Next time I am in Glen Ellen I will try the G&F's sibling The Fig Cafe in town.