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Shin-Sen-Gumi coming to Little Osaka (Adjacent?) on Sawtelle

SSG has a sign up now on the building! Saw it this morning

Sep 09, 2013
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Strawberry Pie??

Its strawberry season and I want some strawberry pie!! In the bay area we like to go to Heidi's in San there anything like that in LA?

May 27, 2011
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Seafood on the Westside

I like Santa Monica Seafoods on Wilshire and 10th...Duke's is also a great choice!

Apr 14, 2011
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

up the 101 to santa cruz

I LOVE Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing!!

Great specials and huge portions!

Aug 11, 2010
guavagirl in California

Shanghai Brunch?

I LOVE Joy, but they didn't have it the past few times I've been there

Aug 10, 2010
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Shanghai Brunch?

really? We haven't found any in the bay area either--last time I had it was in Vancouver!

Aug 05, 2010
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Shanghai Brunch?

the pic

Aug 01, 2010
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Shanghai Brunch?

Hi! I'm wondering if there were any places around LA for shanghai brunch--the soy bean milk, chinese donut, XLB, fried onion pancakes...and the nowhere to be found "ha kook wong" --yellow crab shell--(see pics that I took in Vancouver! Its filled with sugar). Din Tai Fun was good with the shanghai rice cakes and the noodles, but are there other places?


Aug 01, 2010
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Natas Malasadas

mmm...Tex's Drive In--ONO!! I'd love to find a malasada place out here...will have to try Natas!

Jun 29, 2010
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Best Westwood area?

Hi! We're new to the area--from the SF Bay Area--and know that there's good stuff to eat around here! What are your best of in the Westwood/West LA/Santa Monica area? Japenese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, burgers...Thanks!!

Jun 18, 2010
guavagirl in Los Angeles Area

Best Chinese in San Mateo area?

My new fave is Joy in Foster City on beach park

Mexican or Chinese by SF Airport

Hong Kong Flower Lounge is right off of Millbrae Ave...there's a bunch of places in Millbrae that are good pre SFO

Joy Restaurant report [Foster City]

My new favorite place to eat lunch before heading back to Sacramento. Love their nein go and thick noodles!

30th b-day dinner in Livermore area?

My friends and I are looking for a place in or near Livermore to celebrate a 30th b-day party--a nice local place would be great. I've noticed that downtown is super cute and I'm sure there are some good places there. It'll be a group of about 6 of us...we're open to anything good! Mahalo!

Fishmonger in San Carlos/RWC/Menlo?

Marina or Ranch 99--both are in Foster City

Chinese breakfast in Sacramento

I would love to know too!! I haven't seen any Shanghai-style foods here in disappointing!! That's why we go back to the bay area on the weekends.

Feb 27, 2009
guavagirl in California

Natomas Area of Sact'o

I'm from the Bay Area and currently live in Natomas. There is *very little* decent food to eat around here. If we go out, its usually to Davis or Midtown. Everything is a chain and I agree that there's no organic food here (hence our trips to Davis!)

Tuk Tuk is ok, its overpriced--we prefer Bangkok Garden on the other side of 5...Bella Bru is ok too, but if we're eating in Natomas, that means we're eating at home! I can't wait to move back home!

Nov 19, 2008
guavagirl in California

Chuck's Donuts (another one - San Carlos)

FYI, they're made fresh at 3:30 every day--that's the best time to stop in for one!! I LOVE them!

Double Rainbow Pumpkin IC in SD county?

They're not carrying it? uggh! They were the only place I knew of! I love their pumpkin ice cream! So much better than Dryers!

Nov 07, 2008
guavagirl in California

Sacramento: Hawaiian food?

So this morning I got a craving for King's Hawaiian Restaurant down in SoCal...I want some Hawaiian food!! Are there any places in Sac besides L&L?


Nov 02, 2008
guavagirl in California

Chinatown changes: Po Kee, Wonder Foods Bakery

That sucks! I loved their "paper wrapped cakes"!! Uggh!

Favorite Asian restaurant in Sacramento/Elk Grove?

For Chinese we like New Canton on Broadway (going there tonight actually!) and for Japenese, we like Zen Sushi on 15th and I (I think), agree with Pho Bac Hoa Viet for vietnamese

Mar 08, 2008
guavagirl in California

Where to get a good Hot Pastrami sandwich in the Foothills?

Is there a Mr. Pickles close by? I love theirs on dutch crunch!

Mar 06, 2008
guavagirl in California

Armadillo Willy's

I love Willy's! The one in Foster City is my fave...they have more variety than the Flying Pig here in natomas...

Mar 02, 2008
guavagirl in California

ramen in palo alto?

Driving down El Camino this weekend and noticed an opening soon sign for ramen in Palo Alto--in the barron park area--anyone have info on this?

best tempura in sac??

Recommendations for the best tempura in Sacramento?? We've been to Zen Toro (just ok), Kru, Taka's...I've heard Akebono is good--but that was in the Bee...anyone been there and can vouch for it?


Feb 15, 2008
guavagirl in California

Update wanted for CSUS area!

also on Folsom Blvd is Dos Coyotes and Mr. Pickles! Yumm!!

Feb 10, 2008
guavagirl in California

Berkeley/East Bay rehearsal dinner recs?

I think maybe 50 or so? There's a lot of us and lots of out of town guests...

Berkeley/East Bay rehearsal dinner recs?

We're looking for a place in Berkeley/East bay for a rehearsal dinner--maybe something with a view and a private room? Maybe Japenese? We're doing a Chinese banquet for the wedding, so East Ocean wouldn't work--it would be a mix of Chinese and American guests.


visiting sacramento

We like Taka's on Fair Oaks for sushi! Prices aren't too bad...if you're up for a japenese buffet--fuji's in davis: $12 for all you can eat sushi buffet! And you can order rolls (dragon, spider, hand rolls...)

Jan 05, 2008
guavagirl in California