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Mini Donut Tour of South Bay - day 1

http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/758647 -Here's a similar south bay topic. Not sure if those places are in business.

Capicola (no R)- besides Torrance Bakery, this is the only place that routinely sells "cro-nuts" in the South Bay to my knowledge. They are pricey. I sometimes wonder if they are always fresh (as in made that morning fresh).

May 17, 2015
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Bakery items that will fly - literally - across the continent (Porto's, etc.)

I would buy Porto's guava cheese puffs.

I would also consider a King's Hawaiian Dobash cake.

May 17, 2015
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Private dining room near Palos Verdes?

You can try Christine's. It's at the foothills of Palos Verdes off of Hawthorne in the city of Torrance. The website says it's undergoing repairs (whatever that means) and it's not clear if they'll be done with the construction when you need the place.


You should also try contacting Terranea (a local high end resort in PV) and the Trump golf course.

It's not clear what your budget is.

Apr 22, 2015
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Torrance Memorial Hospital - anything nearby?

In no particular order...

PERUVIAN: El Pollo Inka - good roast chicken. Decent Lomo saltado. Simple peruvian.

BURGERS: In n Out and/or the Habit and/or Five Guys - fast food burgers. I prefer the Habit but there is no drive through. Five Guys offer better burger toppings but I find it greasy. If you have some more time to kill and want a more "chowish" burger, go to the Standing Room in Redondo.

PIZZA: PIEOLOGY and/or BLAZE - quick service custom pizzas. Pieology has a better crust but BLAZE offers a better topping selection and they seem more "together." If you want more of a sit down pizza place, I prefer Lamppost because they pile on the toppings.

AYCE OPTIONS: Mongols BBQ for AYCE Mongolian BBQ or GEN for AYCE Korean (Banchan are weak though)

DESSERTS: Kings Hawaiian for desserts or Chantilly Patisserie for their black sesame cream puffs. Love Handels for Ice Cream.

THAI: Yum Thai is decent. Service is friendly.

MEDITERRANEAN: Chicken Maison - solid quick service Mediterranean. Good roast chicken and gyros. Much much better than Daphnes and would avoid Mr. Souvia (greasy)

JAPANESE: Yanagi Bistro - decent japanese food and i-Naba for tempura. I see Torihei pop up on people's lists but haven't had a chance to go.

FAST FOOD MEXICAN: El Burrito Junior - solid machaca burritos (their deluxe burritos are filling)

SIT DOWN MEXICAN: Riviera Mexican Grill (in the Redondo Village next to Good Stuff) or Ortega 120 (if you want something a bit fancier... they have good short ribs).

KOREAN: Yellow Cow - decent Korean BBQ but it's in Gardena

BAGELS: You have the Bagel Factory (Kosher) or for chains would consider Einstein Bagels or Panera. Would avoid LOX of Bagels (they serve round bread, not bagels)

BREAKFAST: Black Bear, Good Stuff, Norms. If you like greasy spoons, you can try Snax.

CAL-ASIAN: christine's Lots of people love it but I find the menu dated.

ITALIAN: Lou's on the Hill - full disclosure. I haven't gone but my friend raves about it. I like Gaetanos but it's more italian-american cuisine.

24 HOUR OPTIONS: There is a Norms on PCH (it's better than the nearest Denny's).

FISH: Baja Fish Grill and Fish Bonz - quick service fresh grilled fish - nothing fancy but similar concept. Fish Bonz is closer to the hospital. If you can drive though, would recommend Malibu Fish Grill in Redondo.

VEGGIE/VEGAN OPTIONS - Veggie Grill and there is Habanero's Pepper - not really my scene but just wanted to give you options

ARGENTINIAN - Agree with Continental for their Empanadas

BEER - Rock and Brews is close and has a decent beer selection. The burgers and pizza are decent too.

Last but not least - Hope your friend is better.

Mar 24, 2015
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find shark in LA?

Off the manhattan beach pier... but, be careful, it usually bites back.

Jul 12, 2014
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

What restaurant do you really really really miss that is now closed?

I was thinking of Pioneer as I was going through the posts... and then came across this one. I can't say I miss the ultra-greasy chicken terribly, but I enjoy the memories of childhood going there....

Mar 06, 2014
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Southern California Specific Snack Food?

Second the See's Candy rec's.... It'll keep fresh enough for your guests... I would give them each a see's scotchmallow or a see's lollipop.

Jan 02, 2014
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Where to find Red JalapeƱos & Red Serrano peppers?

I see red jalapeƱos all the time at Vons. I haven't seen red serranos.

Dec 30, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Lobster dinners in South Bay Area

Yeah, it's great when they have the local lobster special. Their chowder is awesome too. Love the slaw.

Dec 29, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Lobster dinners in South Bay Area

I second Baron's rec's.

I saw a place in Torrance... $20 Sunday lobster special at a place called Fish Bonz in Torrance, near the AMC theater. The lobsters weren't huge and it's a plastic utensil kinda place.

Not sure what you're looking for or how much you're willing to spend. Can it be any lobster (Maine vs local)? Can it be prepared in a dish or are you looking for steamed, grilled, etc?

There are plenty of seafood chinese places you could take your friend and they will prepare lobster dishes for you both.

Dec 27, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Cronuts where

I think that place is going to be out of business soon. They can't figure out what they want to be. They advertise themselves as a coffee bar, wine bar, making cronuts, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, breakfast items... but their hours are 10-4pm. I like my coffee before 10...and wine..after 4pm (if I was going to have wine). It'd be great to buy cronuts to bring them to work but my work starts well before 10am.

Dec 25, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

What is the best Indian restaurant in LA?

hahaha... yes, perhaps.

Dec 25, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

What is the best Indian restaurant in LA?

If this is the restaurant I think it is....the company I work with gets catering from them all the time...and overall, I find it disappointing. The chicken is squeaky in the Chicken Tikka Marsala... the tandoori chicken is just okay... the naan is nothing special either....

Dec 14, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Raleigh North Carolina recs?

Thank you for everyone's recs. Leaving today for Raleigh. Staying at a hotel near Creedmoor and Glenwood (Crabtree area) if that helps. Anyhow, I'll have a car and since I live in LA, I'm sure the distances aren't a problem with the rec's... since everywhere you go in LA takes 30-60 minutes.

Oct 12, 2013
DrBruin in Southeast

Raleigh North Carolina recs?

Hi C-dawg,

You know, when I posted this request initially, I put it on the wrong east coast board. So, I hadn't looked at these posts. However, there are only a few recent threads and some are around a year old, so I was hoping for some additional chowish advice (because I'm not sure if these places are still chowish) and I'm hoping to not rely on Yelp to help me eat for a week.

I guess I'm just to loads more activity on the Los Angeles board... my home board.

So, if you have a more recent rec, please share...


Oct 05, 2013
DrBruin in Southeast

Raleigh North Carolina recs?

Probably just Raleigh.... I don't know the area well so probably won't be going very far.

Oct 05, 2013
DrBruin in Southeast

Raleigh North Carolina recs?

Hi Everyone,

I'm flying in to Raleigh in about a week to visit family. First time to the Raliegh area and they are new too.

Any recommendations?

Cuisine...no preferences. I'm always interested in mom/pop places or non-chain places. BBQ, I suppose is a local specialty.
Price... happy with recs at all price points but would probably be happiest if most entrees on the menu are <$25.


Oct 03, 2013
DrBruin in Southeast

"Cronuts" in LA?

Well, not the first, and won't be the last... a confused place in Torrance called Capicola's Sandwich Company Wine Bar bakes them fresh in assorted flavors. Why is it confused? Well, it's trying to be a high end sandwich place vs bakery vs wine bar. The decor and advertising are like someone who clearly is in love with themselves...in a delusional adhd way.

Anyway, I digress. I think they call their version a croinut, so they don't get sued by the NYC guy who reportedly trademarked the name. They looked great. Ordered a s'more one, and just felt it to be okay although I'm not sure what I was supposed to be looking for... I guess I prefer croissants as croissants and donuts as donuts. Cost was $5 a piece, by the way.

Honestly, a local donut shop was selling them too, but I think I'll stick with the cinnamon rolls, glazed twists, and sprinkle covered cake donuts.

I think trend has already "jumped the shark," much like this phrase.

Aug 06, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Sir Winston's at the Queen Mary

I was there about 2 years ago. The food was well-prepared, on the expensive side, but nothing mind blowing. The service was friendly but on the slow side. The atmosphere was fine, not too noisy.

I think it's more of an experience type restaurant, where you can day dream about times long ago...when dining on the Queen Mary was reserved for the wealthy and Hollywood elite.

The menu available on the website looks like it hasn't changed since I went (although I'd like to point out it says it's the 2012 menu and here we are in 2013, which means they haven't updated their menu or their website).


Jul 06, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

tom bergin's closing

I've driven by it many a time, and figured it was one of those LA Landmark eateries I'd eventually visit, but I saw in the LA Times it's closing this Sunday.

Anyone here going to miss it? Is it worth trying to make it out there this weekend?

Jul 05, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Favorite foods served on a paper plate? [non-food truck edition]

Very very very easy answer. Anything from the Crab Cooker (two locations, Newport Beach and Tustin). I would say the Manhattan style Clam Chowder is consistently one of my favorite soups, and is served in a paper cup... and the shrimp skewers with slaw and rice pilaf is right up there too.

Apr 05, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Ragin' Cajun recommendations?

I agree their crawfish etouffee was just mediocre. I'm not sure what they'll be serving that night, but I'd eat before you go, and then you won't be disappointed and hungry...just disappointed. Maybe stick with ordering a shrimp po'boy if they offer it.

Feb 12, 2013
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area


Alfredo's = ick. It probably was coupon related since I saw them advertise recently.

Ortega 120 is okay. I do like the short rib mole enchiladas. The service is nonexistent. The last time I stepped foot in the door, there was no host/hostess...waited 10 minutes, and when seated, nobody came to take my order or ask if I wanted a drink... so I got up and left. It was weekend lunch/brunch time and this visit was in the past 2 months. I never found their service good though.

I like Riviera Mexican in the Redondo Village.... decent margaritas... food is standard cal-mex.... usually quite busy.

Dec 28, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

sammy's woodfire pizza and grill in el segundo

I used to go to the Torrance location primarily because they were the first to offer the "hey, eat with us, buy discount AMC movie tickets." I never found their food interesting, the service was usually nonexistent even in an essentially empty restaurant, and was not surprised they closed it down. I will say that salad the OP mentioned sounds interesting.

Dec 18, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

10 Best Cakes in Los Angeles

I really love the Triple Berry Shortcake at Sweet Lady Jane (although I think the service left something to be desired the last time I went). Since you're taking it to go, it may not be a huge issue. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

I also love King's Hawaiian Dobash Cake. It's chocolately without being overly so, not too sweet, and as light as angel food cake.

Nov 24, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area


"eat Gangnam-style"... hilarious

Nov 24, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Japanese in Torrance area

Have they improved? Is this the one on PCH near Hawthorne? The two times I went last year it made me never want to go back. Here was my review.


Nov 06, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Rao's is coming to Los Angeles

Yeah, it's the best arrabiata sauce I've had.... either jarred or at a restaurant.

Nov 03, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

Rao's is coming to Los Angeles

I think the restaurant seems overrated ,I will say their jars of arriabiata sauce you can buy in supermarkets or online (albeit expensive) are delish.

Nov 01, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area

first date

"Reasonable" price is relative term. Some of my friends feel that 100-200 dollars on a meal is reasonable, and others, no more than five bucks. Please be more specific. And, is this with or without wine?

Oct 29, 2012
DrBruin in Los Angeles Area