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Beef/ Teppanyaki in Tokyo (Ukaitei and Kawamura?)

I've been to both Ukaitei and Kawamura (the "public" one) and you can't go wrong with either. Excellent quality teppanyaki.

Oct 20, 2014
cherishg in Japan

Manila Update--Old Favorites and an Excellent New One

Harbor View has been around forever and the last time I was there was 15 years ago. The food is good and it's one of those places that everyone knows about and yet is still considered "underground".

Where to order for a small party in FW

Any suggestions on good food (prefereably tex-mex) that we can order for a small get together? (10 people) Thanks in advance!

Oct 02, 2011
cherishg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Manila Update--Old Favorites and an Excellent New One

Spot on! Except for Shang Palace though, the food was mediocre the last time I ate there.
All the restaurants you mentioned are my favorite eating places here in Manila, very well prepared food, high standards and consistently prepared.
Others that you should try next time, Masetto, Bistro Filipino, Mamou, Abe's, Lolo Dad's, and The Goose Station.

Steak au poivre in Paris?

Les gourmets Des Ternes it is then! Thanks!

Jun 03, 2011
cherishg in France

Steak au poivre in Paris?

I'm in Paris with my family and my dad wants to eat steak au poivre. Any recommendations where they do this well? Thanks!

Jun 02, 2011
cherishg in France

Help us narrow down our Florence list!

I love Sostanza, not necessarily the best bistecca ever (I had to go to Panzano for that, Dario Cecchini's ) but I'd say one of the best in Florence. I wrote about it in my blog if you want to see photos.

I've also eaten in Cibreo and while the food was fantastic, it was quite pricey and I find that they're too full of themselves. It's hard to explain, the service was good, but they made me feel as if I owed it to them that I was eating there. Maybe the more informal one beside is is better, is that the Trattoria?

Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 8/r, 50122, Florence, Tuscany 50122, IT

Via della Porcellana, 25, 50123, Florence, Tuscany 50123, IT

Feb 26, 2011
cherishg in Italy

Your Top 3 in Hong Kong

Shang Palace is good too but Lung King Heen is a bit more refined IMHO. I have two blog entries on Lung King Heen in my blog, one was for lunch and one was for the New Year's Eve set dinner.
I've never been to Man Wah but I've heard good things about it.

Your Top 3 in Hong Kong

Yung Kee in Lan Kwai Fong or Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons for Chinese food.

Napa Valley

Hmmmm maybe I should find a way to have dinner at both places! =) Thanks for your replies!

Napa Valley

With Terra and French Laundry closed for Xmas, I opted for Redd where we now have reservations for xmas eve. Should I have gone with Medowood? I'm only asking because it recently got 3 Michelin stars. Most people seem to highly recommend Redd. Any thoughts?

Tuscany and Positano - Please critique my list

Regarding Florence I don't know which are open, Sostanza is great but as you said it will be closed. La giostra is a bit touristy already but it still has very good food. I ate there last June and the truffle carbonara is still one of the best I've ever had. How about Cibreo? Yes the restaurant is stuffy but what about the Trattoria? The food is excellent and might be worth the wait (assuming its open). If you find yourself in Fiesole (20 minutes from Florence), La Reggia is also a really good restaurant there.
I don't know about mac dario but we went to the officina dela bistecca of dario and we had the best sunday lunch ever (not for vegetarians!)
In Positano, Da Vincenzo is excellent. You might also want to try lunch at Da Adolfo.

Aug 06, 2010
cherishg in Italy

Positano - what not to miss - suggestions please:)

Oh you'll have a wonderful meal at da adolfo. I second the recommendation for da vincenzo, we had dinner there and it was really delicious. We were at Positano last June and we had a marvelous time. It would also be great to stop by Le Sirenuse for a drink before dinner, the view is spectacular. Eat the buffalo mozzarella everywhere you go, it's wonderful in the south, da adolfo grills them.

Aug 06, 2010
cherishg in Italy


If you like traditional comfort food, I highly recommend Josephine Chez Domonet. I had the most delicious boeuf bourguignon and Duck Confit there last June. I also tried Le Chateaubriand, I posted photos on my blog =) In my opinion, it's very reasonable for what you get but I don't know if it deserves all the hype. My two cents!

Aug 05, 2010
cherishg in France

Five days/nights in Aix en Provence

I have to agree with La Fourchette, it was delicious, very relaxed ambience too. In Aix, Clos de Violette is sublime but a little bit pricey and more formal.

May 10, 2008
cherishg in France

Cal Pep and Passadis del Pep

Does it make sense to eat in both for my upcoming barcelona trip? Or is it pretty much the same? Any advice would be appreciated!

Mar 02, 2008
cherishg in Spain/Portugal

Birthday in Aix en Provence

i was in aix in 2004 and we had a special dinner at le clos de violette. It was amazing, pricey but defintiely worth it, I also think that this is a michelin starred resto. Right beside is is Villa Gallici, we were guests in the hotel and they also have a very homey and excellent restaurant, not quite in the league of clos de violette though.

Mar 01, 2008
cherishg in France


La Reggia has good food and a nice view. If you're willing to spend, Villa San Michele of course.

Jun 02, 2007
cherishg in Italy