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good pastry and coffee in union square?

Help. I usually stay in Union Square when visiting and am desperate for decent to good pastry and coffee. Almost always by default I end up at Kuleto's which I find deplorable but I can think of no other location that is in a 2-4 block walking distance. Does anything exist? I am up against my travelling partner who loves Kuleto's and if I had somewhere better to kidnap her to and prove to her just how bad it is I would be eternally grateful. Help

Oct 05, 2007
tessy1 in San Francisco Bay Area

portola/ graeagle area

where to go in the portola / graeagle area? anything worth visiting? will be there during july 4th extravanganza. am i dreaming?

Jul 01, 2007
tessy1 in California

help in walla walla

can anyone give me a sense of what to expect in walla walla? will be there for 2 whole days touring nearby wineries and need a guide as to where to find breakfast. any decent pastry? what about lunch and dinner. places that offer light fare and/or serious cuisine. someone told me that there are only two restaurants worth consideration. any truth in that?

Apr 25, 2007
tessy1 in Pacific Northwest

one night in seattle

will be in seattle for one night. would love to sample what is really going on there and not just spend as much money as possible. will pay for what is appropriate, but not at all interested in sampling something that i can find anywhere else, i.e., a successful template of what goes on in any major city. where can i find the best ambience, carefully written wine list, beautiful food without the pretense? in other words, who nails it in seattle?

Apr 24, 2007
tessy1 in Pacific Northwest

reno wine destination

Will be in Reno for a quick weekend and need rec's on where to sup. What's new and worth the effort? Would love a spot with a fresh and exciting wine list. Am tired of the usual Casino list......Rombauer, Ferrari-Carano, Silver Oak etc. Anyone know a thing of two about wine up there?

Apr 08, 2007
tessy1 in California

cheese plates in Seattle

Help. Where can I find the best cheese plates in Seattle. Am looking for the best presentation as well as selection.

Apr 08, 2007
tessy1 in Pacific Northwest