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Dumplings in Montgomery County PA

Thank you for the feedback. Would you believe that I didn't really like the soup dumplings all that much? So I wouldn't go back to CC if the other dumplings are just as good close by.

Oct 16, 2012
allieboy in Philadelphia

Dumplings in Montgomery County PA

I'm going to try Chang's Dumpling House in Lansdale anyway. Why don't you do the same and then we can post about it?

Meanwhile, you're welcome to park as long as you want.

Oct 16, 2012
allieboy in Philadelphia

Dumplings in Montgomery County PA

We just had the pleasure of eating at Dim Sum Palace in Philadelphia and loved the dumplings. However, we live in montgomery county and would love to find some great dumplings in this area. I have read good things about Chong's Dumpling House in Lansdale. Has anybody been there? I don't care that it's a "hole in the wall....." So is the Dim Sum Palace and their food is wonderful. Looking forward to responses. Thanks.

Oct 16, 2012
allieboy in Philadelphia

One day in Florence and Rome

We have one day to self-tour Florence and one day to do the same in Rome. (cruise drop-offs). We are not looking for anyplace fancy for lunch...mostly a place where we can pick up some fun things, eat on the run, and then get some gelato. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance. We are REALLY excited.

Apr 03, 2012
allieboy in Italy

Cruise stops - need touristless restaurants [Juneau / Skagway ]

Hi. Cruising in June. Stopping for the day in Juneau and Skagway. Would love chowhound recommendations that won't be packed with tourists....someplace real for lunch and dinner. THANKS.

Apr 18, 2011
allieboy in Pacific Northwest

Need restaurant suggestions for budget summer road trip from Buffalo, NY to Maine (Old Orchard Beach/ Portland/ Bangor/ Bar Harbor)

Bagel central in Bangor is okay if you want a "roll with a hole" instead of a real bagel. Friar's bakehouse (next store) is great for their whoopie pies - in fact, they're a must. Warning, though....don't get more whoopies than you'll eat that day, or, at the latest, the next. There are no preservatives, and they get stale quickly.

Aug 23, 2010
allieboy in Northern New England

LOBSTER ROLL - will travel

Hi. We are going to be staying at Moosehead Lake for a week at the end of August. My husband has announced that he won't leave Maine without the world's best lobster roll, and we will travel for it (although I'd like to minimize the distance). We're planning on going to the coast - Bar Harbor, etc.,- for a day, so perhaps that will be lobster roll day? So I ask you...where can we get an outstanding lobster roll not too far from Greenville, ME? For that matter, where can we go for some good casual food in or around Greenville, ME?
Looking forward to hearing your responses.

Jul 05, 2010
allieboy in Northern New England

Upper Marlboro, MD area eats

What about Jasper's? I think it's a chain, but I'm not sure what other direction to go. There's also a place I saw called the Old Town Inn - or something like that. Thanks.

Upper Marlboro, MD area eats

Hi. We're going to the BBQ fest in Upper Marlboro, MD on Saturday and we're looking for someplace (NOT BBQ) for a 5:30ish dinner. Looking for something between fast food and fancy - jeans wearing allowed. Asian would be great - thai or chinese. Casual seafood would be even better. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Su Xing or Kingdom of Vegetarians?

Su Xing, and I've been to both. But you will love the food there, and the portions. I'd be interested in hearing what you decided to do. Have fun. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with either.

Dec 24, 2009
allieboy in Pennsylvania

Near Greenville, ME

My groom and I are going to be renting a place on Moosehead Lake near Greenville, ME the first week of August. (Hope it stops raining!). Anyway, we'll have transportation, so we have the ability to drive places. So here are my questions:

1. we'll be spending a day at Bar Harbor. What is the ONE PLACE where we should have dinner. Nothing fancy by any stretch.

2. Any places around Greenville where we can get a decent bite - again, not fancy.

Anything else we should be told about in the area? Thanks.

Keswick Theatre, Glenside walk and eat

The last post about anything walkable from the Keswick Theatre was more than a year ago, so I think it warrants a new inquiry. We are going to the Fab Faux in a couple of weeks and would like to go a little early, park someplace good, and find a place to eat prior to the show. Is there anything edible nearby? We're looking for anything from pizza, asian, to great american food. Nothing fancy.

Thanks! Hope things have changed since the last post.

Mar 09, 2009
allieboy in Pennsylvania

Great Indian Food, Preferably in Montco

We are Thai food lovers who are looking to branch out to other ethnic foods. We are specifically looking for a great intro to Indian food. (We're not afraid of spiciness...just of choosing an inferier Indian place for our first time.) Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!!

Feb 25, 2009
allieboy in Pennsylvania

Food that Most People Love and You Don't...

SUSHI!! My friends tell me it's an "acquired taste," but I don't understand the need to try to acquire a taste for something when there are so many wonderful things to eat.
BEER..would rather eat my calories than drink them.
CHOCOLATE CAKE...give me a great carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or anything with lots of peanut butter anyday.

Dec 15, 2008
allieboy in General Topics

Erie County (Buffalo) Fair

Hi. We're motorcycling to Buffalo next weekend and will be going to the Erie County Fair. (The reason we're coming is really for Ted's Hot Dogs and Anderson's Custard, but it just so happens the fair is going on then as well. We're looking for a decent place to stay near Hamburg. In what areas should I look? We don't want to spend over $100 a night, but I also don't want it to be too far away from the fair, or in a bad area. Also, need a rec for breakfast near the fairgrounds. Thanks!

Hoak's Lakeshore/Hamburg, NY

Anybody know anything about Hoak's Lakeshore in Hamburg? I understand that they have yellow pike (walleye) and they seem to be one of the few restaurants in the area that serve it. Any reviews would be helpful. Thanks.

Walleye/upstate new york

Hi. My groom and I are motorcycling to upstate NY (Buffalo area) and I would like to find a restaurant that serves Walleye. I understand that it's plentiful in Lake Erie and I have heard much about this fish from my husband's days in Minnesota. Help! Thanks.

Walleye/frozen custard near sandusky, Ohio

Looking for a restaurant near Sandusky, Ohio that serves the best walleye. Have motorcycle - will travel, but not too too far from Sandusky.
And...any recs for frozen custard or a great dessert place after a day at Cedar Point?

Great candy store in Reston, VA area

Hi. I'm looking for delicious peanut butter fudge that I can buy in the Reston, VA area. Any ideas? Thanks.

Easton PA recent recommendations

Hi. We're going to the state theatre in easton in August. Any ideas for a casual meal prior to it in somewhat close proximity? Would love ethnic - thai, italian, etc, but will take any suggestion. BBQ good too. THANKS.

Jul 17, 2007
allieboy in Pennsylvania

jasper, Canmore, banff, lake louise and victoria [Moved from Canada board]

Can't find any recent recommendations for this area. We're going with almost 90 year old parents and would like some great but not fancy eats in the area. Thinking about eating one night on top of the banff tram (on top of the mountain, a chinese place). Any good? Help! We're staying in canmore. Good eats there for all three meals, please. THANKS.

Jul 07, 2007
allieboy in Prairie Provinces

Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, Victoria... [Moved from Canada board]

I've checked back postings for this topic and there doesn't seem to be anything recent. So here goes: We are taking my near-90 parents to this area in a couple of weeks. We are looking for good, not-fancy or expensive restaurants in the area for a 4 night-3 day stay, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also going to be in Victoria for two nights and one day. Any help here would be appreciated as well.

Thank you!!

Jul 07, 2007
allieboy in Prairie Provinces

One night in Kalispell

Yes, please. I would love to know more. THANK YOU so much for this.

Apr 09, 2007
allieboy in Pacific Northwest

One night in Kalispell

Taking my folks to the pacific northwest this summer. we're spending one night in Kalispell, Montana. Looking for someplace for breakfast prior to a ride on the going-to-the-sun road, and someplace for dinner. Nothing upscale or fancy in any way - just good family food. Thanks.

Apr 07, 2007
allieboy in Pacific Northwest

current recs for victoria and canmore areas

My groom and I are taking my parents (89 and 87) to victoria and the canmore area. We are looking for NON upscale places to eat in both areas. We're staying at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge in Canmore. Hope it's nice!
Thanks in advance for your help. We want to make this a great trip for my folks.