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Good, Fresh Fish Restaurant

I love Fishermans Catchntoo and we eat there whenever we can. Try the manhattan clam chowder too, it is loaded with clams and fresh vegetables.The fried calamari is crispy and fresh and not frozen. We also enjoy the fish tacos and they will prepare their fresh fish for you as you order it it just as you like it. Sometimes we order the whole lobster on the grill and with corn and a side it is the beat deal in town The fish doesn't get any fresher and the vibe of the place is very warm, friendly and family oriented. I too love santa monica seafood but feel I am buying and eating straight from the fisherman st Fishermans Catch .

Apr 25, 2012
maxsap in Los Angeles Area

Red Medicine - is the food any good?

We ate at Red Medicine on December 18, before Irene Virbilla visited.
We arrived on a rainy friday night, the restaurant was full and our table for two was waiiting. We were quickly seated and a waitress and what I later learned was a manager ( Mr. Ellis)came over to review the menu with us and to discuss how to order. We were very impressed with the kindness of the wait staff, their commitment and investment in the food and their personal interest in our having a great eating experience. We tried many many things on the menu and found it to be unique, delicious, tasty and fun. The food was spiced perfectly, the combinations interesting and the portions appropriate for two people who were basically grazing through the whole menu. We ordered the desserts and found them too to be unusual and just yummie. As soon as we left the restaurant we contacted our adult children and foodie friends and told them this was a place they had to try. Our only complaint was the noise was hard on our Led Zeppelin burned our ears... what else is new at bustling hip restaurants that have an active bar crowd as well? We asked if there was dinner Sunday night and were told not yet but you could get food on Sundays at the bar. We liked it so much that we even told Mr Ellis ( who I subsequently learned was the person who all the brew haha was about when he asked Irene to leave) what a great place he had , I assumed he was the manager, I do not know him, and how much we appreciated new places in Los Angeles taking a shot at it in this difficult economy. Don't know what went on between him and Irene, but to us he was charming, friendly, helpful and clearly all over the restaurant trying to make a new place work. Hope you will all give this place a chance, the food is fantastic, honestly.

Red Medicine
8400 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Jan 01, 2011
maxsap in Los Angeles Area

Best restaurant in Long Beach

We meet friends four times a year in L.B.. After we have tried many places, we always end up at 555. We need a great place for high end dining where we can sit for 2-3 hours and hear each other. So where?


Sep 30, 2008
maxsap in Los Angeles Area