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Christmas Eve

Will be in London over the holidays. Any dining options for Christmas Eve. Open to anything- want to get a feel for what options exist. Could be high end, or ethnic food. Thanks!

Nov 27, 2013
lola999 in U.K./Ireland

Need recos for bday dinner for 10

Thank you all for your suggestions. There are a few restos on that list that I haven't tried yet!

Need recos for bday dinner for 10

Hi everyone,
I'm struggling to find a nice restaurant for my birthday that can accommodate a group of 10 people. Most places can only take 8 people max. Any suggestions? Any type of cuisine. About 50$ per head. Good food, wine, atmosphere. Thanks!!


Has anyone been to Pintxo lately? Is it worth going to?


Fine dining in Laval?

I have to organize a business lunch with some clients for xmas and need a more upscale, business appropriate restaurant in the Laval area. Price is not an issue, neither is type of cuisine. Any ideas?

Brasserie T

Has anyone had a chance to try out Normand Laprise's new casual resto - Brasserie T? Any reviews?

Macarons in bulk

I am getting married this Fall and have a few items left to plan, including the wedding favours. I was planning to give macarons as my favour because I love them so much! Where would I be able to buy macarons in bulk for not so expensive but that still taste great? (I have around 150 guests and am giving out 2 per person).

Thanks for your help!

Help - resto to watch hockey on Saturday night that's NOT Cage aux Sports

Yes definitely ! Last time I went, we were a group of 8 and we made sure to reserve the table in the middle of the restaurant facing the giant projection screen.

late night deals or early bird specials

Haven't tried this out but there is a 22$ after 22h deal at Kaizen Sushi.

Kaizen Sushi Bar & Restaurant
4075 Rue Sainte Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3Z3J8, CA

Help - resto to watch hockey on Saturday night that's NOT Cage aux Sports

I went to see a game at Lakloche on Parc between St-Viateur and Bernard. The food was typical resto-bar stuff - burgers, pizza, nachos etc. but it was tasty and they have two giant projection screens as well as a smaller plasma screen tv. It's loud but not annoyingly so. And it's in the Mile End area so you can avoid that downtown core.

Mythos Group Menu

Hi all,

I am planning a birthday dinner for around 18-20 people and was looking into a few restos who offer group menus.

Can anyone tell me approx. what price range the group menus at Mythos range from? And how about the wine? (house wine) I am looking to spend around 35$ - 40$ pp (excluding wine, tax tip), but don't want to break the bank with the alcohol.

I will give them a call soon but just wanted to get an idea of what price range I am dealing with here.


What is Montreal's Best Greek Restaurant?

According to

Due to unresolved disagreements with the condo association and the landlord at its current location, Trinity restaurant will apparently be moving to a new location very soon. The Greek restaurant, currently located at 1445 Drummond, is considering a new space in the same area of downtown. Confirmation of the move should be made very shortly, with the aim of being up and running in time for the Grand Prix.

Where did you eat this week ? Part 2 Fall 2009

Tuesday: La Porte Grecque. A pretty decent Greek BYO in the West Island. I had the chicken oregano.
Thursday: Excellent dinner at Pintxo. Opted for the menu degustation plus two additional pintxos (crab and shrimp duo and ravioli in duck stew). For dessert had the chocolate creme brulee and a passion fruit/chocolate mousse.
Saturday: Tried something different- went to Cafe Rococo for Hungarian food. I had the goulash and cucumber salad. Simple, home-style cooking !

Yuki Bakery on Sherbrooke

I always drive by this bakery on Sherbrooke street in Westmount but never had the chance to go in. Has anyone been there before? Are their pastries any good?

Question abt Pintxo Menu Degustation

Hi everyone!

I've been wanting to try out Pintxo for a while now, from all the great reviews I've read on this board. Specifically, I want to try out the menu degustation but I do have a question regarding the three Chef's choice of pintxos: I don't eat any pork so is it possible to request to not have any pork in the chef's choice of pintxos?


Fancy Dinner

Hi! I was hoping you guys could help me out with some suggestions for a fancy dinner out with my boyfriend. I want to treat him out as a celebration for his new job, however we are both still in school and as such, a bit short on cash. I want something in the price range of 100$ for both of us including drinks, tax and tip. Is this possible? I dont want to do a BYOW since we go to those alot. Im thinking something a bit more upscale than what we are normally used to. Any type of cuisine goes: Italian, French, contemporary, fusion etc. However I would like to stay away from any greek, asian restos. What do you guys think about Cavalli? and Garcon? Are they wayy out of my range? I wouldnt mind going over 10-15$ above my budget. Any help would be appreciated!!