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Pickapeppa special sauces in ATL metro

Thanks, ebennettatl. I had tried Taste and a few other spots around town in an effort to shop locally and to avoid delivery charges. No dice. Eventually I found a mail order place in Miami,, they supplied me with both the ginger-mango and the spicy mango.

Feb 22, 2012
ursa minor in Atlanta

Pickapeppa special sauces in ATL metro

Just returned from Jamaica and enjoyed several new Pickapeppa flavors, including ginger-mango and spicy mango. Does anyone know where to find them in the ATL? They are not at YDFM or BuHi Farmers Markets. Thanks for your guidance.

Jan 26, 2012
ursa minor in Atlanta

Savannah: looking for moderately priced dining

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will research and share with the travel companions. Also, I'll be sure to post on Chowhound when I return from Savannah.

Mar 22, 2011
ursa minor in Southeast

Savannah: looking for moderately priced dining

This board has given me lots of great ideas for dining in Savannah: Elizabeth's, Pink House, Vic's, Local 11 Ten, Noble Fare. All of these places look great and all have something in common: pricey!
Does anyone have suggestions for more moderately priced restaurants, maybe something more like bistro fare, or gastro-pubs, or really great take-out?
I'll be visiting Savannah with three women friends in mid-April. We are staying in the historic district on Bay Street. We are renting a house and will have a kitchen and dining room. We probably won't want to cook but could do good quality take-out.
All suggestions are welcome.

Mar 20, 2011
ursa minor in Southeast

montgomery al suggestions

I realize it is short notice. I am driving tomorrow from Pensacola to Atlanta. Montgomery is about midway. Any suggestions for an easy lunch stop not too far from the interstate? Thanks.

Pensacola Beach: Peg Leg Pete's

I'm in Pensacola Beach for a family wedding and a gang of us just had lunch at this spot on Pensacola Beach, Peg Leg Pete's. Very good oysters, on the half shell, fresh and briny.

In our party we also enjoyed the gumbo, the grilled dolphin sandwich, oyster po boy. Full complement of yummy-looking fried stuff, too. Friendly and brisk sevice, uber-casual, choice of indoor or outdoor seating.

Oct 28, 2007
ursa minor in Florida

The Chocolate Bar, Decatur, GA; first impression

It's sort of exciting to be the first to mention a place here at chow central. The Chocolate Bar in Decatur GA opened a wekk or two ago, at any rate, while I was out of town. We stopped in tonight after a dinner nearby and a walk around downtown Decatur.

Before saying anything else, I will say this: everything we were served was delicious, the place is beautiful.

Having said that, what is the Chocolate Bar? The bartender could not tell us. The menu helps: they have wine and dessert and fancy cocktails. Presumably they have regular cocktails as well.They also have a few savory bar snacks and charcuterie.

Everything they served was tip=top, unfortunately the cocktails served did not resemble the drinks described on the menu. Add to that, our bartender seemed much put upon when questioned.

The place was full of people. Young people who looked like they were having a good time and would not mind if they got the wrong cocktail.

more later, falling asleep.


The Watershed

Hi. I think it is just "Watershed," no article.
I was there tonight and have been there several times.

We shared an appetiser of celery and pimento cheese. DH had a bone-in rib eye with frites, er, I mean, french fries; I had a piece of grouper with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

The pimento and celery was absurdly good. It's as if he captures the appeal of these old home dishes and crystallizes it. DH scarfed down much of the 19 oz rib eye but he allowed me a taste--very steak-y flavor, a macho steak. My grouper was beautifully cooked. I am not crazy about Scott Peacock's mashed potatoes; I think he messes with them too much. Which is unusual for him. Usually he is great about letting the basic ingredients shine through.

Scott: trust the potatoes!

But this was a very good meal. And such a Decatur experience. The James Beard chef of the southeast, you walk into the place, hardly a five minute wait, people in their sneakers, people in khakis, friendy and laid back. I just love it.

His staff needs help. I had a glass of wine at the bar--the bartender said, "no oak, if you like a traditional chardonnay try something else." Later, at the table, the waiter said, "A little oaky, but not too much so." This is for the same wine selection. His food is good, the wine is interesting. Somebody needs to tie those things together better. I was wishing that I had the confidence in the staff to ask for a recommendation for the perfect wine with my dish.

In the past here I have enjoyed the fried chicken, the chicken salad sandwich (my fave), the chocolate cake, the pork and fig sandwich, the cheese plate, the veg plate, the salmon croquettes, and several other dishes. All have been tip-top.

Go. You won't be disappointed. And if you don't know decatur, take a walk afterwards. Stop into Decatur CD to listen to some music. Walk to our town square (recently refurbished and looking good,) try the Chocolate Bar--this is a subject worth its own commentary.

We Decaturites are very proud to have one of our own achieve the James Beard prize. We just hope we can continue to get a seat!
Maybe I will see you there.

Duck in a Can at APC

Wow. I wish I had known. I guess I'll have to go back. Thank you for the explanations.

Duck in a Can at APC

Ok. Last week at Au Pied de Cochon, I saw several cans in their cooler labeled Duck in a Can. Later, as I enjoyed my lamb shank and later on, my sugar pie, I watched as a waiter picked up a can at the food station, slapped a "duck in a can" label onto it, and carried the can plus an opener (?) off to a table.
My question: what is in the can? How is it served? What is it served with?

Thank you for any insight.

By the way, dinner was great, lamb for me and pied de cochon for him, sugar pie, nice bottle of wine, three hours.

Uniquely Montreal

Are they still good suggestions? I will be in Montreal next week--first time visitor. Quebec City, too.

Raclette in Quebec City

Hello. First time poster, but I've been reading for a while.

I am traveling to Quebec City at the end of the month. I have never eaten (or seen) raclette and I thought this might be just the place to try it. Looking for restaurant suggestions for raclette.

Also any other bistro type suggestions you may feel like mentioning.

Thank you.