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Any less-rowdy places for birthday drinks in Adams Morgan?

There will be about 6-8 people.
Thanks for the replies, everyone! I've always wanted to try Napoleon (how can you go wrong with champagne?) but I've never actually made it over there.

Any less-rowdy places for birthday drinks in Adams Morgan?

I realize this might be a far-fetched ask, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a place in Adams Morgan that isn't as rowdy as the typical bar scene. We're planning to have dinner at Pasta Mia on Friday and go out for drinks in the vicinity. I noticed most reviews on this board are for restaurants, so I hope I'm not redundant in posting this for after-dinner drink recs. We would be willing to walk down to the U St. area if necessary for a good time.

Thanks so much!

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

great post! Here are the 10 that I could think of when reminiscing about wonderful meals in the past year:
La Canela (peruvian)
Co Co Sala
Sweet Basil (thai)
Passage to India
Bistro D'Oc
Mia's in Bethesda
Me Jana

Pre-opera please!

Bodega sounds like a great option! I just checked out the menu online, and everything looks delicious. Thanks so much, Elyssa!

Pre-opera please!

My friend and I have tickets to the opera at the Kennedy Center this weekend, which has an early 6:00 pm start time to accommodate the 4+ hour run time. Naturally, the first thing that came to my mind was how to fit in a good meal that would keep me relatively satiated until I could indulge in dessert after the opera. So, I pose this challenge to you:

Can you recommend a restaurant/tapas/wine bar that would serve at a late-lunch/early dinner time (4:30, 5:00?) for two young professionals on non-profit budgets that are thrilled to have the chance to dress up and be sophisticated? Location could be West End, Downtown, Dupont Circle, maybe Penn Quarter - anywhere around Foggy Bottom and/or Metro accessible so that we can grab the shuttle from GW to the KenCen in time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

yucca fries

Agreed - Taqueria Nacionale serves some of the best yuca fries I've had! My Peruvian father concurs. La Canela and La Limena are also good bets, but they are restaurants, rather than a take-out joint like Taqueria Nacionale.


Thank you all so much for your suggestions!
For other Wheatena lovers: I happened to stop by Balducci's on my way home from work the other day, and just out of wishful thinking I checked the cereal section...there it was, on the bottom shelf! I immediately stocked up on several boxes, but now I know where else to go if it ever disappears. thanks!

Woodley Park Ideas

I love the Afghan Grill, on Calvert St. crossing Connecticut from the Woodley Park Metro side. The food it always delicious, and Afghan food is a treat for those who have never tried it before. If you go, try the Kadu Buranee (pumpkin dish)!


Among my many quirky food habits is a love of 'Grandpa' breakfast food: All-Bran, Shredded Wheat, thick Irish porridge, and of course, Wheatena. Many people have never heard of this rare and wonderful hot cereal, which may account for extreme difficulties in procuring a box in the DC Metro area!

It was last seen at the Bethesda Co-op on Macarthur Blvd. but has since disappeared from the shelves, and I've scoured several Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Giant, and MOM's to no avail. I can't find it anywhere! If you have spotted this elusive cereal, will you tell me? I desperately need my fiber fix...

Crabcakes-No Fillers

I have to say that Chris' Marketplace crabcakes are the best I have ever had. I've talked to him about his business and I know he uses the best quality ingredients and it's practically all crab (+ his special sauce, which he will reveal to no one). He works at the Bethsda Women's Market (Wednesdays), the Penn Quarter market (Thursdays) and Dupont Circle FM Sundays. Try them out, you'll love them! Local and wonderful.

Proposal help PLEASE

I like the private wine tasting idea! I went to Vidalia for their wine tasting, and I saw a private room next to the wine cellar. They have a good selection, and I'm sure you can arrange hors d'oeuvres to go with the tasting (which is what they do on weekdays). That might be an option.

The honest truth: Can't-miss dining in Chicago

Sorry it took me so long to wrap up this thread! I'm sure you're all wondering where we decided to go...

After much debate, we chose Blackbird, and it was a surreal experience. They seated us right outside and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of great food and terrific service. I asked for our waiter's recommendations for everything from the wine to the dessert, and he never steered me wrong. The food was delicious, and all in all I think it was precisely what we were looking for: an affordable gastronomic delight. To top off the evening, the lovely Top Chef host, Padma Lakshmi, stopped by for a late meal with a large group of people. She likes it, I liked it, everyone should try Blackbird!

Thanks so much for all your suggestions, everyone!

Dec 07, 2007
FoodieMcGee in Chicago Area

Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Ravioli

It's take out only, but Vace (in Cleveland Park and Bethesda) sells homemade frozen pasta dishes, and my family always buys their pumpkin agnelloti. They also sell sauces to go with the pastas, such as walnut or marinara. If you don't feel like going out but still have that pumpkin craving ( I know how you feel, I love the taste of fall) then it's always nice to have it in your freezer.

Young professionals recommendation!

The goal for this Friday night is to find a place where we (a small group of young professionals) can order drinks, move on to appetizers, and stay after our meal to chat while not feeling rushed to leave after dinner is finished. We don’t want anything too scene-y, but a fun atmosphere would be nice. We are all big foodies but have somewhat limited budgets. Last time we did drinks at Zaytinya and dinner at Oyamel, and this time we’ll probably stay in one place (especially because winter has suddenly descended upon Washington). Does anyone have any recommendations for this type of restaurant/bar in the city? Thanks so much!

The honest truth: Can't-miss dining in Chicago


I'll be flying from DC to visit my boyfriend in Chicago next week, and we have ONE night (Friday) to dress up and celebrate our time together. We're both young professionals, so money does matter, but we are also obsessed with good food and will be willing to pay (within reason) for a truly extraordinary meal.

I've read some of the previous posts about the "top" restaurants like Alinea and Charlie Trotter's -- are these places are really worth the trip? I've read about One SixtyBlue and Blackbird being comparable in quality but a bargain in price, but posts like this one - - make me wonder. If you could recommend one restaurant for a happy, special reunion between two young foodies, what would be my best bet?

I really appreciate your help with this topic, and I'm so excited to be visiting Chicago!

Sep 09, 2007
FoodieMcGee in Chicago Area

MSP: Best japanese food?

Thanks, Tanpopo is just what I was looking for! I'll check it out when I stop by the farmer's market this weekend.

MSP: Best japanese food?

Beyond sushi restaurants, I've been craving some soba noodles and really authentic japanese food. Does anyone have any recommendations?

good reads about eating? [moved from Not About Food]

you should definitely try "The Man Who Ate Everything" by Jeffrey Steingarten. It changed my life. I think he is coming out with a sequel soon. Also, Ruth Reichl's books are fun to read: she is the editor of Gourmet magazine and a food critic who wrote about her many disguises and experiences.

May 20, 2007
FoodieMcGee in Food Media & News

[MSP] Crema Cafe has food, too?

Thanks for the responses! I will make the trip soon and let you know how it goes!

[MSP] Crema Cafe has food, too?

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for Crema Cafe's food (if you can tear yourself away from the ice cream). I read the glowing review in the City Pages, but I wanted to get some chowhound opinions.

Kallyste Cafe & Chocolate hours?

Thanks, Anne!

best mexican dining in mpls

You should try the Mexican taquerias along Lake Street. There are a lot of good Mexican options in and around the Mercado Central, like Manny's Tortas and Taqueria La Hacienda. That's a good place to get started

Kallyste Cafe & Chocolate hours?

Does anyone know what time Kallyste Cafe & Chocolate closes? Is it open for dinner, or just for lunch? I can't wait to try it out, the reviews sound enticing...

MSP: Family graduation dinner recommendations?

Thanks TDQ! These suggestions really help. Muffuletta looks really nice and low-key, I think I'll see if I can get a reservation for the Wine Room.

MSP: Family graduation dinner recommendations?

(This is my first Chowhound post, how exciting!) I'm graduating from college in May and my entire family is coming to celebrate! We are planning on eating out with my friend's family, but are having trouble finding a place that will accomodate 15-20 people and still enjoy a delicious dinner (they are coming from DC and San Francisco, and are expecting a special meal, but it doesn't have to be too fancy). Does anyone have any recommendations?