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Apartment 138

Overall, Apt. 138 isn't a foodie paradise, its a decent neighborhood place to get a drink at the bar or have something simple. The grilled vegetable sandwich used to be one of my favorite things on the menu and I went about recently and it was terrible. I'm going to give it another try soon in the hopes this usually tasty and reliable sandwich will be good again.

I like the bartenders, but the servers a lot to be desired so I usually try to eat at the bar. Once my husband requested a coke and was served a tall glass of a dark liquid with ice that looked like coke...he took one sip and spit it out -- they mistakenly gave him a tall glass of expresso martini. He told them, they took it back and apologized but they thought it was just hysterical. We could see them all laughing and joking about it at the bar, as though there was a wall up preventing us from seeing them being so unprofessional. This didn't bother me enough to never go back, but I'm usually on my guard with the servers and am sure to have a lot of patience...

Mar 12, 2008
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Casual Manhattan Spot For Rehearsal Dinner

We had our rehearsal dinner at Trattoria Trecolori: 254 W. 47th street. I found it through positive recs on this board and I'd absolutely recommend it. Very reasonable prices, good food and service and their private room upstairs should fit your group.

Mar 04, 2008
MissPeacock in Manhattan

Bad brunch at Miriam

Were you at the 5th avenue or Court Street location? I've never been to 5th avenue, but usually enjoy brunch at Court St. Service can definitely be hit or miss, but I get the goat cheese and spinach omlette or the Israeli breakfast and I'm usually not disappointed.

Jan 03, 2008
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Inexpensive Place for a Bridal Shower Brunch

My bridal shower was at Scottadito Osteria on Union st. between 6th and 7th ave. in park slope. They have a private room in the back that worked really nicely, food was fine and staff was friendly...they kept the mimosas flowing, didn't mind that we brought in our own music, etc. I can't comment on price since I wasn't involved in the planning, but their website shows brunch deals that seem very reasonable. Good luck.

Dec 25, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Pete's bakery on Atlantic?

I bought a birthday cake at Adam's and it was fantastic. HUGE cake for a really reasonable price and it tasted great. They also sell d'amicos coffee which is delicious.

Nov 19, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

20 people midtown X-mas time

Check out Trattoria Trecolori. They have a private room upstairs that's perfect for 20, good food, reasonable prices. 254 W. 47th street.

I'm having a dinner there in a few weeks, I'll report back.

Nov 07, 2007
MissPeacock in Manhattan

bday ideas in NYC..desperate need of help!

From the info you've provided this might not be a good fit, but for a big group I still have to recommend Boucarou Lounge on 1st street between 1st and 2nd aves. The food was fine (don't be put off by the exotic look of the website, menu items were really simple and good) and the service was fantastic and the space really accomodates groups well. Not a fine dining destination but did the job for a party I had last weekend, everyone left really happy.


Oct 30, 2007
MissPeacock in Manhattan

New vegetarian place on Court street?

I think it is called Jill's? There was a post about it on here maybe 2 weeks ago, not a lot of info but if you do a search for Jill's you should find it. I haven't been yet but meaning to go, so please report back if you do.

Jul 05, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Jill's- next to Miriam, Cobble Hill

Thanks for the report, I've been meaning to check it out. Is it sit-down table service or more counter service? Do they have alcoholic drinks?

Jun 20, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

V-Spot: the worst restaurant in Park Slope?

Faux hawk? Huh?

Anyway, the food has definitely improved. I liked the burrito and my boyfriend loves the buffalo chicken appetizer. A lot of other dishes are hit or miss, I would advise not ordering Italian dishes...its just not their specialty.

But...they still have a lot of work to do in the service and ambience department. Loud music blaring from the kitchen, bored looking servers, etc. No one expects the 4 seasons, but if you have any relationship with this restaurant besides being a diner there Max (and I have a feeling you do), let them know that service could smile a bit...be more attentive...little things to make the dining experience more positive. It's just not a comfortable place to sit for too long, so we eat and run as opposed to getting drinks and hanging out. The restaurant loses $$. Too bad for them.

Jun 15, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

The River Cafe- First night as Mr. and Mrs....

I think you made a wonderful choice. Once you have your evening there, you will be thanking those other places you tried for being booked. The service and atmosphere are really fantastic and while I've only been once, the food I got was fantastic.

Congratulations and enjoy your evening!

Jun 15, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Midpriced, vegetarian-friendly dinner in manhattan?

I really like Counter, on 1st avenue between 6th and 7th in the east village. Sort of a hip/upscale vibe with cool drinks and an interesting vegetarian (possibly vegan, i can't remember...) menu and the prices are fairly varied -- some entrees are more than others, sandwiches a bit cheaper. Check it out.

If you want Italian, Gnocco on east 10th is good. There are tons and ton of italian places that might fit your bill but I've been to Gnocco recently so that one came to mind.

Enjoy your night in NYC.

May 24, 2007
MissPeacock in Manhattan

New Thai on Court St.

A search for Cafe Chili brings us this post. If anyone has been, I'd love to hear how it was as well.

May 07, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

has anyone been to V-spot in the slope?

I went last night and loved the buffalo chicken app (although I didn't love the sauce it came with). We also had the bbq seitan sandwich and the chicken burrito. Everything was hearty, but not too heavy or greasy, which I sometimes find to be the case at Red Bamboo.

Apr 29, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

The Farm on Adderley

There is a bar in the front where you could sit with a beer, but they get fairly crowded at dinner time...I could be wrong but I'd assume you couldn't sit in the garden for drinks only.

Apr 18, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Weekday brunch spots in Brooklyn?

What about Miriam (formerly Hill Diner) on Court Street? They get pretty crowded on weekends, but weekdays should be OK for a party of 8, I would think. Mediterranean style but simple brunch fare, and there is a bar so you could get mimosas, bloody marys, etc. I find service to be spotty, but again, I only go on weekends when they get mobbed. Enjoy your celebration ! :)

Apr 17, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs

Good bar/pub to watch metties

I really like Cody's in Brooklyn -- Court st., believe its between Pacific and Dean, not far from atlantic. Friendly staff, decent pub grub and I've spent many hours watching mets games there. I hope to do more of the same this season!

Apr 05, 2007
MissPeacock in Outer Boroughs