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johnstown PA eats

I second the thumbs up for Tony's Sub. It's like a mom & pop convenience store, but they also have about 8 choices of subs on their menu (see their website); and some deli potato salad, pasta salad, and macaroni salad. It's not gourmet, but the bread is fresh-baked on the premises, service is friendly, and the food is good and satisfying. Went there today and ordered the Italian sub, which consisted of a slice of provolone, salami, ham, lettuce, tomato, sweet italian pepper (you can also opt for spicy italian pepper), oil & seasoning. The vegetarian husband got the "All-veggie" sub, which was pretty basic: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles. Not the most amazing veg-sub ever. But the people were really nice, service was fast. There's a few tables in the shop to eat-in.

Tony's Sub Shop
1346 Franklin St, Johnstown, PA 15905

Jul 17, 2010
tinekerocks in Pennsylvania


Not much to add to the first review. We just ate at Kajitsu last night. Excellent, serene atmosphere in the back, excellent food and service. Only one dish on the menu was so-so (the rice and mushrooms, but this was balanced with tasty, tart pickled veggies on the side, so overall it was still an inventive dish). Overall, TWO THUMBS UP.

We're going back again with the inlaws (who are incredibly picky with high standards).

414 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10009

Apr 18, 2010
tinekerocks in Manhattan

best cupcakes in Manhattan?

I've never been into the whole cupcake craze. I just didn't understand paying $5 for a single cupcake, when I could make a dozen at home for the same price. Magnolia bakery and all those others just didn't seem that special to me; not to mention the lines! But, I did recently come across a new bakery/pastry shop in Chinatown that definitely has a twist on the cupcake. It's called Everything Frosted, located off Mott St., on a little alley called Mosco St (across from my favorite dumpling lady -- dude, 5 dumplings for a buck; and she's fast. But I digress.). They're soooo good! I ate 2 yesterday, and 1 today (I live right around the corner; my stomach is very happy about that), and just bought a dozen for Easter. They keep things relatively simple with the cupcakes in terms of the "anatomy" (i.e., there's a cupcake, and there's frosting. No filling, or crazy toppings -- at least not that I know of.). But the flavors are really varied -- they have green tea, red velvet, pink champagne, Boston creme (that was good! just like the donut!), etc.. and the frosting is butter cream (also in lots of flavors), but not that thick, pasty, uber-sweet stuff like in your standard bakery. It almost was like a cross between butter cream and fresh whipped cream. Not sure how they make it.

They do other stuff to: like cheesecakes, mousses, looks like they do catering and stuff too. Haven't had a chance to try the mousse yet, but they looked good.

Anyhow, if you're in the cupcake scene, definitely check them out! maybe go to the dumpling lady first, then cupcakes for dessert.

Apr 03, 2010
tinekerocks in Manhattan

Bespoke Chocolates Review

I dropped by here a few weeks ago after hearing all the great things about it. The Sea salt/caramel/pretzel truffle was DEEEE-licious. The other ones were also very good; but I loved this combo of sweet and salty. And, yes, I think these are better than Kee's, but I'm not really an expert.

Bespoke Chocolates
6 Extra Pl, New York, NY 10003

Apr 03, 2010
tinekerocks in Manhattan

Best Restaurants in Saratoga Springs

Just as an additional shoutout to Karavalli's, the Indian restaurant mentioned in another reply... I was in Saratoga Springs last weekend and happened to pass by this place while wandering around town. Luckily, we were famished and randomly stopped in for lunch. SO YUM! Started with their special eggplant and chickpea appetizer (enough for 2-3 people), which was thinly sliced eggplant, friend to a soft crisp. these slices surrounded a central mix of chickpeas, with some fried bits, yogurt dressing, and onions (kind of like Chaat). SOOOO yummy! never had anything like it in all the Indian restaurants in NYC (or even in Little India, Edison, NJ). Entree, my vegetarian boyfriend had a yummy vegetable curry; and I ordered the lamb chops... HUGE portions! My lamb chops were cooked perfectly, served with a side of chick-pea & tomatos salad, and a small portion of veggie biriyani (yum, love biriyani). I was so sad that I couldn't finish the whole thing; and no doggie bag since I was traveling. :(

Oh, also We ordered a garlic naan, whcih was little more roti-like, i.e., thinner, than the usual naan, which was nice.

I'm not a huge alcohol drinker, but FYI, looked like they had a medium-sized wine selection; and pretty extensive beer selection. Service was quick and attentive.

No complaints at all. Bathrooms were clean too!

Definitely would go back if I were in the area. This place definitely holds its own, even compared to the Queens, NY, Indian restaurants.

Spotted Pig?

Just went on july 3rd, arrived around 6:30pm, and had to wait about 1/2 hour. not too bad, maybe because it was a holiday weekend.
the decor is nice and comfy, smaller than i expected. but too loud! since it's so tiny, all the tables are pretty much right next to the bar, and there's a hefty bar-crowd there... i couldn't hear my dinner mates across my little table.

also, we were seated near the entrance where there's a bench along the wall of windows, which is about 2-3 inches elevated above the dinner companions' chair across the table. a little odd, i would say.

getting to the food... it was decent and fresh, but overall, i was underwhelmed. maybe it was because of the hype, and overexpectations... but i didn't think the food was worth the high prices. and i'm no cheapie with food either. if it's good, i'll be happy to pay. but the food has to meet the prices!

the appetizer was the prosciutto and arugula tart, which is basically prosciutto and arugula salad, heaped on top of a nicely flakey pastry crust with a bit of ricotta (?) cheese. definitely a favorite of mine, but then again, anything with prosciutto and arugula will be a favorite of mine.

for an entree, my vegetarian companion had the 5-combo veggie plate for $24. tasty, but a pretty meager portion, considering it's just veggies! my other companion had the halibut, served with a small portion of mint mushie peas, and som eother greens. the halibut was a nice filet, served with a crispy skin, whcih was nice. but it was a little dry. and not too much else on the plate.

i ordered the special of the day, faggots, a traditional english dish, served with a few scattered prosciutto fritters. it was done well, but was a really heavy dish to be serving in the middle of summer. and there wasn't much else on the plate. i was really craving my dinnermates' veggies, but he didn't really have enough to go around!

perhaps i should have just gotten the gnudi like you folks recommended. anyhow, overall, decent food, but didn't wow me enough to justify the bill.

Jul 04, 2008
tinekerocks in Manhattan

Chip Shop [Split from Manhattan board]

I just went to Chip Shop on 5th Ave in park Slope, Bklyn, and was sooo excited that i was finally going! well, it was so-so. the Fish itself was really fresh and moist ; and the batter crisp. The fries were a little disappointing: a little soggy, but maybe that's because of the fish sitting on top covering the fries? And i tried a kid portion of the bangers and mash, hoping to relive my first ever super-yum "bangers & Mash" i had in Bathe, England. It was a disappointment. The sausage was dry; the mash didn't have enough cream or butter, and it had this super thick onion gravy on top which didn't help too much. Overall, good for the fish +/- chips; maybe jus tstick with that.

Jun 03, 2008
tinekerocks in Outer Boroughs

Pam Real Thai

i just went to Pam Real Thai on 49th street this week after reading such good reviews of the place in the past (although i can't seem to find them now on chowhound). i was pretty disappointed. maybe i've been spoiled by sripraphai, but i thought Pam REal was pretty average. they weren't terrible, but i wouldn't make a special effort to go there again.

my dining mate and i shared a fried taro-root cube appetizer. t hat was pretty tasty, actually. and then your standard green papaya salad, which was pretty standard, but definitely no spiciness in it.

entrees -- green curry with overcooked dry chicken. the curry itself was pretty OK, nothign special.
and one on the "chef's recommendations" list -- sauteed fish fillet with veggies, which was deep friend nuggets of fish fillet (i.e., NOT fresh fish!), and sauteed chopped bokchoy with garlic, which i could have made myself at home.

overall, it was an OK restaurant. i'd probably go back if i lived in the neighborhood, but since i have Pongsri in Chinatown nearby me, i'll just stick with Pongsri.

May 03, 2008
tinekerocks in Manhattan

anyone try Kion Dining Lounge on East 6th?

i just went there last night... granted, i went for dinner and not for drinks, so my review is skewed towards the dining experience...

walking in, the decor was a bit garish and trendy -- they have some natural wood and stone accents, and then a neon lighted ramp, and neon background lighting in the dining area. the music is some ambient techno stuff which then devolved into ambient bob marley covers.

service was pretty good. appetizer, i had a tuna belly tartar with avocado puree on top. something on it was kinda too acidic. and my boyfriend (a vegetarian) got a grilled vegatable salad, which was a heaping pile of fresh salad greens with that japanese-restaurant carrot dressing; and a little side of grilled veggies. the grilled veggies were good. the salad greens were fine, just a little out of place.

entrees - i got lomo saltado, which i've had in peru and at Limon in SF. this was pretty good cuts of meat, and a hefty portion. overall, a pretty good dish, but once in a while i'd take a bit of some hot chili pepper or something and my mouth would be on fire. plus, i'm no expert on lomo saltado, but i thought the french fries were supposed to be stir-fried into the meat. plus, there weren't enough red peppers. the good thing, though, was the juicy meat, cooked really well...not overcooked at all.

my b-friend had the grilled tofu, which was two big hunks of grilled tofu, which was nothing special, bland, no seasoning, with a small side of rice, and that same salad greens again.

we spent 80 bucks overall (food, 1 glass of wine, tax and tips). overall, it was an OK restaurant, but i'd rather spend that money somewhere better.

May 03, 2008
tinekerocks in Manhattan

broadway east for birthday dinner?

I agree with all of Oliverstreet's post. really great casual, but refined atmosphere. Nice blend of modern style with a nature-istic (is that a word?) feeling. Service was friendly and attentive. I'm not much of a vegetarian, so I was shocked (!) that I loved my vegetarian dish. And, it didn't feel like I was eating meat-replaced-with-vegetarian-food vegetarian style. catch my drift? It was just good food. Portions were filling. I had oysters for entree (they were tiny, OK flavor, just so-so), "Winter veggies in bed", which was a mix of squash and stuff, underneath a little pasta blanket -- yum!. and was too full to try any of the rich desserts... so opted for a sorbet trio of flavors: reisling, apple cider (yum!), and pear.

all in all, definitely recommended.. i can't wait to go back! (and i don't say that very much).

Mar 30, 2008
tinekerocks in Manhattan

kampuchea noodle bar.

I actually really liked the crispy pork belly. The scallion-thingies they put on top helped cut the acidity; and I actually thought the hoisin sauce went well with it. I tried the vegetarian "crepe" (mushrooms, butternut squash, and soybeans) and thought it was flavorful. My friend and I had the 3-sandwich tasting, one of which was "the Kampuchea"... i wasn't a big fan of the head cheese... i don't even know what head cheese is, but there was something cheesy in the sandwich, and i didn't like it.

all in all though, i thought it was pretty good. i did stay away from the noodles, b/c i live in chinatown and would rather get the real deal for real cheap.

Jan 22, 2008
tinekerocks in Manhattan

Durs a Cuire

I also was in Montreal at about the same time, visiting from NYC, and had a fantastic, super-filling meal at the bar at Au Pied de Cochon. I saw tons of advertising for "Durs a Cuire" and was hoping it would be making the rounds in movie houses, especially in NY. Does anyone know if / where the movie will be playing????? I'd lvoe to see it!

Best Thai or Vietnamese downtown

Holy Basil on 2nd Ave is good, nice atmosphere & decor (they don't go overboard on the thai theme, although a little more light to read the menu would be nice).

Sep 19, 2007
tinekerocks in Manhattan