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Three... new place in Baltimore. I dig it.

Last night they had Magic Hat #9 and Hocus Pocus, Dogfish Head 60 min, Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning... perhaps one more option that I can't recall. The atmosphere that I've observed in the handful of times I've been since their opening is relaxed, laid-back, friendly, casual enough to get away with shorts and a t-shirt, but nice enough to dress up and have a nice night out... Food is delicious, if a bit overpriced for the portion size, but they just got a new chef, so the menu has changed a little. Now they offer a seafood menu that changes daily. The bean soup is highly recommended.

Outdoor bars in Baltimore

There's a bar called Woody's in Fells Point... It's pretty fun. Accessible from Slainte's but also has it's own little entrance next to Maggie Moo's.

Dinner ideas after graduation in Annapolis or Baltimore

Yum, Yellow Fin! I've never been, but I've been to it's counterpart: Big Fish in Crofton. Good stuff - you choose your type of fish and then your type of preparation.

Spartan Pizzeria - Good Enough?

Exactly. I can't believe I haven't already been there.

Spartan Pizzeria - Good Enough?

I've lived in the Canton area of Baltimore for a year and I always chuckle when I see Spartan Pizzeria on Eastern Ave. in Highlandtown. The sign in the window that says "Domestic Beer: $.89 All Day Long" makes me think they don't produce high quality food, but at the same time, I think an $.89 can of beer is pretty awesome. It's become a running joke between my bf and I - any time we need to celebrate something we always talk about going to Spartan - but we've never actually been there.

Well, tonight could be the night.... Has anyone else eaten there? I'm not really expecting much, but I do want it to be clean and safe. Good pizza would be a bonus.