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Visiting L.A. / Santa Monica for 1 day from Chicago, What is a MUST eat.

jumping in:

are any of these places baby friendly? we're originally from la but this will be the first time we return to the area with our baby. he's under 6 months old.


May 24, 2011
kinipela in Los Angeles Area

Oahu- Did research-Need feedback

i would have to agree with the giovanni's observation... i actually prefer the other ones down the way...

Apr 22, 2009
kinipela in Hawaii

looking for quiet dinner with inlaws- daily grill?

hi again everyone!

i did a search on the board for citywalk and burbank. i saw daily grill and a french place in a vons supermaket area. that place closes though at 930 and i think we get in at 830ish. we may not make it. DH and i get into burbank airport friday evening and his folks want to have dinner with us.

we are staying by citywalk.

his folks aren't as adventurous foodwise. they pretty much stick to asian food and "american" food.

the rest of us on the other hand love all kinds of food and can try all sorts of things.

during my search, i saw daily grill which is in citywalk (and burbank?) are those the same places?

the menu looked okay. i just get the feeling that the portions are huge and the quality/flavors aren't that great.

my concern is that if we go to the citywalk location, it'll be too loud for the inlaws.

i'm also looking for something that won't break the bank.

are there other options that i'm missing?

sorry if this post doesn't make sense. long day and it's getting late for me... much mahalos in advance =)

oh and if daily grill it is, what do you recommend?

Apr 22, 2009
kinipela in Los Angeles Area

Reception/Catering for Oahu Wedding

aloha fellow hi CHders =) i'm somewhat back from what seemed like a long hiatus... heheheheh i never did my reviews of our eats back when DH and i got married in oahu and then our eats from our honeymoon in maui... but i will... EVENTUALLY! =)

anyway, pikake, i'm pretty familiar with some places considering i was doing this search about 1 1/2 years ago... but i'm gonna need more info. are you planning on staying at haiku gardens?

are you looking for a caterer? are you looking for a reception site? what areas are you looking for.

there's tiki's in waikiki. you can rent out the lava tube or coconut room and it overloks the beach. the food is good.

indigos caters, but that may not be burger budget.

do a search on google for hawaiivendors (no space) and you'll see a list of caterers and spots to start your search... =)


Apr 21, 2009
kinipela in Hawaii

Oahu- Did research-Need feedback

if you do go downtown, then just be careful your surroundings, like any big city.

i agree with previous posters, any shrimp truck in north shore should do the trick....

rainbow i love the loco moco or beef steak

side street- porkchops and fried rice. yummy ahi tuna poke.

ono hawaiian food- kahlua pork. it's a small mom and pop place. so you can't wait for your table inside. you have to fall in line outside the resto. there are signs.

i would also agree with kc's rec for waiola shave ice. and for cupcakes, cupcake couture in aina haina... yum.....

Apr 21, 2009
kinipela in Hawaii

Romantic Beachside Dining

i love hau tree! we got dressed up and it was so romantic.

like above, i hear the steakhouse at the moana is good too. i haven't eaten there though. but the restaurant is the old grand salon iirc.

i did get married on the terrance next to the salon a late last year and the spot is just so beautiful.

have you checked any restaurants at the ihilani? i've never looked into that myself though... hmmmm....

Apr 21, 2009
kinipela in Hawaii

downtown disney or anaheim gardenwalk?

thanks everyone! i think we're settled on the jazz kitchen place... i hope it doesn't disappoint. i'm crossing my fingers it won't be so crowded due to the economy...

i'm crossing my fingers that the ambiance will be good that it'll outweigh the food, if the food doesn't quite hit the spot.

i love love love food but sometimes i find that ambiance can compensate where the food is lacking...

re roy's. i love their molten lava cake....

i'll report back after this weekend =)

Apr 21, 2009
kinipela in Los Angeles Area

downtown disney or anaheim gardenwalk?


i haven't posted on here in a little over a year, but chowhounders hardly ever lead me astray =)

anyway, DH and i are heading back to socal to visit the parental units and friends for DH's bday. we were planning on going to anaheim to have a bday dinner with his friends.

we were originally thinking downtown disney and then his one friend suggested anaheim gardenwalk, but i haven't heard anything about it. i did a quick search and it didn't find much.

we are in our mid30s and want a place for good group dining, decent noise level (nothing where you have to scream to be heard), and good food.

much mahalos in advance!

bonus ps we're playing tourist for the day and will be going to universal studios (haven't been since DH worked at mel's diner when he was in high school- he was the shakeboy... hahaha) any recs to eat there or at citywalk?

Apr 19, 2009
kinipela in Los Angeles Area

kailua oahu recs?

howzit hi chowhounders!

i'm putting together a list of recs for places to eat for part of my welcome letter for my out of town guests for the upcoming nuptials, and i realized, i don't have any kailua resto recs!

i just need about 1-2 casual joints... =)

much mahalos! =)

Sep 07, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

Best eats in Waikiki


i went to mac 24-7 at the prince and yeah. the portions were HUGE!

you are right when you say that 1 pancake is enough to feed a family for four... my fi and i were thinking that exactly.

in fact, i felt horrible because i couldn't finish all the food. i think i only ate like 1/16 of the entire pancake...hehehe

but i felt better when the waitress told me that they have a contract with some farm in the country and so they give the farm the people scraps to feed to some animals. i want to say pigs... but i forgot...

BUT, i will have to say, unfortunately i like wailana coffeehouse better... the flavors of the pancakes are better at wailana. i haven't tried the saimin yet though...

although i must agree, it's definitly upscale =) too bad they can't combine the two!!! =) heheheh

Sep 07, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

filipino catering/restaurant in oahu?

hello fellow hi chowhounders!

does anyone have good recs for a good filipino restaurant that does catering on oahu?

location not as important as we can pick up the food ourselve.... but we'll be more on the windward side i think....

and no, not married yet.... but getting there! =) slowly.... hahahahaha =)

Jun 10, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

hawaiian honeymoon for foodies? (not oahu)

hahahah kaimukiman you crack me up... i'm hoping those tradewinds kick in soon! the vog was around when i was out there, but then i saw on khnl it got worse in the past few days... your reference to madam pele made me smile! hahaha

so i digress.

we picked maui because there are more choices. we now have to figure out where to stay.. kaanapali or wailea side. i tend to want to be closer to more food choices...

how are my food choices in lahaina?

perhaps i don't qualify as a total foodie.. i'm not looking for 5 star mind blowing meals ever night =)

i'm looking for a lively place to have drinks with my to be hubby, perhaps maybe 1 or 2 dress up nice dinners, casual lunches....

my fav places in oahu are side street inn, wailana coffehouse, hy's, rainbow, that one japanese shop in ala moana across from the curry place, zippys (oh the horror! it's the chilli over rice hahahah), garlic shrimp trucks, oh and most recently hau tree and i love country cafe =)

so i guess, my real question is, i'm looking for a variety of good food.....

we were thinking of doing a day trip to lanai. haven't been there since before all that one hotel went up (i don't remember if pineapples were still there! hahahah)... so it's been quite some time.... does that one hotel have good restos too?

thanks for the lahaina grill, spago, da kitchen, and kimo's recs! i totally forgot about those! =)

Apr 30, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

hawaiian honeymoon for foodies? (not oahu)


so i still owe a review.. 'cause we went to i love country cafe, and i wanted to put a review up for there...

i digress...=)

soooo.. as my lovely friends here on CH know, i'll be getting married in oahu in a few months...

we are gonna honeymoon to another island. BUT, i have no idea which one.

i've been to maui and kauai, but a few decades ago.... and spend all my time with fam and friends on oahu...

we will island hop to maui, kauai, or BI... i'm asking this question here 'cause i want to go somewhere there is no lack of ono grindz.... =) i remember maui has more nightlife (bars? with good drinks?)

anyway, i need a place with plenty of options yummy yummy food... =) (and of course, price has nothing to do with yummy yummy food)....

mahalo nui loa! =)

Apr 22, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

review: who would've thought romance is alive at hau tree [oahu]

thanks hunt and kaimuki!!!!!!

oh my goodness... my fiance and i had THE best time at hau tree!


and and billhunt, after your comment re the 39 years, my fiance and i decided we want to be like that too.... after 11 years for us, hau tree fit was perfect!

we got a lil dressed up for the ocassion (no jacket for him though).

our reservation was at 8 and like you all said, we requested a table by the rail. it was so cute too 'cause right when we walked up, they already knew who we were! hahaha odd... but it made us feel so vip... hahah

from the moment we arrived, there was just this calm ambiance. there was a guy playing cover songs in the lobby (LOVED THE BILLY JOEL)

they had a prixe-fix menu which was salad, main course, and dessert for about $58 or you could order a la carte off of the menu. the salad was something with walnuts and cherry dressing?, a choice of filet mignon or soemthing else. i forgot.

i was going to get teh pre-fixe meal, but it was dependent on the dessert which was a tiramisu cheesecake, and i all tiramisu-ed out. hahahah so i opted for the mixed grill (lobster, prawns, fish, scallops)

my fiance had the avacado crusted salmon (?).

we started off with the ahi tuna salad and mushrooms in puff pastry. the puff pastry was a bit tough, but still good.

so the food was really good. i agree it's not the best food ever in the world...

but hau tree has the ENTIRE package... the servers were so kind. they were extremely attentive, but not in an awkward sometimes seen in stuffy places... they were kind in a genuinely friendly way. and they took pictures of us and even suggested places in the restaurant for us to take pictures. they thought we were local, but when they found out we weren't they started telling us about the history of the place. =)

the food was very good. i was so stuffed =)

the funny part is that i went to the restroom and right after i returned, the servers brought out a cake with a candle in it. so my fiance thought i went to the restroom to ask for a cake, but i had told them no, and that i really did go to the restroom! hahaha

and it was carrot cake, my fiance's favorite... which was also odd 'cause i hadn't said anything....

it was just such a magical evening.... the food was awesome. the view was awesome. the service was awesome.

my fiance has such a wonderful time that he said he didn't want to tell our future guests about the restaurant because he wants to call it "our spot."

the next time we head out to hawaii we're gonna be getting married... =)

mahalo nui loa to everyone for your recommendations and for suggesting such a magical and romantic place =)

drinks at fire pit? [oahu]

alas.. we didn't go....

the night we were gonna go, they were charging a $10 cover. and so a $10 cover on top of the drinks, and we weren't gonna stay long, we opted for mai tais royal hawaiian (although i prefer the ala moana location better)

we picked mai tais 'cause we were only there for less than an hour...

Apr 16, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

drinks at fire pit? [oahu]

trying to figure out pau hana friday/night spots lounge to check out..

i used to hit up mai tai's (ala moana location, but alas i feel like i've gotten too old for the crowd)

then there was oceans and row bar (closed and last that i heard, pretty not0-happening), and dave & busters, and brew moon.

and indigos, next door, etc...

but alas, i feel like i've gotten too old for most of those joints (we're on the other side of 30)

i dont want too touristy, but i've heard firepit (sheraton waikiki) in waikiki is decent? and my local friends say that they've gone there, despite being anti-waikiki... i also may want to check it out for our upcoming wedding to see if i can recommend it to our oot guests...

how are the drinks there? any other place you can recommend for good drinks?

i don't like zanzabar or w (TOO TOURISTY) and i don't like pipeline (too young). not into senor frogs or yardhouse, 'cause they are chains...

i'm bummed that i miss first fridays yet again.... ugh...

much mahalos in advance =)

Apr 09, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

please help narrow my 3 romantic dining options [oahu]

hahah i love the line about party of 4 romance wasn't in the cards... ahhahaha

i've always thought TOW would be too touristy, so i've never been...didn't want touristy actually....

but if locals go there too, then it's not that bad? i spend most of my time in the bay, so cal, and hi... and so 'cause of the bay influences, i'm a HUGE fan of the local fresh food...

Apr 09, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

please help narrow my 3 romantic dining options [oahu]

ahhh!!! =) so many choices =)

i love it.... =)

so i was thinking hau tree and perhaps orchids...

hmm maybe wie'll look into orchids too then.. and bill hunt.. 37 years of marriage and you still have the romance? =) i LOVE it! i want to be like that, it's pretty awesome =)

if the food is so-so at hau tree, but the overall package and ambiance is worthwhile, i think we'll stick with that... =)

mahalo nui loa =) i'll have to remember to post a review when we return =)

Apr 09, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

Private Karaoke Room?

i like vermont karaoke and billiards! super fun place. private rooms. and if you want more than what they offer, i believe you can bring your own food in too. i don't know if they changed that policy though.

Apr 01, 2008
kinipela in Los Angeles Area

please help narrow my 3 romantic dining options [oahu]


romantic is more of an afterthought. hahah not really a lot of romance after 11 years with the dude =) but it would be a bonus. hahahah

so foodwise, what about these rankings?

1) hau tree- looks yummy!
2) 3660
3) pineapple room


does the ranking change? =)

mahalo nui loa! =)

i can't wait to be back! =)

Apr 01, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

please help narrow my 3 romantic dining options [oahu]


travelling with the fiance next week for a short blitz trip. will hit up our old haunts (and side street in -see below post haha)

but it'll be his bday when we're there, so i want to take him to a nice yummy romantic resto.

i usually do hi on a budget, so the fanciest i've been to is hy's or chai's. both of which i like. =)


my choices are:

1) pineapple room
2) indigo
3) 3660

i gotta make a reservation too. =)

i saw john dominis but that's out of the budget. it seems these three are slightly less... =) and no on pretense... =) i think i read somewhere last year that chef mavro's makes it like they are doing you a favor by letting you eat there? i dunno if that was true or not...

mahalo nui loa =)

Apr 01, 2008
kinipela in Hawaii

big city diner or side street inn [HI]?

aha! thanks for the suggestion. i could eat at side street a lot too =) my fiance though has never been, neither has his fam, which are in hawaii. odd. =)

i think i'll take him to side street when we come out there.. NEXT WEEK! =) i'm salivating. i can't wait to eat the porkchop and the ribs! =)

big city diner or side street inn [HI]?

i saw the post below and so my question is, which one does you guys like better and why? =)

i love side street (the porkchop and the ribs) but i've never been to big city diner? how is their ward location?

Visit SF's Chinatown? I'm from LA

i agree. i would skip sf chinatown because sgv/monterey park is better, imo. i've lived in both areas.

i would focus your trip on other types of food. if you still want an "asian" flavor, i really like slanted door (vietnamese).

and i find that the culture and emphasis here in the bay is more into fresh locally grown ingredients....

Which Maui restaurant for wedding dinner?

i've heard of the banyan tree has good reviews if i recall correctly.

i think you will be better off asking the question on the hawaii board at

there is also a place called the seawatch restaurant that is pretty popular as well, but i'm not sure what side it's on.

good luck and congrats!

suggestions for academy awards dinner?

thanks all =)

these are great suggestions!

the only thing is, i'm not a fan of meat pies... =) i'll look into the pate en croute.

the mushroom risotto is a wild mushroom risotto that i found on-line, i haven't seen the movie, but someone else suggested mushrooms and such...

i know the asparagus tart isn't obvious, but i was searching british recipes since sweeney todd and atonement take place in london and this one popped up.

i've checked out a couple of cookbooks from the library too.

i think this year it'll be a smaller celebration since i'm super busy. but i want to throw a little soemthing anyway.

i'm not too familiar with british recipes except yorkshire pudding, trifles, and beef wellington, and i've done those all in the past already....

thanks for the suggestions! if you have more, keep 'em coming!

Feb 16, 2008
kinipela in Home Cooking

suggestions for academy awards dinner?

i'm planning my annual home-cooked academy awards dinner and i haven't seen that many movies yet and i'm not quite sure i'm satisfied yet.

i've been searching for other recipes, but none have stood out to me...

so far on my menu i have the following:

Asparagus custard tart in honor of sweeny todd, atonement
Rib-eye steak in honor of no country for old men
Mushroom risotto in honor of into the wild
individual fried apple pies in honor of juno

does anyone have any good british recipes that i could use to honor sweeney todd/or atonement? i'm not sure i am as excited about the asparagus tart.

does anyone have any good french side dishes, appetizers, or soups (not french onion, i did that before)? i was thinking of honoring ratatouille (sp?) without making ratatouile...

here's a link to the academy website with a list of nominations in case there's another cuisine or movie for creative inspiration...

the dinner is for about 10 people and i have less than a week to prepare (because it's next sunday and i want to shop ahead of time and do some advance prep).

thanks in advance!

Feb 16, 2008
kinipela in Home Cooking

7th Annual Dine about Town 2008 - what are you going to try?

i'm sorry that you had a bad experience. i've actually never been there but it was on my list of restaurants to try out.

i'm a bit curious about the 18% service charge though with the previous poster's comments.

i'm expect 15-18% service charges on group dining, like you mentioned parties of 6 or more.

is that what you had? or did they just charge an 18% surcharge just because? i'm sorry if i'm a bit fuzzy. it's been a looong week at work...

thanks for the review though!

7th Annual Dine about Town 2008 - what are you going to try?

hi =)

we did dat at andalu and we were confused. we ordered one thing each from the first course, second course, and third course just like the other restaurants... so we had 2 things, but then ordered 2 things off the menu...

but apparently towards the end of the meal, we found out that actually you get everything on their dat menu for $32 per person. i thought that was a better deal because you get a better sampling... and apparently, the more people you bring the more you get on the menu...

i liked it...

funny post re the frisson bathroom. i don't remember anything about the food, just the bathroom...

day after shindig- dim sum, brunch, or catered beach bbq by waikiki

we're getting married in october... =) and i think it's too much time for them to bbq.. hahahah =)